Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I tried DURIAN the other day!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!

It is definitely "different" though. It reminded me of cream cheese, lol. It was very creamy!!! The smell was not too pleasant but after tasting it, i didn't mind the smell... in fact, I kinda LIKED IT! =)

In Dr. Doug's book, The 80/10/10 Diet, he talks about how when you try a new fruit, it usually becomes your new favorite. THIS IS SO TRUE!!!

Now I am craving durian again. Maybe i will buy one again if I do well at regionals this weekend to celebrate?!

Here are some pictures of me eating the durian and making Sarah's durian pudding (bananas blended with durian... check out all her recipes and inspiration at www.livingfruity.blogspot.com)


Sarah said...

Great pictures!!! I love blending just straight durian, without the bananas. It's so rich and creamy :) You must buy another to celebrate this weekend. We bought two after Elijah's appointment on Monday. We haven't opened them yet. He's waiting impatiently.

Paulina said...

This makes me even more excited to go and try a durian! If only I could get my parents to drive me all the way to the Asian market...

Balazs said...

It looks a little weird after blending :)
it is so good for you guys that you can buy durians! I have never seen any in my country :(
I guess then I have to go to them :)
An other good reason for travel around the world :)

nice pics!