Friday, January 16, 2009


EXCUSES, EXCUSES!!!! People always try to make up excuses for why they are not raw. (Which, btw, I really don't care if my friends eat the way they eat... but it's almost as if they feel guilty or something? People always feel the need to tell me these things... I find it humorous!) They tell me things like, "I just cant live without meat because i need the extra protein." or "I can't eat a lot of fruit because I that is just too much sugar!" ANd I will get to these at a later post, but one of the most common is, "I can't do the raw food diet because it is WAY too expensive!"

wait, WHAT? really?

Maybe if you are buying gourmet raw foods that a raw chef pre-prepares or some crazy "superfoods" from some crazy raw food "guru" that owns some company and sells nutrition in some kind of "miraculous" powder!!! Or maybe if you are buying rancid "raw" nuts!!!!!??? But fruit? nah.

I could just as easily say "I can't do the Standard American Diet (SAD) because it's too expensive!!!" You know, meat and cheese can really add up! Add in some fruits and veggies and its even more expensive than MY grocery bill!!! Not to mention, going out to eat!!! That can REALLLLLLLY add up!!!

I'd also like to mention that even if it WAS more expensive (perhaps if you buy ALL organic and you don't spend times to look for deals... maybe it could be a little more?), it is still worth it because you are paying for your HEALTH! I am saving money on future doctor bills!!!!! I am saving money on cancer treatments, disease medications, and other pills!!!!!!!

Okay, sure... you can eat all the junk food you want. But good luck paying the doctor bills in the future!!!!!! It's a funny thing in America (and beyond) -- we can eat "whatever we want" and then take some pills or enzymes to make up for it. LOL. So natural, huh???

There are many ways that fruit can be cheap and free. For one, YOU CAN GROW YOUR OWN RAW FOODS!!!! Fruit and veggies grows in NATURE, man!!! Can you grow cheetos in your backyard? i think NOT. Same goes with pizza, pasta, breads, candy, chips, and all that jazz. Meat is a whole different story... I'll get to that in another post.

The number one thing that helped me was using "creative visualization." I would imagine myself in an abundance of fruit. I would tell myself, "I can afford this. Fruit is so cheap! Fruit is free! I am so happy that people keep giving me fruit! I am so excited about the abundance of fruit I have!"

and I would imagine myself eating a variety of fruit. I'd think about and imagine a HUGE pile of fruit in my home at all times! I just focused a lot of thought into it!

This might sound crazy, but it worked for me! I used to say things like, "Man, I can't afford that much fruit!" or "There are only apples, bananas, and oranges around here!" and once i started thinking more POSITIVELY and using CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, a cheap produce place opened a mile from my house. People started calling me and texting me with amazing fruit deals around town. My friends would buy me fruit just to "make my day." It was amazing!

FRUIT CAN BE CHEAP AND EVEN FREE IF YOU BELIEVE IT IS! It's called using The Law Of Attraction. It's a universal law. It is happening whether you believe in it or not. When you say things like "The raw food diet is too expensive." then by golly, it WILL BE MORE EXPENSIVE! It's all about postitive thoughts!!!

and if you are REALLY worried about it (which will only create more negative situations) then you can consider this:

-join a CSA (community supported agriculture) - look them up online for your area

-buy conventional (we all probably know that organic is the most optimal... but even I don't buy organic all the time. Buy as much conventional produce as you care for... then throw in some organic when you can.)

-buy in bulk (talk to the produce manager about buying a case of fruit... a case of bananas... it can sometimes be cheaper.)

-grow your own! (this may seem OBVIOUS, but so many people dont realize how easy it is! Seriously, if I CAN DO IT, you can do it!!! And if you dont have room for a garden, make some friends! I'm sure you have a friend that owns a home with a backyard... and who would be opposed to free food? seriously!?)

If you can think of any more tips, share them in the comments for everyone!

RAW FOOD IS CHEAP! Stop making excuses!!!!!!


Daniel Brayack said...

haha - grow your own cheetoes =) classic =)

fruity said...

Hello, I have followed your blog alot recently and I am also in the process of adding more raw fruits/veggies to me and my boyfriends diets...I have often used the excuse of "its too expensive" but have recently started to overcome it(bought a case of bananas today!!). I was just wondering if you could share some of the prices that you pay and weekly grocery bills? I understand that is personal and you might not want to share, but it is good for comparison.

Thanks so much and keep up the great work!!!

Paulina said...

This post was really great. I used to think that the raw diet was super expensive but now I know that it isn't necessary to buy all those exotic gourmet type ingredients.

With that said, I really need to read the 80/10/10 Diet but I'm hoping I can find it cheaper somewhere.

Paulina said...

By the way, I hope you don't mind me asking, but how much did you pay for the dates you ordered through The Date People. I'm curious because I recently ran out of my medjool dates and am interested in trying new varieties.

Sarah said...

I definitely agree with this post. I'm currently feeding a family of four on a raw diet cheaper than the average family of four spends eating SAD foods. It's definitely doable. I see expense as an easy excuse. When someone is ready to make a change in their lifestyle, they'll find a way.

I also love the "grow your own cheetoes" quote! Wish I'd have come up with it ;)

P.S. Hope you are feeling better!

Cora said...

AHH!! One day, I'll have the will power you do. One day.

Omegachuck said...

Eat healthy and good luck at the comp this cold weekend. Minus 30 something up here yesterday.

Balazs said...

Well said!
I have also planted lettuces in the autumn and I bought about 30 different types of seeds to plant, melons lettuces, tomatos, cucumbers.
I plant to more than one place so doesnt matter where I go i will always have some fresh stuff, and it even tastes better, because you planted them!
Plant to friends plant to ralatives, plant everywhere! I love to plant, the process of creation is so amazing!

Buying in bulk is also a very good idea, actually I always buy in bulk if I want to eat the next day, because I eat a LOT! :)
I spend all my money on fruits but I never mind!

Keep up!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! Especially when you consider how much money we often spend on junk, and stuff that we really don't need. And just imagine if people (without going raw) just stopped eating take-away, stopped smoking and drinking, but instead prepared their own meals, they would save so much money, it would be ridiculous.
I mean, going out with friends for drinks and nibbles or an actual dinner, that sets you back in the $$$ department. I save all that now by eating raw. I don't drink anymore, don't have big expensive restaurant dinners and here we go, so much disposable income left to buy raw fruit and vege :-).

And don't even get me started on all those people who are scared of eating bananas, because they have so many calories... I just ask them "have you ever seen an obese monkey". Then they laugh and shut up :-).

I totally agree that raw food is the way to go and it's not more expensive than the standard diet, if not cheaper...

Love your blog by the way, great posts, great photos, keep it up!


Becky said...

So True! That day we went and bought all that fruit I spent barely anything at all..And it was alot of food to eat! I love fruit! Thanks for always being so encouraging..I will be raw one day I know I can do it! But i have to do it slowly!