Sunday, January 04, 2009


Today was pretty chill. I hung around the house, went grocery shopping (but didn’t get much), and then went climbing at the gym. Later on we dropped my dog off at my aunt’s house for what we call “fat camp.” You see, my dog is fat. Overweight. Obese? He is twice the weight he is supposed to be. He is 60 pounds and he is supposed to be 30. Poor thing. My parents feed him the SAD dog diet. (well… kibbles and bits = mcdonalds for dogs, right? PLUS table scraps UGH I always tell them not to… anyways, he will be there for 2 months while she feeds him right and helps him exercise. I am excited for him but I will also miss him more than anyone could ever imagine!)

green smoothie:
-4 bananas
-4 medjool dates
-3 cups of spinach

-1 small papaya

green smoothie:
-4 bananas
-6 medjool dates
-3.5 cups of spinach

-1 small papaya
-romaine lettuce (6-7 leaves? one of those hearts of romaine)
-celery (a few short stalks)

The cool thing about dinner was that it was the first time EVER that I just ate lettuce without anything. I ate the papaya, romaine, and celery on their own… and I loved each individual taste! The romaine almost felt buttery! The crunch was amazing. I want more!!! I will buy more at the store tomorrow.

Snack: I felt hungry again so I ate 1 grapefruit.


about 1722 calories

ratio: 94/4/3

protein: 23 grams (uhhh… )



I felt like my protein was too low today... So I ate quite a few raw nuts. This bumped my ratio to 85/5/10 and I feel pretty good now!!! It made my protein intake over 30 grams! yay!


Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Glad to see your bananas got ripe. I've been struggling with fruit ripeness (especially bananas) the last few days myself.

Chel said...

keep it up girl!

I've never eating romaine on its own either, and now i really want to try it!

Thanks :)

Sarah said...

To up your protein, turn to greens. Nuts are actually a high fat food. Their protein levels aren't that much higher than fruit. In all reality, if you're consuming enough calories for the day, you're not going to be protein deficient. If you're worried, be like Popeye and eat your spinach!


badash said...

Sarah, you're right!

but guess what! theres no more nuts at my house, WOOHOO! I was waiting for this!!!!!!!

Omegachuck said...

Love spinach,,looove the stuff raw with about anything.