Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I AM SO EXCITED. I finally received a call from The Date People. No, It's not a dating service =P.


The Date People is a small farm in Niland California. They grow the most delicious dates you could EVER IMAGINE. They are moist, sweet, and too good to be true. I get SOOO excited just thinking about them!!!!!!!

I ordered 10 pounds. They will arrive next week. I am beyond excited!!!!!!! wooohooooo!!!

You should order from the date people too. Not only are they more delicious than any other dates ive ever had, but also they are way cheaper than dates at the grocery store and you will also be supporting a small farm and some really good, kind people.

Check out their website, , and order dates today! Call them up and get on their waiting list... they'll call you back and you can experience the magic of fresh dates as well!!! I recommend the barhi dates, they are to die for!!! =) Oh, and you don't have to pay until you receive the dates! very cool!

Anyways, sorry for not updating in a while... its been hectic trying to get caught up with school. I'll update soon!

Friday, October 16, 2009


On Tuesday I had surgery on my heel.

It was a little more hectic than expected.

The surgery was supposed to be pretty simple. It was supposed to last 2 hours. It ended up lasting 5 hours.

The x-rays showed that my heel bone was in 4 pieces. IN reality it was in 25 pieces. Ouch. The doc said it was one of the worst foot injuries he had ever seen.... and it was one of the more complicated surgeries he had performed.

I was under general anastesthia for the surgery. They also gave me a pain block in my leg to numb the pain for a little while after I woke up. It was only supposed to last for about 5 hours, but it lasted over 24 hours! I was on medication through an IV and I also had narcotics at the push of a button. I had to sleep at the hospital for 2 nights... i was miserable.

Im home again and in a lot of pain.

Its not easy to stay positive at all times when you are bed-ridden. Im trying my best to see the good in this situation, but it keeps raining on all of the plans i had for the next few months.

Everything will work out. I'm not sure when and im not sure how, but it will be okay.

deeeeeeep breath.....

hooked up to a bunch of stuff at the hospital

NARCOTICS at the press of a button!

Where the wild things are:

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Check out the blog of Christopher, a five year old fruitarian.

Straight from his blog, Connie writes:

"Berry Boy is a blog about a 5 year old fruitarian named Christopher. His favorite colors are green and purple. He loves dinosaurs, riding his Power Wheels 4 wheeler, watching far too many cartoons, riding his scooter to the park, and walking his dogs, Pippi and Scamp. He has never used shampoo, soap, lotion, insect repellant, or sunscreen, and refuses to have his hair cut. He has never tasted a Coke, doesn't know what a donut is, and gave up birthday cake when he got sick from eating a piece. He loves berries, apples, peaches, yellow watermelon, cherry tomatoes, and inventing his own recipes from fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds. He knows the dangers of eating what he calls Bug Food and wishes Mommys and Daddies everywhere would stop feeding it to their children. We invite you to come along for the ride as we watch this beautiful child grow up and realize all the potential he was born to enjoy.
Christopher's Oma"

Friday, October 09, 2009


My friend Sarah from recently created an amazing recipe e-book with her family. She has 2 beautiful, vibrant children who also base their diets from fruits and veggies.

Straight from her blog, it says, "Sharing the Love: A Low-Fat Recipe Guide contains 40 recipes, encouraging quotes, special hints, and several inspiring stories to help motivate you in your quest towards living a vibrant and healthy life. These recipes are great for those just starting out or for those who need a few new ideas to add to their already healthy diet."

...and it is exactly that. It is probably the best online raw recipe book I have ever read. It is full of heart-warming and inspiring quotes. The recipes all sound delicious and it makes me want to eat them all NOW!!!

Her son, Elijah, is currently working to overcome epilepsy. It has been a long battle for him and the expenses are mounting. You can read more about it on his blog,

If you donate over $10 to Elijah's fund, you can get your own copy of Sharing the Love. Not only will you be supporting a good cause, but you will also get to have your own copy of some of the most delicious recipes you can imagine!!!

Read more about Sharing the Love and how to donate here:

Keep Elijah in your thoughts, prayers, intentions, or whatever you want to call it. =)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

injury promotes thinking

A lot has happened since my last post.

.....but a lot of the memories have already been faded away by bigger happenings in my life.

Fast forward.

Triple Crown: the first competition of a 3 bouldering-competition-series. Boone, North Carolina. Hound Ears.

It was a beautiful day. PERFECT weather. Good people.

I was working on this climb called Flash or Trash. It was a classic v5 in the area.

I was getting so close!

Finally I was near the top, going for the last HUGE hold. I hit it with two fingers and fell. Bam.

I screamed as my foot hit the ground. I never scream like that.

My foot started burning. It felt like it was on fire.

Oh well, i just sprained it... or rolled it.... thats what i kept saying to myself.

But I couldn't walk. i couldn't stand up. I couldn't even wiggle my toes.

I camped out in extreme pain. I grinned and bared it all through the award ceremony and after party as i sat in Friksn's booth.

The next day we drove back to Chattanooga.

We went to the ER to get X-rays... which is all a story within itself.

Long story short, I broke my heel. It is in 3 or 4 pieces.

This week I am not allowed to do anything. I have to keep it VERY elevated 24/7. I'm not allowed to go to class... I'm not even allowed to get up for more than 5 minutes at a time with crutches.

I was sooooooo bummed at first. I couldn't stop crying. The climbing season JUST started and I will be missing it.

But after a few days, I have a whole new mindset.

healing is 90% in the mind.... and it starts now. I am so happy that I healed so quickly and that my foot is in perfect condition. I am so excited to be able to climb again. I am so grateful for this slow-down in my life and the opportunity to THINK and PRIORITIZE my life! I know exactly why this happened and I am so thankful for it. LIFE IS GOING JUST THE WAY I WANT IT TO GO!

I was EXTREMELY stressed before this. I was crying myself to sleep every night. School was taking a huge toll on my mental health. It was not good. I didn't have time to do anything I wanted to do. I wasn't doing enough climbing, I hadn't had time to make ANY art, I didn't have time for meditation or time to think.... But now I do.

I have had many epiphanies over the past few weeks and even a 'calling.' This accident is the first step in the right direction.

My life just formed 2 separate paths... I'm taking the new one.

It sucks that it had to happen in this way, but it'll all work out in the end. I am healing fast.

I can't wait for my new life to begin.