Sunday, October 17, 2010

ABC party!

Recently my roommates and I threw an ABC party - that is, an "ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES" party!!! The one rule is that you must come dressed in, well, anything but clothes!

We had a blast and it was so funny and entertaining to see everyone's outfits.

My friend Amanda (a fellow raw vegan) and I both made layered lettuce dresses by duct-taping lettuce to a trash bag. Here is the result:

Here is a picture of my roommates: Lauren, me, Amber, Anna, and Alejandra, all in our creative hand made outfits. =)
ring ring ring ring BANANA PHONE!
A close up of Lauren's straw attire (HOT!):
some of the party-goers
these guys made their clothes out of re-usable bags!

My neighbor truly followed the rules and literally just had a box as clothes:
me. sam. amanda. (Note that sam's costume is made from cosmo mags!)
end of night: stripped down to lettuce bikini

things got spicey towards the end of the night!

so, if you want an idea for a party, i recommend an ABC party. Google it for more ideas. =)

Spring Break - Sydney & The Blue Mountains!

A couple weeks ago was SPRING BREAK here in Australia!!!

Me and Rob, my OZ climbing parter, headed to Sydney to do a little climbing. Let's just say that if you are a climber, you MUST come to Sydney... I could compare it to Chattanooga and say that there is just HEAPS of good quality sandstone climbing!!!! We went to so many areas and completely thrashed our bodies (good training though!). Here are a few pics from the week (more can be found on facebook):Day One: Nowra, an incredible hard climbinga area that has super-quality, humbling climbing!

Days 2 & 3: after waking up SOOOO INCREDIBLE SORE from Nowra, we headed to The Balkans, a really cool standstone bouldering area near Sydney. We spent 2 days climbing there and had a blast each day!!! I climbed until 8 of my fingertips were bleeding and then kept climbing. =) Oh, and I nearly stepped on the most deadly snake in the world. Thankfully it was cold/wet outside so it slithered back into it's cave... but still scared the shit out of me!

the balkans
our hands hurt
v5. the balkans
bloody fingers (8 of them)
v5. the balkans
v6. the balkans

one of my many "ouchies" of the trip
v5. the balkans
v10. the balkans
dinner: DURIAN!
day 4: Sutherland - we went to 2 different areas in the area, both in or near suburban neighborhoods near Sydney. Pretty cool stuff, for sure.
Day 5 - Rest day (THANK GOD): SYDNEY - the bridge
Checking out the Sydney Opera House on our rest day
duck crossing!

Days 6 & 7 - THE BLUE MOUNTAINS!!!!

Oh my god guys... i can't even tell you in words how amazing the blue mountains are. I am almost embarassed to upload pics because none of them do the place justice. This place is just simply AMAZING. To give you an idea, i CRIED from the pure beauty of the place. I felt like the double rainbows dude... seriously! We had a blast climbing there for a couple days but i am already dying to go back. We just saw one small area and there is so much more. I can't wait to go back!
admiring the view @ the Blue Mountains
The Blue Mountains. pics don't do it justice.
this area was FULL OF ENERGY
climbed at the upper section the first day:

Spring Break was AWESOME and it was so cool to climb in Sydney and the Blue Mountains... some of the best climbing i've ever done, for sure.

Art Update

So I recently won an art competion, and i would like to thank everyone who voted for me!!! You guys are awesome. The prize includes coaching sessions to form a business plan to sell my art professionally along with a facebook fan page.

As far as current work goes, I have been focusing on my classes in school.

I recently made a series of prints in my printmaking class that makes the connection between anatomy and botany on a cellular level. Check it out:

Artist Statement

This is part of my newest rainforest-inspired series:

Oh, and I am working on a painting that is 5 feet high and 18 feet long for my painting class. More on that in the next few weeks! =)

the bat cave

Rob (my OZ climbing partner) and I have found our new fav bouldering spot: The Bat Cave. There are few cool problems there and it makes for some good overhung training! Here are the pics:

these spiders are everywhere. Do you see the skull image on his head!?
coming up with new beta
deciding how to climb upside down, down and out of the cave =)

pinching hard
the start of the v9
im really late with so many posts / events / experiences. More to come.