Friday, June 18, 2010

Raw Fruits and Vegetables: The Diet for Humans?

Raw Fruits and Vegetables:
The Diet for Humans?

As children, we have all learned about many species-specific diets. We learn that lions and tigers are carnivores and they eat animals. We learn that cows are herbivores and they eat grass. We learn that birds are granivores and they eat seeds and grains. These are foods that they are biologically designed to eat! Their whole bodies are made for these types of food. They are attracted to their food in its raw, uncooked, unprocessed state, as nature intended.

Have you ever thought about what humans are biologically designed to eat? Well, we all know that you won't find processed hamburgers and french fries in nature! Not to mention, you won't find soda and chips growing out of the ground or Cheetos falling from trees! So how do we figure out the species specific diet for humans? We can take a look at our senses, compare humans to other animals, and use simple logic to figure it out.

Animals in nature are completely attracted to their biological diet in its raw, uncooked, unprocessed state. Carnivores salivate when they see their prey walking in a field. Do you salivate when you see a cow grazing in a field? Do you fantasize running up to it and ripping open its flesh with your bare hands? Do you crave to gobble up the warm, bloody guts? Or do you find ripe, colorful fruit appealing on an empty stomach? Do you crave a juicy, luscious piece of fruit picked straight from a tree? I'll let you decide.

The truth is, there are many differences between humans and carnivores. Many people think that a carnivore is simply an animal that eats mainly meat. However, there are many other characteristics that define a true carnivore. Below is a chart of characteristics that compare humans and carnivores. They are derived mainly from Dr. Graham's book, The 80/10/10 Diet:




Two hands and two feet; walk erect

Four feet; perform locomotion using all fours


No tails

All carnivores have tails


Smooth tongues

Rasping (rough) tongues


No claws


Opposing thumbs

Opposing thumbs

No opposing thumbs


Give birth to one or two at a time

Give birth to litters

Colon formation

Convoluted colon

Smooth colon

Intestinal length

12 times the length of the torso

3 times the length of the torso

Mammary glands

One pair mammary glands on chest

Multiple teats on abdomen


Two thirds of every 24 hour cycle are spent actively awake

Rest and sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day

Microbial tolerance

Little tolerance; deadly

Can digest large amounts of microbes


Sweat from pores on entire body

Sweat from tongues only


Full spectrum of color

Do not see in full color

Meal size

Fruit fits in hands, a few pieces will suffice for a meal, there is no waste

Eat entire animal when they kill it


Suck water with lips

Tongues protrude outward so they can lap water


Discoid-style placenta

Zonary placenta

Vitamin C

Essential nutrient found in food

Produce their own vitamin C

Jaw movement

Grind food; unique to plant eaters

Have no lateral movement in their jaws

Dental formula

2 incisors, 1 canine, 5 molars

3 incisors, 1 canine, 5 to 8 molars


Canines” are primarily flat, for mashing food

Canines are long, pointed, and sharp, for biting into flesh

Tolerance for fat

Do not handle large amounts of fat well

Thrive on a high-fat diet

Saliva and urine pH

When healthy, Alkaline saliva and urine

Acidic saliva and urine

Diet pH

Preferred foods are alkaline-forming; high amounts of acid-forming foods are deadly

Thrive on a diet of acid-forming foods

Stomach acid pH

pH level of the hydrochloric acid that humans produce in their stomach generally ranges about 3 to 4 or higher

Stomach acid runs in the 2s and is at least 10 times stronger than that of a human. (It can be 100 or even 1,000 times stronger)


Secrete none; must neutralize this strong acid with alkaline minerals such as calcium.

Secrete an enzymes called uricase to metabolize the uric acid in flesh

Digestive enzymes

Produce ptyalin -aka amylase- to initiate the digestion of fruit

Do not produce ptyalin and have different digestive enzyme ratios

Sugar metabolism

The glucose and fructose in fruits fuel cells without straining the pancreas

Cannot handle sugars well

Intestinal flora

Different bacterial colonies living in intestines; the ones that are similar (such as lactobacillus and e. coli) are found in different amounts

Different bacterial colonies living in intestines; the ones that are similar (such as lactobacillus and e. coli) are found in different amounts

Liver size

Smaller livers

Proportionately larger livers


Particular about the cleanliness of food

Least picky; will eat bugs, dirt, organic debris, and other items

Table1: Humans vs. Carnivores (Graham).

If humans aren't carnivores, what are they? Well, humans are classified as anthropoid apes. Since primates are cousins to humans, the primate diet may reveal clues to the biological human diet. The closest relative to humans are bonobos. They have up to a 99.4% DNA match to humans. They are frugivores and eat mostly fruits, greens, young shoots and buds. Less than 1% of their diet comes from animal products such as insects, fish, and small animals. Even when they do eat animals on occasion, they gobble up the raw bloody flesh with their bare hands. My guess is that most humans would not find this appealing! Bonobos thrive from a diet that mainly consists of uncooked, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. They never consider cooking, seasoning, or altering their food in any way. Since humans are so closely related to them, it would only make sense that humans should also eat this way.

So, is it really possible for humans to survive on a diet mainly consisting of fruits and vegetables? Yes. Not only can humans survive but they can also thrive! Many people around the world are eating this way.

Here, I answer a few frequently asked questions:

So what exactly does your diet consist of? I eat uncooked, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Why don't you eat cooked food? When food is cooked, the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are destroyed. Just think about what fire does to something. You can only imagine what it is doing to your food. It changes the molecular structure, denatures the proteins, oxidizes the fats, and kills the nutrients. No other animal cooks its food and no other animal has as much disease as humans, which is mainly diet-related. Coincidence? I think not.

Why did you start this diet? What inspired it? Well, I was trying all sorts of different ways of eating throughout my life and I never really felt exceptionally good on any of them. I am an athlete and I wanted a diet that would allow me to perform at my peak all the time. I used to live off of ice cream and pasta so anything would have made a change! I heard about this diet when I went vegan. My friend told me about it and then I looked it up online. I remember that as I was reading about the raw vegan diet online, I became addicted to the information. I sat at my computer for hours researching and everything made perfect sense to me. It was the most logical diet i've ever heard about and I starting eating this way the very next day! I got very inspired by other people doing it online and all the information I read about really sparked something inside me that has kept me doing it for over two years now!
What are some benefits you have received while eating this way? I have received endless benefits. I have experienced improved digestion, insanely increased energy, healthy weight loss, smooth skin, and increased happiness. I have friends who have cured diseases such as cancer and diabetes from this diet. I have also let go of many negative attributes that went along with my old standard American diet. I no longer get sick, have headaches, or get bloated. I have also cured depression and I've never felt better in my life!
Do you get all your nutrients on a raw food diet? Yes! am eating the most nutritional foods on the planet. The reality is that we shouldn't worry so much about this if we are eating a diet that is naturally appealing. Animals don't worry about if they are getting enough calcium or iron so neither should we. They just eat their biological diet and go on with their life! Nature has it all worked out for us!
But where do you get your protein? Ah, the protein question. This is the most commonly asked question! First of all, humans do not need as much protein as some people think. When we are infants, we grow at the most rapid state we will ever grow. We are meant to live on our mother's breast milk, which is 1-4% protein. Consequently, fruit happens to be 1-6% protein. As a parting thought, gorillas are one of the strongest mammals on the planet. Where do they get their protein? (fruits and greens!)

You mentioned you were an athlete. How has this diet effected your performance? Yes, I am a sponsored competitive rock climber and I only want the best diet for my performance. I have tried many diets over the years to try and achieve optimal performance. It was not until I found this natural diet when I achieved this goal. I have never felt this strong in years and I feel like the way I eat now has greatly effected my performance on the rock. I have been a regional champion for a few years now and have competed at nationals. I am stronger than ever.

What would you tell someone who wanted to start eating this way?

First, I would tell them to buy the book The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham because it is so informative when it comes to this natural diet. Getting inspired and motivated was the most important part for my transition! Research, research, research! Next, I would tell them to start their day with a fresh fruit smoothie or piece of fruit. There are many ways to transition to this diet but I found that slowly adding fruits and greens to the existing diet is an easy way to ease in, starting with breakfast. Slowly start making the raw portion sizes bigger and the cooked food portions smaller. Soon enough, you'll be eating raw fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you need any help transitioning, feel free to email me for more personal help:

I, among many others, am living proof that eating our biological diet is not only do-able, but beneficial. By comparing ourselves to other animals, looking at our senses, and using simple logic, we have found that humans are frugivores by nature. One could only imagine what the world would be like if everyone started eating our natural diet again. Would all disease fade away and be cured? Would depression be solved? Would people be happier and healthier? There is only one way to find out.

****if you found this post interesting, and would like to read more info on the subject, let me know. I wrote a more in depth paper that I am glad to share. Leave your email and I will send it to you.


Freelea said...

Brilliant I love it! Go to forums all over and spread the gospel girl, this info is gold X

mark e said...

Ash, despite practically being a fruitarian, I found this to be your meatiest blog post in some time! Nicely written!

Adeline said...

Super great post Ashley, very informative, thanks !

Anonymous said...

I did not know you wrote so well! Super excellent post with a great Q&A. I'm sitting in Chic-Fil-A right now... thinking hard.

Anonymous said...

so what do you think made the evolution from the common ancestor with chimpanzees to the modern Homo sapiens possible?

one hint:
humans are the only species known to build fires & cook their food...

Anne Holmes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne Holmes said...

very nicely written Ashley! that chart is good addition too

Janice-Marie: Smith said...

The comparison says it all!

Anonymous said...

the comparison says it all? seriously? a three year old could create such a 'scientific' chart. to use that as 'proof' is absurd.
i don't wanna condemn the raw diet, just use better arguments!

Jena said...

I think I am going to go on a raw food diet lol. Seriously, your post is really convincing. I think you should be a motivational speaker!
I've been feeling really bloated and crappy for the past few months. I don't know what really caused this change in the first place, but I'm so tired of it. I'll try eating all fruits/vegetables for the next few days and see how I feel. :) Thanks for the post!

badash said...

Dear anonymous number 2,
Perhaps it was a good thing for humans to stray for our natural diet for a while because it allowed us to move away from the tropics, tap into more of our brain and use tools and build fires and grow as a species... which would mean you're right - if it weren't for this we wouldnt be the species we are today.


It still doesn't change our nutritional needs that were set in place long before we grew as a species. And now that we have so much pollution and disease, it may be a good idea that we go back to this pure, simple diet that is kind to the environment and everyone around us.

You said that a 3 year old could create such a chart - and i agree that it is a really simple chart - which should make it obvious how we are different from carnivores.

Even though I believe it is a good chart and I have used it in this post, it's not the only "proof" i have. This is a very short version of some very heavy research I have done on the subject.

All in all, I believe a diet based on fruit with the addition of some leafy greens and nuts is our OPTIMAL biological diet and that we will feel our best eating this way.

I don't want to argue but I will be up for respectable debate if you would like to debate certain points of the chart or post... otherwise we could simply agree to disagree.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

badash said...


I'm so glad my post inspired you. Do you have a blog?! If you are feeling that way then a higher consumption of fruit (and leafy greens if you are attracted to them) is a very good idea. Start by adding a smoothie for breakfast and then start adding fruit before every meal and a salad for dinner. Soon enough you'll be eating almost all fruits and veggies! If you need any inspiration or motivation feel free to email me, - i love helping people like you. =)

Adeline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adeline said...

Men can be called oportunist frugivores. They are biologically meant to eat fruits and greens, but they are able to eat other things, like flesh... not for a greater heatlh no need to say ... just to survive !
Killing animals was very hard for prehistoric men,men are not equiped to do it at all...(as seen in your chart) so they were just doing it when nothing else was available to eat ...(fruit and greens)
And beeing smart enough to create tools to kill animal and use fire mean that the evolution as a species started before eating flesh, not the other way around !

In our society, flesh means wealtness, virility, power ... hard things to let go for some people ...
But little people woud eat flesh if they had to kill animals by themselves ...

Anonymous said...

How is your teeth health after consuming so much fruit sugar. Just wondering! Thanks!

badash said...

adeline, i don't believe we started eating meat until we moved away from the tropics, where humans came from. In this case it was hard to get food all the time so we started eating meat.... and disease.

anonymous, my teeth health is fine. all my teeth are still in tact and they never hurt. they are strong. Check out this video of DurianRider, a long term raw vegan who eats up to 70 bananas a day and 100s of pounds of fruit a week - -- starting at 2 minutes he talks about his teeth.

Adeline said...

Ashley, i totally aggree with you that Men started to eat meat when he moved from the tropics and hardly found fruits.
They had to in order to survive.

badash said...

Adeline, yeah i totally agree.

Scott said...

Wow this is really quite convincing. I always thought being an omnivore was the most "natural" way to eat because humans had been doing that for hundreds of years, but maybe we were wrong to begin with. However I don't understand the anti-processing bent. Don't you get bored of eating just fruits and vegetables? I can't see anything wrong with eating whole wheat bread, oats, or other sorts of fibrous grains minimally processed.

Altogether you make a very strong argument, although the strongest I feel as a climber is when I eat a lot of minimally processed meat, eggs, and yogurt...

badash said...


Thanks for the comment.

I think humans began as frugivores (starting in the topics, which would be the perfect place for us as naked humans - perfect temperature, lots of fruit, etc) and as we started moving farther from the tropics, we probably started eating more and more foods. Humans are pretty amazing in that we can live off of almost anything.... but are we thriving?! Who knows. I prefer eating easy-to-digest simple foods like the ones i believe we are born to eat: fruits and veggies. =)

Do I get bored eating fruits and veggies? Nope. Not at all. Did you know theres enough varieties of fruit to eat a new fruit everyday for the rest of your life and still not have tried them all!? It's true. Have you tried fruits like durian, jakfruit, Rambutan, or lychee?! These are more common "exotic" fruits. There are thousands! Not to mention, I make amazing dishes with fruit... endless variations of smoothies, "zucchini" pasta dishes with a raw marinera sauce, uncooked fruit pies, salads, wraps, "icecream" made from fruit, etc. There are hundreds of raw recipe sites and even raw food restaurants in big cities. On the sidebar of the blog there are a bunch of raw food websites and blogs that are listed; some with great recipes! If you want more info let me know.

I don't eat grains because they are toxic in their raw state. The question would be are humans starch eaters? Creatures that primarily eat grains are called granivores. Grains grow in a form that humans are unable to neither chew nor digest. True granivores, such as birds, possess a pouch in their throats or gullets where the grains can germinate to make them digestible. Humans do not have this pouch so they are unable to digest grains in their natural state. Most humans would not find a field of raw grains very appetizing, and eating a handful of raw grains would make most people gag. Humans were not granivores before the discovery of fire and they are not granivores now.

Make sense?!

and I may be wrong, but one possibility of why you feel so strong with foods like meat and dairy is the dense amount of calories. I always feel my strongest in climbing when I'm eating a LOT of calories. If you replaced the calories of meat and dairy with fruit calories (which are the most nutritious foods on the planet), it's like non-stop energy!!! One day when you're feeling inspired you should try it sometime!!!! =)

And although i wish that everyone ate all fruit, i realize that not everyone is that "into" it like me... but i want to encourage everyone to AT LEAST increase their fruit and veggie intake! Replace some cooked empty calories into some nutritious fruit calories! =) ANything helps!

Sorry for the insanely long reply! Oh and I wrote a more in depth paper on this subject so if you would like to read it, let me know... and i will email it to you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the first humans ate whatever they could get their hands on - whatever walked, crawled, whatever they could catch or pick. They weren't eating fruit and living in peace and harmony:

badash said...

dear anonymous,

thank you for the links. They were interesting. However, I personally disagree. I'm sure there was a phase where humans began eating termites and other critters, but I believe this was after a pure fruit diet. Back in the beginning of human existence, i truly believe we were fruit eaters, mostly judging on our senses.

badash said...

im sure i can find 100 sources and links on the subject as well.... theres thousands of sources that area always disagreeing on this subject. This post is my personal belief.

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

badash said...

Thank you anonymous... if you would like the full professional version of this article let me know and i will email it to you.

Anonymous said...

I am just making a blog related to this. If you agree, I would like to use some of your content. And with full refernce of course. Thanks in advance.

- Andre

badash said...

Hey there Andre, feel free to use any of this information!!!! If you would like me to send you a more in-depth article i did relating to the same topic, let me know! Send me your email and I'll send it to you - it has a works cited page with many resources you may find helpful. Let me know! -Ash (

Anonymous said...

As the guy above said

Jennie_Raw said...

hallelujah! i am just now finding your blog after searching all over 811 climbers for the past couple months. are you still experiencing improvement and agreeable results from your diet and training ( I realize this post was May of last year)?

Anonymous said...

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Epione's Daughter said...

Can u post what a typical day's meals are like for u?

Any banana-free meal plans u can post?

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