Friday, October 16, 2009


On Tuesday I had surgery on my heel.

It was a little more hectic than expected.

The surgery was supposed to be pretty simple. It was supposed to last 2 hours. It ended up lasting 5 hours.

The x-rays showed that my heel bone was in 4 pieces. IN reality it was in 25 pieces. Ouch. The doc said it was one of the worst foot injuries he had ever seen.... and it was one of the more complicated surgeries he had performed.

I was under general anastesthia for the surgery. They also gave me a pain block in my leg to numb the pain for a little while after I woke up. It was only supposed to last for about 5 hours, but it lasted over 24 hours! I was on medication through an IV and I also had narcotics at the push of a button. I had to sleep at the hospital for 2 nights... i was miserable.

Im home again and in a lot of pain.

Its not easy to stay positive at all times when you are bed-ridden. Im trying my best to see the good in this situation, but it keeps raining on all of the plans i had for the next few months.

Everything will work out. I'm not sure when and im not sure how, but it will be okay.

deeeeeeep breath.....

hooked up to a bunch of stuff at the hospital

NARCOTICS at the press of a button!

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Omegachuck said...

Oh Ash! I had no idea that heel break was a surgery-in-waiting event! Hope you can heal fast. More later in an e-mail girl.

Anonymous said...

Ash, I'm sorry--I hope your pain is getting better. Wow, what an injury--eeek! I've been thinking of you. Please keep us posted on how you're doing and anything we can do to help. Laurie

Sarah said...

Oh no!! Heal as quickly as possible!

Sherry Sandwick said...


keep going girl,keep thinking the positive thoughts and visulize yourself climbing the perfect rock or whatever it takes. Remember things happen for a reason most of which we can never understand, but that's life. Be a great patient do what the docs say and eat your protein! Love you lots, Sherry and Mark

Omegachuck said...

A get-well 'something' is in the mail already. Should arrive today. Best wishes as I'm headed out to the cold rocks in probably snowy Wisconsin this weekend.