Saturday, February 27, 2010


This morning I was privileged to enjoy a new fruit!!!

It is called Black Sapote - also known as the chocolate pudding fruit!

When ripe, the outside turns from hard and green to soft, mushy, and a dark olive color. I cut it open and the flesh was extremely soft, JUST like pudding! the flavor is very mild, sweet, rich, and very enjoyable. The consistency is a winner.

*EDIT* - I ate a couple more and I have decided that it does NOT taste like chocolate pudding at all.. it just LOOKS like chocolate pudding! =) To me it tastes somewhat like a sweeter version of an avocado. It's rich and mousse-like. Very good.

I can't wait till the rest of them ripen!

I received this fruit and more (canistel and sapodilla) from Taylor at Taylor's Tropicals. He is based out of Florida and ships these delicious tropical fruits anywhere in the U.S. Go to, click on the most recent newsletter in the archive, and order yours today! There is lots to choose from and most of it is organic and farm-fresh!!!!!

Cheers to new fruit experiences!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I got a job at TBA!

Check it out!TBA (Tennessee Bouldering Authority) recently offered me a job and I am happily part of their staff now. Click here to see their staff page.

TBA is the most laid back, chill, badass climbing gym in the southeast. It is made up of some of the strongest climbers in the southeast! If you are ever in town and don't have time to hit the real rocks, this gym is a great hangout spot and the perfect place to train and get stronger!!!!!

I'm soooo psyched to be on their team now!

=) =) =)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

procrastination activity of the night: editing pics

so today my procrastination activity has been editing random pics on my computer. I will share a few with you:

this is a picture of tim and i, taken by tim on our roadtrip through California this past summer. The quote is from one of my favorite radiohead songs, "All I Need."

this is a picture from the roadtrip through cali. I included my favorite quote by Lord Byron.

this is a pic that dan brayack originally took. I just played around with the effects and contrasting colors. It is a roof at rocktown called the idiot roof... a really awesome climb!

this is a pic that elodio saracco originally took. I played around with the effects. It is of me taking my shirt off while hanging from my feet..... complete trust for sure!

Buddy was/is my best friend... always was and always will be. You can read about him here and here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is the moment you've all been waiting for........

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

In other words, I'M CLIMBING AGAIN!

Okay, before all you moms and dads and worriers freak out a little, IT'S OKAY, i'm being safe. Seriously. I'm taking it slow.

(pause: for you new-comers or forgetful people, i am recovering from a very serious heel injury. You can read about it here and you can hear about the surgery here.)

Here are a few pics of the x-rays and progress for you people who don't have facebook..... It's amazing that modern technology and medicine can put together a foot that was in 25 pieces. It blows my mind but I am also extremely thankful!!!

a couple x-rays: the first one shows my foot before the surgery. It appears to be in 4-5 pieces. However, when they did surgery they found that it was in about 25 pieces. The second xray shows the metal in my foot after surgery.

Here are a couple pics of casts i was in (just 2 of the MANY, i might add! and the art was done by me)

Here are pics of the incision healing up (first one was after they took off the first cast, second one is after the second cast. Now it is perfectly healed up... sorry, no healed up pics here... yet!)

....but that was SOOOOO 2 months ago!!!!!!....

Now it's time to climb! (don't tell my doctor! I hope he doesn't search me online! ha ha)

I have gone outside a few times in the past few weeks but my foot was still very weak and I had to bring my crutch out the first time as well as hike in my boot. It was still an awesome time, but I felt like I was over-doing it a little bit. Nonetheless, here are some shots from the first few times I went outside climbing again:

After 3 times of climbing outside (Pep Boys, Tim's secret boulders, and some other secret boulders near leda), i was blessed with an anonymous gift:

Someone anonymously bought me a membership to one of the climbing gyms in Chattanooga!!!! I think I know who it is, and I am very very thankful for it!!! Whoever you are, if you read this blog post I just want to say that I really really appreciate it!!!! You have really helped me take the next step in my healing process!

I have gone to the gym a few times now. One of the first times I went, I took it a little too far and it left me unable to walk for a couple days.... I took a week off and now i'm back in the game!!!!

This past weekend I went to a climbing gym both days:

On Saturday I climbed at Urban Rocks with my good old friend Dan Brayack. We climbed for a few hours and I ended the day with a v4, which wouldn't normally be saying much, but it is the hardest thing i've sent since my injury so I'm psyched and I know I am getting stronger.

Today it rained and snowed so we went to TBA (Tennessee Bouldering Authority) and it was totally badass. My hands were extremely sore from the day before but I still managed to get some good climbing in. There were a lot of my old climber friends there and the energy and vibe was absolutely amazing! It makes me smile just thinking about it! I love climbing so much and I love being around people who share the same passion!

My heel is truly healing up! Over the past week i've noticed:
-I can now stand on one foot (on the injured foot!) which is something i couldn't do for a while!
-I can begin to toe down while climbing... still needs a lot of work though
-I can put much more weight on my "injured" foot
-I can stand on my tippy toes
-I can walk on my heels

Things I need work on:
-walking on my tippy toes
-range of motion where my toes flex up
-need better bone density
-need more calf muscle

This past weekend was nationals. I was a little bummed that I had to miss it due to this mess of an injury, but you know what?! I am moving on to bigger and better things!!!!!!

But overall, things are looking very good and I'm so glad there is a light at the end of this tunnel!

You know, it's only been 4 months. FOUR MONTHS. The climber part of me thinks, "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T CLIMBED IN FOUR MONTHS!!!!!" but the other side of me thinks, "PSH, four months!? That is NO time in the big realm of things!!!" You know, it feels like its been a year! In fact, a lot of my climber buddies feel like its been 6 months or more!!! But nope, just a measly four months! Things are looking good!

Friday, February 05, 2010


Sorry I do not post very often anymore!!! I've been busy!!!

I started back to school again.

I decided to have an easy year... I am taking 12 hours (instead of 17 like last semester!) I am taking English, Art HIstory, Music, and Sociology.

I have been walking without my boot and the healing process is going well!

I have started to climb here and there but i am not sure it's a good idea yet... my foot is still very stiff and i feel like i strain something everytime I go out.

I will update more later.

For now, check out this new site I got where you can ask me questions (and check the answer by going to )