Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 5

Today was pretty good. My brother and Nick, the German, left to go back to McCallie, their highschool in Chattanooga. I went to work for a couple hours at the gym… it was a breeze. Then I went to help my art teacher with the auditions… and she gave me a new set of prismacolors colored pencils!!! I was psyched. =) Then of course, I went to the climbing gym… felt pretty strong!!!

I was out and about for most of the day… so not a lot of food until dinner…

Breakfast: 1 grapefruit, juice of 4 oranges

Lunch: 4 bananas

Dinner: spinach/banana smoothie – 5 bananas, 4 cups spinach, 2 medjool dates, water

2nd Dinner: nuts (I don’t know how many… definitely a lot but not to the point where I was binging. sljal;fkasf)

After this I had a weird urge for romaine. I ate a heart of romaine. It was so good and buttery.
Then I ate celery. LOTS of celery…..

Total: 1372 calories, over 23 grams of protein
84/6/10 --- but I guessed how many nuts… so it might be more than this.

sooo I didn’t get enough calories today AT FIRST… (this always happens when I’m out and about) so I ate nuts… my protein intake has been SUPER low lately… bad news… I feel FANTASTIC and SUPER STRONG but low protein is probably not good in the long run.. so I felt like I had room for nuts again today. I will probably not eat nuts the rest of the week though. I talked to a nutritionist on giveittomeraw and he kinda freaked out and told me that I need to be eating WAYYY more lettuce and celery for protein. So that is what I will do. But I just ate all the lettuce in my house, so I’ll go to the store tomorrow. =)

Tomorrow I start school. I don’t know if I will log my food into cron-o-meter everyday… I get too OCD when I make myself do that. But I will definitely eat lots of fruit, lettuce, and celery!!! And no more nuts this week. =) My ratios will be fine for the week for sure.

2 hours of climbing at the gym. I made up lots of really hard climbs resembling Hueco. (Hueco is a climbing area in Texas where I am going over spring break... SUPER PSYCHED...) I FEEL SO STRONG RIGHT NOW!


Cora said...

How much do you spend on food a week?

badash said...

not totally sure.

anywhere from 70-90 a week.

Summer is cheaper because there is a produce shop down the street with cheap produce....

Cora said...

do you realize that's $360 a month?? How are you going to survive by yourself when you got college? Eekk!

Radu Burtescu said...

Yep, that's what I was thinking as well (what cora said) not to mention that there's a issue of sustainability in question. I eat the same, imported stuff from all over the globe but I still question what would I do if I had to eat of what I produced in my back yard (I don't have a back yard but in case I had/hope I'll have one at some point).
Anyway, it's god that you feel strong, keep going and experimenting!

But look what I found about lettuce on wikipedia:
"Lettuce is a fat free, low calorie food. It is a valuable source of vitamin A and folic acid. Lactucarium (or “Lettuce Opium”) is a mild opiate-like substance that is contained in all types of lettuce. Both the Romans and Egyptians took advantage of this property eating lettuce at the end of a meal to induce sleep"

Is this nutritionist trying to get you sleepy? And how much protein can lettuce have?

Anonymous said...

Ash do you eat organic?

It's kind of funny to me how people put a price on their health, but not those fancy pair of jeans they just bought for 50 bucks.

Keep it up! your doing great!

Radu Burtescu said...

And p.s.

I'm starving and I need to know what's in this "Salsa" thingy please:


Daniel Brayack said...

I wish I had a gym to train at - but then do you think its better to train in a gym or just climb all the time???

Anonymous said...

QUESTION! Hey, you know how Dr. Graham only eats about 2 meals a you think eating one meal a day would be even healthier? what do you think. Lately ive only been hungry around 3-5...

just curious to see what you think.

Thanks :)

badash said...

There are many ways to make it cheaper, but right now it is not in my deepest worries. I am spending money for my health. Just imagine how much money I will save in doctor bills for the future!!! In the summer I grow lots of my own food, so that helps as well. =) It's all about staying positive and using creative visualization. It won't be a problem if i don't act like its a problem!!!

wikipedia is not a reliable source. ;) Seriously...

Lettuce is about 15% fat. Almost ever fruit and veggie in nature contains some amount of fat. Even celery (9%) and lettuce!!! Now, it would take a LOT to make an actual GRAM of fat, but still, theres fat in it!!!

and that is weird that it mentions the sleepiness? I always feel totally AWAKE and HIGH when i eat greens... it gives me energy!? hmm?

That salsa is probably not as good as it looks. And sadly, I made it SO LONG AGO that i do not know. But it looks to me like it's red peppers, orange peppers, lots of tomato, onion? or scallion? (which i don't even eat anymore!!!) I remember it being pretty chunky!!! Maybe an avocado would be really good blended in there as well! =) I ate the salsa with pieces of red pepper. ENJOY

I do not eat totally organic, but I thrive to someday!!! It all depends what is on sale and what my needs are each week. They passed a law a couple months ago allowing conventional lettuce and spinach to be radiated.. no good... zaps the nutrients right out! PLUS organic lettuce/spinach contains SO MANY MORE NUTRIENTS!!! Just compare the facts on the back of the packages!!!

So when I can, I usually buy organic lettuce and spinach. Not to mention, I always buy organic apples and cucumbers because I hate the fact that most conventional ones are WAXED!!! gross!!! (if i can def. tell its unwaxed, then i will eat a conventional... but organic is always better)

badash said...


Hmmmmm i honestly don't know if it would be "healthier" but I do know that your health will radiate if you only eat when you are truly HUNGRY!!!

So if you think you could thrive eating ONE meal a day, go for it!!!

There has definitely been times that I only need one meal. =)

Now I feel like 2 or 3 is more necessary. I feel like i could definitely do 2, but then time management never allows me to do it. (because I'm always at school and climbing and stuff so I have to spread it out a little. But in the summer i might just do 2)

I usually get hungry at 11am and 4pm.... =)

Sarah said...

You can def get the protein needed from lettuce, not sure why people would eat it to induce sleep. It's never made me sleepy and I eat close to 2 lbs of a leafy greens a day. Romaine is comprised of 17% protein, Iceberg is 16%, and Spinach is 31%.

I agree that organic tastes better and is better for you, but I also have to compromise. My entire family is eating this way and I bargain shop. I buy organic when affordable and conventional as well. It would be more logical to eat out of my backyard, but living in Ohio in the middle of winter makes that difficult to do.

I eat 3 meals a day. It's possible I could change my routine and eat 2 meals a day, but I feel great at 3. I think going down to one meal would be kind of extreme. You'd still have to make sure you get enough calories squeezed into the one meal. It would take me a couple of hours to eat 1500-2000 calories worth of food. Not to mention that I must have my sweet fruit (bananas, dates, etc) everyday to keep my calories up, but I also enjoy oranges, berries, etc that do not combine well with bananas. I would suffer from poor food combining, or do away with eating the other foods I love. I don't think I'd ever get down to eating once a day. I'm not sure that it's even a healthy thing to do.