Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hello all,

I am in my new home. Brisbane, Australia. I love it here.

I have already experienced so many things.... I never know where to start when I am writing blogs.

First of all, I am living in a super modern apartment building, right in the heart of the city - Southbank. I am a 10-15 minute walk to the main shopping areas and a 15 minute walk to the hippie part of town, West End. I can see my school from my window - it's about a 3 minute walk. I am attending Griffith University's Queensland College of Art. It's great.
(we each have our own rooms and bathrooms - we share a kitchen and living space)
alejandra, lauren, anna, me, amber
The first week I was here, I just walked around a lot and became used to the city. I met so many new people and checked out all the farmers markets. I even went climbing (a few posts down i posted pics - this blog is somewhat out of order!)

Anyways, school started last week. I am taking four classes:
1. Painting
2. Printmaking
3. Life Drawing
4. Issues of Contemporary Studio Practice

the studios
They are all really good classes. I know I am going to learn so much in them. My style of art right now is all self taught and comes straight from the soul. I am excited to learn how to paint, do life drawings (my absolute weakness), and make prints. I think it will all make a huge impact on my art and my future career.

Anyways, here are some pictures from the past couple weeks.

my new friend Gerry and his wife Gab drove me here: (30 mins away?!)
in a dress. at a club. happy bloody 21st birthday, anna!
alan and me. Really cool guy who takes amazing pictures.
international students at the club
my roommate, amber, and i
me. matt. amber.
the city ferris wheel
my roommates, anna and amber, at the fake beach in the city
statue and beautiful tree in the city
walkway on campus

I usually go to 3 farmers markets a week - wednesdays, saturdays, and an organic one on sundays. I have been eating heaps of papaya, bananas, fresh OJ, and cane sugar juice. I've also had some really good avocados lately. For all you raw foodies, I also got to meet Anne Osborne - author of "Fruitarianism - the path to paradise." She has been fruitarian for 20 years!
anne, cappi, and i

With the good experiences there are also negative ones. I am constantly learning on this journey.

For instance, yesterday I went to the ATM to get money out. I chose to get $50 out from credit. Nothing came out. I tried again with Checking, and it worked. The problem is that my online banking says I received money from the first try, which i didn't.

Right after that I went to the bus station to put money on my bus card. I put $50 in the machine. It didn't put money on my card. It didn't give me a receipt. It didn't give me my money back. I cried in public. A kind lady (and witness) walked me to the train station but they couldn't help me. I called the number on the back of the card and I think it's all under control. They will see if there's an extra $50 in there and refund me in the next 10 days via my card. I just have to keep a positive mindset and i know everything will be okay.

Everything is a learning experience. I've been lost on buses many times so far here. The transportation system really takes some getting used to.

I feel independent and free.


Omegachuck said...

It all looks just great. Love the open patio area by the studios.

Anonymous said...

Anne Osborne looks way too slim to be healthy and older than she is, her daughther malnourished. Not a person I would want to follow when it comes to diet...
I wonder if her lifestyle is more about maintaining control? Orthorexia?

badash said...

dear anonymous,

Perhaps it is not the best picture of me, anne, and cappi. In real life Anne Osborne is definitely not "too slim." She is so energetic and so happy. A bundle full of energy, really. Meet her in real life and then tell me that she is unhealthy. Look at other pictures. And her son, Cappi, is one of the healthiest little boys i've ever seen. Why do you think he is malnourished?! He appears to be very healthy to me and very instinctual.

I would recommend reading her book and getting to know her in real life. Pictures can only tell so much about a person. Befriend her to facebook and talk to her there.

badash said...

Here are some good pics of anne:

Greenmama said...

Looks like you are really having an exciting time!!! So exciting that you got to meet Anne and Cappi.



Omegachuck said...

......Arts, climbing, and local Brisbane updates please!!

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