Saturday, January 03, 2009

DAY 3... and lame weather

Okay, so there was not much variety of ripe fruit at my house today. I attempted to go on a climbing trip, and when we got up the mountain it was super misty and damp. We took a hike and it started pouring on us… not so fun. We turned around and came back home… but the fruit ripeness had not changed. I basically had LOTS of ripe citrus fruits and not really much else. BY THE WAY, my teeth are starting to hurt from eating too much citrus, I think. When I try to eat something sweet, it makes my teeth sensitive. I bet it will go away tomorrow though… or if I cut back on the citrus… I HOPE MY BANANAS ARE RIPE TOMORROW!!! Today I basically ate: grapefruits, oranges, celery, dates, a pomegranate, a persimmon, and a little part of avocado.

-1 and a half grapefruits (I ate one, and my friend gave me half of hers)

-a little under half of an avocado. My friend had one and she offered to share… it was irresistible!

-celery with dates (4 7-inch stalks, 3 medjool dates)

-1 grapefruit
-pomegranate-orange juice (3 oranges, 1 pomegranate)

-1 fuyu persimmon (as we all know, there are always those days where one random persimmon is ripe… but none of your other ones are… it’s always how it goes. UNLESS you are Sarah and have a very organized way of keeping up with the ripeness of fruit… haha)

-30 grapes
-3 grapefruits

After Dinner:
I was super obsessed with the caloric ratio (80/10/10) and according to my dietary program, it was something like 85/6/11…. and I was not full yet… so I was on a mission to make the 11 turn into a 10… I get OCD like this sometimes.
-celery and dates (2 stalks of celery, 2 dates)

TOTAL: about 1450 calories.

Ratio: 86/5/10

I hiked straight downhill and then back uphill in the rain on Short Mountain. (BOOOO LAME WEATHER!!!) However, later on I went to the climbing gym for around 3 hours. It was pretty fun, I got some good climbing time in… I just played around and had fun with it.

I am going to Hueco Tanks in El Paso Texas on Spring Break!!!!!! You couldn’t possibly imagine how excited I am. I am starting to train NOW… and today my friend made up lots of hard climbing problems for me to practice. =)

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Omegachuck said...

Hueco! That should be fun. My workout right now is shoveling show and snowshoeing about the trails in the forest preserve.