Monday, June 28, 2010

June 2010

Here is a life update for June 2010:

Going Away Party!
Since my departure date is drawing near, we had a combination going away party / birthday party for me in Nashville. Here are just a few pictures of the party that I thought you may enjoy:

me and timmy <3
me and becky, one of my favorite people!
me and tim in da pool
fruit platters!
summer salad featuring corn, red pepper, & avocado w/ cilantro
wilted kale salad!
fruit platter!
mango pie #1
Mango pie #2
And for the record, the mango pies were scarfed down within minutes. People go crazy over this pie.... and it is SO SIMPLE! I recently posted a mango pie recipe here, but i simplified it a bit.

dates, mangos, and any fruit to decorate the top
1. puree dates and a tad of water in a food processor until smooth. Thickly coat the bottom of a pie pan & put in freezer to set.
2. cut & freeze mangos. Puree in food processor until smooth (creating mango icecream) - spread into pie pan, above date crust.
3. decorate with fruit (such as bananas and berries)

Tim and I have been going on bike rides lately as a cross training cardio workout.

tim and i riding in the park, taken with a fish eye lens
stretching @ the top of the hill
doing a little yoga and core workout
Chattanooga Going Away Party
The Chattanooga going away party was significantly shorter but still full of good people and great fun.
Tim and I have been doing a little art lately.
tim working on his masterpiece
oil pastels
art mess!
drawing on cardboard
making hand-made flyers for tim's show
splattering paint! (making hand made flyers)
The result of the hand made flyers:
tim, me, and jonathan chillin in our messy, artsy apartment
New Puppy!
I'm currently back in Nashville, where my dad just got a new puppy! His name is Charlie and he is a little cute fluffy mutt! I love him already!

what a cutie!d'awwww!!!!

What have YOU been up to!?


Adeline said...

Great pictures ! i love the food, seems so yummy !!!

Connie said...

Great update Ash! How did you do your kale? It looks good, as does all the food.

LOve & Sunshine!

badash said...


For the kale salad, i have many variations.

The most common was is cutting the kale into REALLY TINY pieces and massaging it with LOTS of lemon to wilt it. If one eats sea salt, they can sprinkle some of that on it too for faster wilting. (i don't recommend salt of course but i've had it with and without - it works without too!) and then after 10-15 minutes it gets tender and i massage it with an avocado! Then i add whatever toppings i want. In this case, chopped grape tomatoes, raisins, and pine nuts. (i typically wouldnt put another source of fat - pine nuts - in it since i used avocado but it was for a party so i figured it didnt matter.)

Omegachuck said...

Lots of fun photos! That psychedelic art piece looks BIG!

badash said...

Thanks woodchuck. Yeah its on cardboard. =)

Greenmama said...

Happy going away! And thanks for the kale recipe. I have the tenderest kale in my garden right now. If we were neighbors, I'd bring some over. :)

Have you got the life, girl! I'm enjoying the pictures so much.

:), Marjorie

Julie said...

Lots of fun photos! That psychedelic art piece looks BIG!