Friday, October 09, 2009


My friend Sarah from recently created an amazing recipe e-book with her family. She has 2 beautiful, vibrant children who also base their diets from fruits and veggies.

Straight from her blog, it says, "Sharing the Love: A Low-Fat Recipe Guide contains 40 recipes, encouraging quotes, special hints, and several inspiring stories to help motivate you in your quest towards living a vibrant and healthy life. These recipes are great for those just starting out or for those who need a few new ideas to add to their already healthy diet."

...and it is exactly that. It is probably the best online raw recipe book I have ever read. It is full of heart-warming and inspiring quotes. The recipes all sound delicious and it makes me want to eat them all NOW!!!

Her son, Elijah, is currently working to overcome epilepsy. It has been a long battle for him and the expenses are mounting. You can read more about it on his blog,

If you donate over $10 to Elijah's fund, you can get your own copy of Sharing the Love. Not only will you be supporting a good cause, but you will also get to have your own copy of some of the most delicious recipes you can imagine!!!

Read more about Sharing the Love and how to donate here:

Keep Elijah in your thoughts, prayers, intentions, or whatever you want to call it. =)

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Omegachuck said...

Cool! Your face on the cover is in its rightful place: next to the bananas! Sounds like a worthy cause. Good raw foods help with pancreatic cancer patients so why not epilepsy too.