Thursday, July 15, 2010

last few days in the States

Wow… so much has happened in the last couple weeks that I do not even know when to start!!!

I’ll try to just hit the highlights.

-July 4 - I saw the infamous Nashville fireworks from a boat! It was beautiful. Here are some pictures:

banana icecream w/ strawberries and blueberries

- New Dischord show – As you may or may not know, my boyfriend Tim started a new music group in Chattanooga called New Dischord. They are basically a group of very talented musicians that are revolutionizing so-called “Classical” music into something more interesting and bizarre. You really have to hear it to understand it! But anyways, they had their first show on July 9 at the Lindsay Street Hall in Chattanooga. Aaron Roche (Indie Singer who Tim recently created an album with) also made a guest appearance to play a few songs from the new album. I did a live charcoal drawing on the stage behind them!!! I had a BLAST! The music was absolutely amazing and was completely guiding my drawing. Thanks to everyone who made it out! It was a great turnout and it was sooo fun! Here is the poster (with my art on it)
this is the piece that the music inspired:
-My last day in the states – Sooo most of you know I’m studying abroad in Australia. My last night was so exciting with the new dischord show yet so hard knowing that I would be leaving for a year… It was especially hard to leave my boyfriend, Tim… Let’s just say it was a hard night! The next day we got up early and we drove to Nashville, said a few goodbyes, and hopped on the plane…… MORE TO COME about my Australia journeys in a new post……. Hope everyone is doing well!

finished this the last day before i left - its a baby shower gift to tim's sister
my two lovers, tim and marcus <3

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Anonymous said...

That may be my favorite picture of banana ice-cream yet. :) Congrats on your new adventure Ashley!