Sunday, October 17, 2010

Art Update

So I recently won an art competion, and i would like to thank everyone who voted for me!!! You guys are awesome. The prize includes coaching sessions to form a business plan to sell my art professionally along with a facebook fan page.

As far as current work goes, I have been focusing on my classes in school.

I recently made a series of prints in my printmaking class that makes the connection between anatomy and botany on a cellular level. Check it out:

Artist Statement

This is part of my newest rainforest-inspired series:

Oh, and I am working on a painting that is 5 feet high and 18 feet long for my painting class. More on that in the next few weeks! =)


Omegachuck said...

Cellular level looks very cool.

Julie Groenewald said...

Interesting art work Ashley♥

Have you ever watched "How great is our God" by Louis Giglio? You may find that totally mind blowing. He also talks about our body cells with some interesting scientific facts you may want to check out♥

Anonymous said...

Congrats! :) Love the new work. Christopher has two Bad Ash originals hanging in his room. :)