Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tim Hinck Blog

One of my best friends, TIM HINCK, just made a blog. You should check it out! www.timothyhinck.blogspot.com There is a really good post about our trip to Hueco. =)

Tim coaching me through a climb (photo by Elodie):

Me and Tim chillin by a boulder:

Monday, March 23, 2009

happy happy happy

I'm so giddy today.

I can't stop smiling.

I can't stop laughing.

I am happy for no apparent reason.

It is so amazing!

Life is so good!

The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the weather is effecting my mood!

Everyone thought i was high today. Why can't i just be happy without an excuse?! =)

I am so thankful!

I am so thankful for life!

I am so thankful for fruit!

I am so thankful for love and friends and family!

I am so thankful for the sun! and the moon! and the stars! and the clouds!

I am very scatter brained today. I'm happy and ditsy. I am happy and distracted.

yipeeeeee life is so good!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hueco Tanks - rest of the trip

We left Hueco Tanks.
We left the desert.
We left the cactus plants and the tumbleweeds.
We left the very hot days and the freezing nights.
We left [arguably] the best climbing area in the country.

I miss it already.

March 16 – This was Dan’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Danno!) After our rest day in town, we returned to the park where we set up camp. We were picked up by our friends to party at the rock ranch. (The park closes the gates at 6pm and we wanted to celebrate Dan’s birthday at the rock ranch, so we escaped and walked back and hopped the fence later.) It was a really good time.

I don’t remember all the details about the next few days but I do remember what areas we climbed at:

March 17 – We climbed at North Mountain. I made progress on my new project, See Sharp, v6. I will send it next trip for sure! I also attempted to start Power of Silence, v10. WAY harder than it looks! Check out these pics that Elodie took. The first one is See Sharp and the next two are Power of Silence.

March 18 – We tried to get in to East Spur but the tour got canceled. We waited for North Mountain passes and eventually got in. We went to an area of North Mountain that we hadn’t been to before. We all weren’t climbing the best, but we were still having a blast. The funnest climb I did all day was a climb called Melon Patch. Check it out:

smelly shoes! =)

There was a beautiful sunset that night. Check it out:

March 19 – We got a tour and climbed at East Spur. I worked on a v7 called New Religion. It was totally anti-my style which made it fun to work on! This will be a long term project for me, I think! I got on many more climbs throughout the day. I worked on a v9 called “This is your brain on drugs.” I think I can do it someday. It is another project on my list. I HAVE SO MANY CLIMBS TO COME BACK FOR!!!

We went to the market for the last time. LUCKY ME, they were having a sale on all my favorite fruits! The mangos were 50 cents each! The grapefruits were 6 for a dollar! It was awesome! I bought 23 mangos! =)

March 20 – Woke up, ate, hit the road. It was so sad leaving Hueco!

March 21 – Arrived to Nashville. Where are the cactus plants?

On a raw food note, it was really easy to stay raw on this trip, despite being in the desert. There was a food market very close to the climbing area. I loaded up on bananas, papayas, grapefruits, mangos, cucumbers, and a few avocados. A few days into the trip, the local market started carrying my favorite kind of mangos! I loaded up and basically survived on them. The papayas were really good too. I had both the best and the worst fruit here. (Some of the fruit was totally rotten even when it appeared perfect on the outside. I had to throw out many mangos, a papaya, bell peppers, an avocado, and grapefruit.) On the contrary, many of the mangos and papayas were better than I have ever had before! Everything worked out in the end. =)I was able to bring a blender and make a couple smoothies where electricity was available. I felt funny making a smoothie in the middle of the desert. But hey, it works! There was an outlet when we stayed in the park. We also made smoothies one day at the ranger station. Tim and Max cooked a lot, including outside of restaurants.... which i find humorous. Here are some food-related pics from the trip:

packing some bananas:

blending bananas at the ranger station:

don't leave bananas in a visible window in a car; they might get sunburnt!

Hueco Tanks is my new favorite place. I can’t wait to go back! I had just enough days to get used to the climbing and the area. Next time I go I will climb harder. This trip was a perfect eye opener to what is really out there. It allowed me to get used to a powerful style of climbing. It motivated me to train harder. I will probably be returning in November and definitely in December. I CAN’T WAIT! This was the best spring break ever!

Monday, March 16, 2009

HUECO TANKS - first few days!

This place is incredible!

Imagine a flat desert land with many small cactus plants and many other sharp "death" plants. Rabbits, cayotes, roadrunners, and javelinas are roaming around and you will catch a glance at them every so often. You look ahead on the dirt road and a pile of rocks appear. You look farther and you see mountains. THIS IS A CLIMBER'S PARADISE!

The metamorphic rock surrounds you. When hiking to the climbs, there is no grass or dirt. It is solid rock, EVERYWHERE. The climbing here is unlike any other place i've been. The climbs here flow very well. They are sharp but fun. They require core strength and pure power. I absolutely love it.

The weather here is crazy. It is burning hot during the day and freezing cold at night. I have a sunburn and I am wearing a big puffy jacket. CRAZY!

On Thursday, Tim, Max, and I woke up early and left at around 4am. We drove 21 hours straight and finally arrived to our destination: HUECO TANKS! We set up camp and hit the hay.

On Friday we woke up early and went to North Mountain. Incredible! I LOVE THIS PLACE! I did an uber classic problem called Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive. It was so fun! Definitely a classic! I worked on a few climbs and simply got a feel for the style of climbing at Hueco Tanks.

On Saturday we were running behind and didn't get to the gate in time to get a pass to North Mountain. You see, when you go to Hueco, you typically want to get reservations because they have a daily limit of people allowed on the mountain at a time. Since we planned our trip fairly late, we did not make reservations. Luckily, they give away 10 passes everyday but you have to wait in a line. First come, first serve. We waited at the gate for a couple hours until they figured out the number of no-shows. We finally got in and had PLENTY of time to climb! We climbed with Dan and Elodie and had a blast. Dan filmed a little and Elodie took some great pictures! I sent a cool v5 called Girls of Texas. It required wierd knee scum beta to reach the first hold and it left me with a bruised knee. It was worth it though. I also flashed a reaaaaaallly cool v4 called Girls of Juarez. It was totally overhung in a roof. Really amazing, flowing moves!!!

Girls of Juarez - photo by Elodie:

Yesterday we had a tour of East Mountain. It was really cool! There was a lot of hiking required but I made it! I ended up doing a really fun v5 called Dragonfly! I also got on this problem called the Fin. It had a really scary, long last move. It felt like I would have a bad fall if I tried going for the move. I dropped down the first time I did it because i didn't want to commit. Everyone who was there encouraged me to try it again and just go for it. Needless to say, I got back on it and went for the move. I hit a sharp hold and cut my hand. It was really important for me to get back on this problem after being really scared on it. Even though I didn't send it, I learned from it. I love learning from the rock!

me, tim, and max showing our love for eachother. Photo by Elodie:

Today is a rest day. It is Dan's birthday and we are sitting in a coffee shop using the internet and hanging out. I do not get internet at our campsite so if you want to talk to me, you should text me! I will be here until Saturday. I will try to update another time but if i don't get a chance, i hope you are all having an amazing time!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009




For those of you who don't know, Hueco Tanks is one of the best climbing areas in the country. It is located near El Paso, Texas. I am beyond excited!!!

I packed my car with my two buddies Tim and Max who are joining me for the drive. Everything fits PERFECT in my Honda Civic! I am meeting up with my good friend Dan Brayack, who is a professional photographer! My buddy Marcus is also meeting us there (he is taking the short cut and FLYING...)

We are leaving at 4am. it is 11:30 right now. WE LEAVE IN 4 AND A HALF HOURS!

I can't sleep. I am wide awake. Telling me to go to sleep now is like telling a spastic child to go to sleep on Christmas night!!!

I will have my laptop for any rest days where we go into town. I will try to update but i am making no promises. =)

YAY for a 20ish hour car trip! woohoo!

Sunday, March 08, 2009


I have been asked many times about the “expense” of raw foods.


I made about this in mid-January. You can check it out here. I will reiterate and elaborate on my answer here:

I spend a little over $100 on fruits and veggies a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It all depends on the season, what kinds of sales were available, and how much I am training and eating.

Right now I don't limit what I am spending because my parents buy most of it. (I'm still a kid… jealous!?) Next year I will be in college so i have to figure out what I'm going to do... I’m sure I will get by though.

I truly believe that if you want something bad enough, you WILL FIND A WAY to get it. I believe in the law of attraction which states that thoughts attract like thoughts. If I am focusing my mind and energy on buying cheap fruit and buying an abundance of fruit, IT WILL BECOME REALITY. When I first went raw, I had a negative mindset when it came to affording food. I would always tell myself, “OH I can’t afford this. I want this but I can’t afford it. Raw food is expensive.” Well, guess what?! IT WAS TRUE! But as soon as I accepted the idea that thoughts become reality, it changed my life. I would tell myself (and BELIEVE) that raw food was cheap. I tell myself that there are amazing sales everywhere I go. I dream about buying really cheap and free fruit and I use creative visualization to picture an abundance of fruit in my house. Guess what?! As soon as I changed my mindset, something INCREDIBLE happened: It became REALITY! A fruit shop opened up a mile away from my house and gave me really good deals on fruit. I would receive lots of text messages from friends who told me of good deals all around town. People started giving me food from their garden, FREE. People started buying me fruit just to make my day. There were sales on all my favorite fruits at the stores. THIS IS REAL.

Even when I am buying all of my own food, it will be worth it because it is for my HEALTH.

My health is on the top of my priority list. Why waste any money on cooked, processed or refined foods just because they are cheap!? I would rather spend a few extra dollars and buy some healthy, delicious, nutritious fruit. It truly helps me in the long run. In my opinion, it is TOTALLY worth it.

I am saving money in the long run. I most likely won't be paying for hospital bills when I am older. I will not be paying for medications or vaccinations. I will not be paying for chemotherapy or other cancer treatment. I believe in living naturally! My chance of developing disease is minimal due to my pure diet. Even if I do get cancer due to the toxic air we breathe or something, I do not believe in medications or pills. All in all, I will not be paying for the expensive doctor bills, treatment, or drugs.

Speaking of drugs, there is really no need to buy drugs on a raw vegan diet. Most of my friends drink, smoke weed, roll on ecstasy, and trip on acid and mushrooms.... On a raw vegan diet, there is no need for drugs! I feel high enough! The difference between the raw high and the drug high is the after effects. I do not get drowsy, burnt out, or negative after I feel the high from eating raw foods. In fact, I feel an abundance of energy and an ongoing buzz of happiness! I am not lying when I speak about the raw high. Trust me! I remember when I first went raw, I was SUPER giddy for about 3 weeks straight! The smile could not be wiped from my face! I am very happy all the time and I evolved into an optimist. No money needs to be wasted on drugs.

Supplements also are not needed on a raw vegan diet. Since I am eating the HEALTHIEST foods on the planet, what is the need for a supplement!? I receive all of the vitamins and minerals I need from the foods that Nature gave us to eat: fruit and veggies. I eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables so I get an abundance of nutrition. Supplements are for people who don’t get enough nutrition. I am thriving from a raw vegan diet so there is no need to waste my money here!!!

I also do not spend money on cleaning products or makeup. I do not use soaps or deodorant except for Dr. Bronners, which is a totally natural soap/shampoo. I eventually want to eliminate this too, and I have before, but I am just taking one day at a time! I am not lying when I say that I do not smell bad. Ask any raw vegan following an 80/10/10 diet. Body odor is almost totally eliminated because we do not have food FERMENTING in our bodies like many other people do. You see, when you eat cooked foods, processed foods, meat, or dairy, it often takes a while to digest. Because of this, it starts to ferment while still in your stomach. In the book, Rawvolution, he talks about how in order for something to be digested, it has to be turned into a liquid state. What is more easily turned to water – a cucumber or a porkchop? That pork is rotting in your colon! It wants to escape so the odor comes out when you sweat. On the other hand, when I eat fruit in SIMPLE mono-meals (like most other species), I achieve OPTIMAL digestion and the fruit has no time to ferment. The only exception to this is if I ate lots of nuts. Since I follow a low fat raw vegan diet, I try to keep my nut consumption to a minimum. Nuts also take a while to digest so eating fruit on top of this will only cause problems. In general, I do not have to spend my money on cleaning products because of my pure diet. This lifestyle works well in so many areas of my life!

Another aspect of spending money on food is GOING OUT TO EAT. On a raw vegan diet, I never eat out. I will go to restaurants with my friends and family, but I just order water or MAYBE get a salad with just tomatoes or something. While many people I know eat out every week and spend a good amount of money, I am saving that money by eating at home.

I find good deals at different stores. I quickly learned that finding cheap food takes some skill. I had to browse many stores and get a feel for the prices around town.

In the spring / summer / early fall there is a produce shop near my house that opens. Since I buy a LOT of fruit, they usually cut me really good deals. They sell me bananas for 33 cents a pound! (3 pounds for a dollar!) I buy the bananas that are REALLY RIPE and many people consider them rotten. I get really good deals this way!

I also discovered the international market. I go a market called K&S (for all of you in Nashville who were wondering.) I buy fruit by the boxes and it saves me money. I buy mangos in cases of 18 and young coconuts in cases of 9. They also have a sale rack where lots of fruit is packaged and sold for REALLY cheap! When the fruit shop near my house isn’t open, I buy bananas there for 39 cents a pound! I highly advise everyone to search for an Asian market in your town to find some amazing fruits (such as durian!) and some great deals!

Not to mention, I tend to buy fruit that is IN SEASON and ON SALE. This truly helps with the money issue. If I go to the grocery store and strawberries are cheap, then I will load up! The same goes with every fruit. However, if something is out of season and expensive, I will usually pass, no matter how bad I want it. I feel like eating in season is the most optimal way of eating. I feel a true connection with nature when I eat this way. I try my best to be in tune with Nature, my mother!

Raw foods can definitely be expensive if you are buying lots of transition food (like lara-bars), gourmet food, oils, and superfoods. You do not need to buy this stuff! Many times these foods are helpful in transition but the more fruit you eat, the less you will need to eat gourmet foods and transition foods. I follow a simple raw vegan diet: fruit and leafy greens in mono-meals (one fruit at a time until satiated.) This works best for me and it saves me money.

Finally, in the summer I grow some of my own food! Last year I tried growing watermelon (but I planted them too late and they died after they were only babies.) I also grew red pepper and tomatoes. This year I hope to grow much more (since it will be my first PLANNED summer of being a raw vegan!) Growing your own produce will save you LOTS of money!!! If you have a backyard, I highly advise growing your own food. If I can do it, you can do it. It’s really easy!

In general, this diet is not just a way of eating. Raw veganism is a LIFESTYLE. I save my money in SO MANY OTHER AREAS OF MY LIFE that I can afford the fruit I eat. It is worth it to me above everything else. I am paying for my health, and that is very important to me! I will always find a way to afford this lifestyle. =)

I will end with this myth I found here: Myth #4: The raw food diet is more expensive than other diets.
"Any diet can be more or less expensive, depending on your tastes. Some of the most expensive foods on the planet are certainly not raw foods, or even vegetarian or vegan for that matter! Filet mignon and caviar are not raw foods! Certain pre-made raw items will be rather expensive, but some of the best bang for your grocery buck will be found in the produce section of your grocery store. Apples, bananas, salad greens and many vegetables are all a bargain compared to steak and lobster."

Here are a couple links related to saving money with raw foods:
1. http://www.raw-food-health.net/WholesaleProduce.html
2. http://www.reallyrawfood.com/2008/02/17/is-being-a-raw-vegan-expensive/

I advise anyone still in wonder to go online and read about ways to make raw food cheaper. There are also many YouTube videos about it.

If you want to be raw, YOU CAN BE RAW! Don’t use money as an excuse!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Feeding the homeless and day of the arts

I was driving today and there was a man with a sign that said, "Homeless Hungry." I had 4 bananas with me. I rolled down my window and gave him 3 bananas. He was SO thankful. I felt really good about giving him some food. (I was reallllly hungry all day but I'm sure he was more hungry than I was! He needed it.) I got by and managed to survive with one banana during the day. =)(For all you worrisome people, IT'S OKAY, I ate a lot when I got home!)

Today was the "celebration of the arts" at my school. (I go to an art school in case you didn't know.) My art work was displayed and I was selling many prints and a few originals. It was a lot of fun and I loved talking to people about art. I had to lower all my prices because I realized that it was a SCHOOL FUNCTION and not many people have much money... I ended up making a little over $100!!! (but then again, printing them cost money so I'm not sure exactly home much PROFIT i made...

It was a great day. Tonight I am having a late night session at the climbing gym. (10:30pm -- 12? or so?) I am excited.

p.s. the reason i keep slacking on adding my photos to posts is because i CANT FIND the cord that goes from my camera to the computer. I'll find it one of these days and update the old posts. =)


Okay, i know - i posted a blog about sharing fruit a few days ago. But it is becoming a big part of my life and I HAD to post about it again!!! Hope you don't mind the repeated idea! =)

Sharing is one of the best parts of my life. There is almost nothing better than seeing the look on someone's face when sharing something with them. During Christmas time, my favorite part is watching my friends react to the gifts I give them. I love witnessing the smiles and pure happiness and thankfulness. These emotions are so amazing!

Sharing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is a big part of my life. Moreover, sharing fruit is what truly makes me happy.

I live in a society where people actually live in a home without fruit. Many people at my school are constantly asking questions about the fruits i eat. For instance, I was eating mangos the other day in school and someone asked me if it was a cantelope. Someone else asked me if I was eating cheese (gross!) and a few other people had no idea what it was. This is SAD!

I shared mangoes with many people that day. One person never had mango before, and quickly decided that he "LOVES MANGOS!" He said he was going to by some after school. Hearing people talk like this makes me smile. =)

segment of a pomelo:

I was eating a pomelo at lunch a few days ago in the front lobby of my school. A random student came up to me and asked what it was and what it tasted like. He left and 10 minutes laterhe brought about 4 of his friends and said, "SEE, I TOLD YOU!" and they all looked at it in awe. Sadly I had finished it by that time and they were only looking at the large peel from it. I just thought it was hilarious that he brought his friends to see it. =)

People in this day in age are deprived of fruit!!! I have a friend at the climbing gym who hasn't eaten fruit in years. He does not know what any fruit tastes like and will not even try any. (This will change when he comes to my raw food anniversary party!)

I feel that most people need fruit far more than I do. I mean, I LIVE off of fruit. I eat very simple and very pure and I feel fantastic. They need fruit more than I do! They are truly deprived! Whenever I have some extra fruit I never hesititate to share.

The other day was the last day for my student teacher in class. There were cookies for celebration. I pulled out some fruit and gave 5-6 bananas and an orange away to my classmates. It felt great. In our class picture, there are a few of us eating bananas. Cheers to fruit!

Now people come to school and ask if I have extra fruit. I know to pack more than I need, because there is constantly someone who is hungry or feeling sick and needs a banana to perk up. I always know to bring extra if it is a traditional fruit like strawberries (people go crazy when i bring strawberries!!!)

I truly believe that the best gift you can give is the gift of health. Not only does it make YOU feel good, but it makes the reciever feel good too. Fruit puts people in good moods. Fruit makes people smile. Fruit gives people energy. Fruit has so many positive effects!

Fruit sharing can truly be a bonding experience! It is one of my favorite things to. There is nothing better than looking at someone react to a new fruit. The smile and enthusiasm they have is priceless.

Do any of you have good fruit-sharing stories!?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Hey ladies and gentlemen!

One of my best friends, Calais, is applying for this amazing traveling internship and SHE NEEDS YOU TO WATCH THIS!


It is a beatiful, AMAZING video and I am so glad to have her as a friend. The more views, ratings, and comments she gets, the more likely her video will stand out from the rest!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch it, rate it, and comment it! If you have already watched it, you should watch it again! Who could get old of a beautiful person like Calais!? =)

SPREAD THE WORD!!! 72 hours left!!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

competition, art, snow, gifts, grocery shopping


On Friday I left school early to go to Athens, GA for a climbing competition on Saturday. We stayed with my friend Carlo and his mom Mary. They let all 9 of us guests stay there! It was a lot of fun. =)

Saturday we went to the climbing gym (which was VERY close to their house, by the way!) It was a really fun competition. It was a route competition, so I was worried about my performance since I have been bouldering lately. However, when I started climbing, I felt really good. My endurance still is not the best, but i feel like it won't take much to get it all back. The routes flowed really well! I ended up placing first. I was really happy with my performance!!!

I will post pictures later when I get my camera back from my friend.


After the comp I visited Carlo's dad's house. IT WAS AMAZING. They lived in a studio. The art was incredible! mind blowing! You need to check this out: www.andynasisse.com is andy's work. Lauren's work can be found on www.consumethemoon.blogspot.com

While you're at it, you should check out Carlo's mom's art: www.maryengel.net

I was recently struggling with the lack of inspiration and motivation to do art. After visiting Athens this weekend and seeing this amazing art, I am VERY inspired! In fact, I am going to start another piece after i finish this blog!

Today I went to an art store that is closing. I bought lots of canvases, some paint, watercolor paper, paintbrushes, a sketchpad, and more. The canvases were 60% off! Can't beat that!

I am so inspired right now!!!


On our way back to Nashville last night, it was sleeting. After I got home, it quickly turned to snow! I woke up today and it was completely white outside! SO BEAUTIFUL! It turns out that if i stayed another night in Athens (which i was originally PLANNING to do), I would have been snowed in!!! I would have had to miss school tomorrow!


Today a package arrived for me. It was from my dear friend Calais. It made my day! At the bottom was the RAWvolution book by Matt Amsden. It is such an incredible book! The pictures are amazing and the information is great! It is an inspiring book! Even though many of the recipes are relatively complicated, I can use the inspiration and create my own [low fat] simple versions! IM SO EXCITED!!!

I also recieved a huge bag of pecans that she picked. (I LOVE YOU CALAIS!) I ate a few and they were almost MOIST! THey were delicious and i look forward to eating them now and then.

Not to mention, there was a beautiful hand-knit hat with a growing plant sewn into it. It is beautiful. I love it.

I love you so much, Calais! (everyone should watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_hgSNR-ICM and rate it!!!)


Today I went to the international market... and... THEY HAVE THE GOOD MANGOS! i freaked out. (if you know me... you know that my favorite fruit is mango! I'm obsessed!) The variety that they usually have in the winter are NASTY, stringy, and BLAND. Well these ones are smooth and full of flavor. They are not ripe yet but in a few days i am going to be gorging on mangos. AHH IM SO PSYCHED!

I bought:

a box of mangoes (18 mangoes)
a box of young coconuts (9 young coconuts)
a small durian
bananas (a few bunches... i have LOTS at home already)
a pomelo (they were cheap and i've never had one!)

I already had LOTS of bananas at home as well as oranges, apples, pears, and a papaya. I am so excited! I finally have an abundance of fruit at my house instead of just bananas, oranges and the occasional apples. =)