Thursday, March 25, 2010

back to competing!

This past weekend I competed at a college regionals competition in Nashville @ The Crag at Cool Springs.

I competed on a personal level and also with my school, UTC.

It was the first competition I have competed in since my injury. Needless to say, it went pretty well. I have to admit there were a few times when I got high on the wall, i freaked out a little bit in my mind as i would have flashbacks of the fall... but by the end of the day, I was falling on both feet without much worry.

It was a pretty fun comp and I got a really good work out in! I was sore for the next few days! I ended up placing first in advanced women! And our school as a whole got first place overall! (good job, everyone!)

On a raw vegan note, I was completely fueled on ataulfo mangos the whole day! They are my favorite food.

Now i'm just waiting for someone to post pictures or videos! I will update this blog post as soon as those are available.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks day, everyone!

Here are some of my favorite foods that are green:

green smoothie!green juice!
lettuce, eaten straight!
more lettuce eaten alone!
black sapotes! i took this picture in sort of a ripening progression!

And here are a few pics that i got off the internet of a few more green foods i enjoy:


What green foods do YOU like!?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Urban Climber Mag: HP40 guidebook

Someone informed me that there were pics of me on the UrbanClimber Magazine website... So i went and checked them out!

These pics are mainly from my good friend Dan Brayack and were submitted to make the new HP40 guidebook. Check out the new guidebook here. I am psyched that one of the pics that Dan submitted of me made it to the guidebook.... However, I don't have a picture of it right here. I'll have to get back to you guys on this one!

Check out some of the pics that were submitted here.

For now, here are few of the pics of me that were submitted:

check out the sick Friksn shirts!

Stein Gallery


One of my art pieces was recently shown at the Stein Gallery in Nashville, TN.

This is the art piece that was shown. It is called The Purple Tree.
Mixed Media on canvas. 18x24. acrylic, paper towels, charcoal, sharpie.
Check it out on the bottom left on display among other art pieces.

to check out more of my art, visit or look at my art album on facebook.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FLORIDA.... again!

I can't stay away for too long!

I just got back from visiting my good raw vegan friends in Jacksonville, FL. Tim and I drove down for just a couple days, but it was totally worth it and we had a blast.

We left on Monday and arrived Monday afternoon. Connie had fresh squeezed OJ waiting for us and it was pure liquid gold! We hung out, played in the sandbox with Christopher, and ate "naked" raw tacos by the fire, which consisted of raw guacamole (the best i've ever had) and raw pineapple salsa. DELICIOUS.
On Tuesday Tim and I went to St. Augustine, which is the oldest city in the U.S. We walked around and visited the shops and had a great time! We got water from the REAL fountain of youth and we checked out a raw vegan restaurant and attempted to order the simplest foods on the menu.... salad, smoothies, and hummus! =)
We also checked out the old fort in St. Augustine... pretty cool!
we also got to see this beautiful sunset!

That night we returned to The Naked Food Cafe (Connie's house) where they made raw vegan brownies served with banana icecream and strawberries!!!! The brownies were way too good to be true and with the banana icecream and strawberries, it was almost too much to handle! It was probably the best raw dessert i've ever had! YUM (thanks so much!)

It was so good to be back with my Naked Food Cafe family in Florida... I can't wait to go back! (p.s. Thanks to Tasha for giving me a haircut!)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

back to dayton: progress

I went back out to Dayton today to do some climbing.

I worked on HSR.... and theres really one word to say:


this climb is at my limit. I am beginning to accept that it is going to take more than 2 days to send! I have to get out of the mindset of sending hard climbs the first few days out there... because if it is truly hard for me and at my limit, it will take longer than that.

I learn so much everytime I climb. On this particular problem, each day is a huge progression from the last. Today I did all the moves with more flow and fell going for the last hard move quite a few times. I am there. I know I can do it.

The one thing that was not helping was my fingers.

Next time I need to have fresh fingers, evolv talons on both feet (my fav shoe!), properly warmed up, and as always a positive attitude.

I am starting to get obsessed with this climb. In fact, i dreamed about it last night. I can't stop thinking about it!!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to Florida to visit my raw vegan friends in Jacksonville. It will be a good few days rest and then i'll get back out and get a little more progress in!

Today was one of the most beautiful days i've ever seen. PERFECT weather. Beautiful atmosphere. And of course my lovely encouraging boyfriend:

Friday, March 05, 2010


This past Monday I went to the doctor and left with the best news i've heard all season.

"Well, it looks like there's no reason to hold you back anymore!"

I'M OFFICIALLY ALL HEALED UP! and i finally have my doc's permission to climb!!!!!!

So i'm back to it FOR REAL!

Today I went out to Dayton Pocket to do a little bouldering.

I put quite a few burns into this REALLY cool v7 called HSR. I reached my high point today and could practically TASTE the send. fingers grasping the 2nd to last hold! I'm so psyched. I have all the moves figured out and I know exactly what to do. My tips are shredded right now but I plan on going back on Sunday and connecting with that piece of rock.

Check out my pinky finger:

Sometimes I get frustrated when I am climbing and not sending.... But when I take a step back, I realize that climbing is like mother nature's school. I am CONSTANTLY learning. Besides learning technique and skills, I am also learning how to connect to the rock and I am constantly learning how to dim my ego. The rock is so humbling! It teaches me lessons that I can carry into every aspect of my life.

When frustration arises, I like to sit in the sun by the river and meditate.... it calms me down and makes me happy! The sound of the running water really puts me back in my place. OM!

So I didn't send it today, but I learned a lot from it. And thats one reason why I climb... it keeps my interest and is constantly teaching me important lessons! I am so thankful for the rock and everything it teaches me!

After a good session on HSR, I went to the riverside boulder and put a few burns into this BEAUTIFUL overhanging v7 line. Check out the pics:

playing w/ effects:

And here is Tim and I chillin down by the river:

I had a great time today and I'm PSYCHED to get back out there on Sunday. I'm so happy to be back!


This is how I am able to be 100% RAW VEGAN IN COLLEGE... Enjoy.