Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today I got 2 compliments about my skin at 2 completely different places! A few kids in my art class said that I had really good skin. Then a couple more of my friends told me that I was GLOWING.

This makes me so happy!!! It’s also pretty funny that I haven’t showered in a while, but I still get these comments. =)

I feel like I have most of the benefits from raw. I have (insanely) increased energy, extreme happiness, positive mindset, CLEAR THOUGHTS, perfect weight, optimal digestion, etc... but i never really though i had "the glow." I am definitely happy now!!!

Go raw for the energy. Go raw for the health. Go raw for the animals. Go raw for the environment. GO RAW FOR THE GLOW!!!

Tomorrow I am going to UTC (University of Tennessee in Chattanooga) to do a mentor day… I am spending the night in a dorm, engaging in whatever activities they have planned for us, and even going to college classes. I will let you guys know how it went when I come back. PEACE TO ALL OF YOU!

by the way, you HAVE to watch this video. LOVE IS SO POWERFUL! I can’t stop watching this:


Paulina said...

Judging from your pictures, I totally believe that you have "the raw glow." It's so great that you're experiencing all these amazing benefits!

You said you're doing an overnight mentor day. How do you deal with the whole food issue? Do you bring your own food or just make do with whatever raw vegan food they might have over there? I'm curious to know because I'm going to a two day event at another high school and we can't go anywhere once we arrive so I'm thinking of bringing a bag of fruits and other raw snacks. What would you do in a situation like this?

Sarah said...

Compliments like these always give me a little boost :) It's so worth it!

That was a cool video. Thanks for sharing the link!

Paulina, I'd carry some fruit along with me on an overnight trip. I even carry fruit with me if it's going to be a day trip :o)

Michele said...

This is really in response to your prior post. I am a mom with 3 kids. My 10 year old LOVES you so. She is vege/raw....she loves her soups in the winter. She is very athletic and wants to get into climbing as well...Anyhow have you seen Tims website Running Raw???? Maybe your mom needs to take a some of his videos...I know I am very open to my childrens hopes and dreams...My daughter finds Tim super cool especially when he did the Empire State Building climb

Good Luck and be proud of yourself as you are a total inspiration to the youth. We think you rock!!!!

Bri said...

wow ash that was such a great video! i cried a bit! so true, so true...

Omegachuck said...

Hey Ash, you know it's often said that pregnant women have that 'healthy glow' too/;-o....
Now if only that doctor you saw could have appreciated your healthy diet glow instead of being kinda rude. So just laugh, and enjoy another banana today.

Anonymous said...

Ash, I can totally verify the glow :) I've loved watching the transition you've gone through since going vegan, then raw. It's been amazing - I think what I'm most impressed by is the change in your perspective. You're so incredibly positive and have so much good energy. I love you always, but I love to see you embrace the world with such open arms :)

Have a wonderful time at UTC - I can't believe you're old enough to be looking at colleges. Crazy! PS I'm going to be living in Redondo Beach (L.A.)- a block from the ocean - all spring and possibly the summer. PLEASE come visit me! We can go to the RAWvolution guy's restaurant, plus tons of other great ones!

PS that video is absolutely precious.

badash said...

First of all, THANK YOU. Secondly, I will be bringing my own food. They said food will be provided, and we will be going to a restaurant, but I know that there most likely won't be the fruit (or the amount of fruit) i am looking for. I'm bringing a few bunches of bananas, LOTS of dates, strawberries, celery, lettuce, grapefruit, and oranges.

wow.... i cant believe i'm an inspiration to the youth. Thats always been my dream and goal. I coach a youth climbing team and i am loving it. You should get your daughter into climbing! Look at and click on "climbing wall listing" and find the nearest climbing in your town.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. OMG, i want to visit you. I will look at how much it would cost. WOW... that's great!

Cora said...

Awww I cried watching that video!!! I love animals, and that shows the great connection between animals and humans. :D

Bri said...

OMG i'm watching Animal PLanet right now, and I think i'm watching the same episode (called "Jungles" or something) that you mentioned in a way earlier post...about the chimps pigging out on figs! One had like three in his mouth at the same time, all lined up in his lips! lol! They are SO STRONG, TOO! talk about raw glow, man. lol. They're SHINING examples of raw strength. next time your doc starts nagging on about nutritionists and nutrient deficiencies, you can be like, how do you think gorillas and chimps get their amazing strength and vitality? eating SAD or eating raw? 811 is THE RIGHT ANSWER. :) just had to share because the second i saw that chimp stuffing figs in his mouth i thought of you! :)

Omegachuck said...

And Bri', whenever Ash' makes a looong strong armed reach while climbing, I think of the chimps! Go Fig Power!
Right now, I've been enjoying some dried papaya slabs from Trader Joes. They are tasty, but like ripping beef jerky apart with your teeth.

Bri said...

That's when I always feel most the long reaches where I can almost feel my monkey-ness and lanky strength too! :) Fig power, totally. Mango is that way tough to eat dried. It gets SO HARD. Mango jerky. lol. SO much better than beef.
hope your weekend at UTC goes really well! :)

badash said...

HAHA THanks for sharing, Bri! I love that episode!!! It always makes me crave figs!!! You're right, thats what i should have said last time!

I am back from UTC and i have a few things to talk about but im really tired and i am going to sleep. I am going back to Chattanooga tomorrow to train for nationals but i will post tomorrow night. =)