Saturday, April 04, 2009

update! climbing and planting a garden!

Hey Everybody! Wow! It’s been a while… sorry about that! After spring break I guess I got lost in work!!!!


Last weekend I went to Chattanooga and climbed at an undeveloped area. It was amazing… I did some first ascents of a few climbs… developing a climbing area fits me very well. Being an artist, I can almost SEE the movements required to move on a rock before even climbing on it. I love the thought of being the first to scale up a piece of rock. I find that it not only takes a creative mind, but also a humble attitude. I can’t tell you how many times I fell on climbs that weren’t even very hard…. It’s a whole different experience when you are climbing on rock that nobody has climbed on and that people don’t have beta (information) for!!! Then again, when I climbed something hard it meant even MORE to me since I was one of the first to ever climb it! I also love doing this with a couple of my best friends… On this trip it was Steve (the guy who got me into raw foods… and who trains me for climbing sometimes!) and Tim, one of my best friends and the coach for the climbing team in Nashville. They are really fun to hang out with and share ideas with about climbs! I can’t wait to meet up with them ALL THE TIME when I move there!

I really can’t wait to move to Chattanooga! My life will be totally focused on climbing outside instead of pulling on plastic at the gym (which I currently do since traveling is required to reach real rock!) I can’t wait to focus my energy into developing areas…. brushing the dirt off the rock to unveil amazing lines! I have grown up in my climbing world… I do not care as much about ratings and grades.... I climb because I want to connect with the rock. I climb because it is truly meditation through movement. I climb because I love the movements. I climb because it fulfills every part of my life. I climb because when I don’t, I can’t function properly. Chattanooga is really going to change my life around! Can’t wait!


On Thursday I went to my friend's house and ate dinner. I am friends with their whole family - children and parents alike. (Climbing really connects people of all ages!) Anyways, the mother is currently doing 2 raw meals a day and loving it! She bought a spiralizer and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! I really want one!!! I made zucchini "pasta." I spiralized the zucchini into noodles and made a sauce out of: 2 mangos, pint of cherry tomatoes, package of fresh organic basil, little bit of parsley, and 2 soaked barhi dates. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! =D I could have been even more simple and just make the sauce out of tomatoes and mangos... maybe i will do that sometime!!! So many options!!!

Yesterday my really good friend Brandi came over and I introduced her to dates, banana icecream (which she thought was better than normal icecream!), and young coconuts (LOOOOOVED THEM!) I was really excited to share these foods with her!!


I have been meaning to post about the foods I am growing…. I bought seeds a couple weeks ago and began planting my foods indoors. We are growing:

-red pepper

Today I went to a garden store and bought:

-fig tree
-strawberry plant
-blackberry plant
-lettuce plant

Here are pictures in progress (over the last couple weeks):


=D =D =D


Wendy said...

Wow, Ash! You've got some great space for planting there! I can't wait to see how your baby plants mature. Isn't it exciting to share raw with other people and see it catch on? It's the best feeling!

Sarah said...

You've been busy!!! It's wonderful to share raw foods with friends. I love the garden seedlings :~)

Nathalie Lussier said...

This is my first time here. I loved reading about your passion for climbing, it's something I've never really looked into - but it sounds awesomely fun!

I loved how you are sharing raw food with people too. Your "pasta sauce" sounds delicious too.

Way to go on getting your little sprouts growing! :)

Balazs said...

I love your pics! thanks for sharing.

I also planted lettuces this weekend and my father planted a fig tree! I can hardly wait for it!

keep up


Melinda said...

your garden looks great! Hey I have a new blog if you want 2 check me out- you can become a follower too if you like!

Banana Island said...

I love your garden. :)


Omegachuck said...

Ooooh, look at the cute little seedlings coming up! Organic gardener Ash' is a'planting.