Friday, January 16, 2009

day 15

breakfast: 1 grapefruit
lunch: LOTS of dates and a head of celery (or more than a head? there was a LOT, most celery ive ever eaten in a sitting!)
dinner: banana - spinach smoothie with 4 bananas, 4 cups spinach, and lots of water to make it more watery

calories- 1928
ratio- 95/4/2

I feel like I have a sore throat coming on... it feels almost itchy. I hardly ever get sick... I feel this this might be due to 1. the RANDOM weather change to 4 degrees! LOL! its usually like 60 degrees here!!! and also i ate a LOTTA dates over the past few days... i need to cut down for sure. So no dates tomorrow!!!


Omegachuck said...

So be sure to use the easy remedy, gargle with warm salt water and drink your favorite herbal tea, uuuh, with a teaspoon of honey too?

badash said...

Thanks woody!

However, I do not eat salt so I dont want it in my mouth... and i do not drink tea or honey.

the banana milk really soothed it though!!!

Balazs said...

I dont think that you should "cure" yourself, its not your job, its your body's.
bye the way, I dont think that you will be sick despite all weather changes :)