Friday, January 02, 2009

climbing specialist

Today I talked to the head of the JCC camp, and he wants me to be the climbing specialst for the one-week climbing camp they are offereing this summer.

I am really excited about it!!!

Not to mention, one of the coaches at our gym wants me to help him coach the junior high climbing team!

I feel like I could be a good climbing coach.... i love sharing my passions with other people!!!


Cora said...

About how much a week do you spend on your food?

Radu Burtescu said...
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Radu Burtescu said...

Congratulations! If you do make it as a coach make sure you teach your pupils to learn for themselves and not rely 100% on you. I did 7 years of karate without thinking about what training meant to me or what it should mean. It's better with climbing since I have to research everything myself or hurt myself or die (there are about 5 people who climb in a 300 km radius and less who do trad). So congratulations again and hope you'll make a great teacher.

Omegachuck said...

I'm sure the kids will respond really well to your energy and age level. It should increase their interest and efforts to the sport. What better summer job could you have than being the climbing specialist at a summer camp? Hope it is located near a good outdoor climbing area too, and not just a camp with an unoriginal 20 ft high toprope tower.