Wednesday, January 28, 2009

college visit and training for nationals

Where do begin? I do not know!

Last week I did an overnight college visit to UTC. It was a lot of fun. On Thursday night, we went out to dinner and watched a movie. I brought my own food and it started many conversations! I definitely lectured about raw food to a variety of people!!! I'm spreadin the word!!!!!! =) I love telling people about our biological diet. It really makes them THINK. Most of them end up totally agreeing with me and they walk away with the motivation to eat more fruit!

UTC was really nice. We got matched up with a mentor (a current UTC student) and we basically followed them around. I stayed in REALLY NICE DORMS called UTC Place. It was basically a really nice apartment!!! (Who said dorms have to be cramped!?) The next day I went to 2 classes.... both very boring. I fell asleep in economics, haha......

While I was there, I saw 4 climbers that I knew walking around!!! I will definitely fit in there!!!!!! =)

The only thing that sucks about the college is that student's are REQUIRED to have a meal plan. This will make fruit 5 times more expensive!!! (ONE apple... ONE banana... or ONE orange is $1.09!) so If i have like 6 dollars a day, thats 5 bananas... NOT ENOUGH! So I will definitely have to talk to them about my special dietary needs - I think they will understand and hopefully we can work out a good deal. I'll let you guys know! I always find my way around things!!!


We returned to Nashville on Friday evening. On Saturday, I headed back to Chattanooga to train for nationals. I met up with my coach and we climbed at the new gym, Urban Rocks.

I did a campus routine followed by 10 by 10s, which is where you do 10 probems, 10 times. (100 problems!!!) After that I did another short campus routine.

The 10 by 10s were REALLY hard for me. I almost gave up quite a few times. I decided that I want to do good at nationals, so I stayed in focused and got back in the game.

I was so sore the next day!!! This was a great accomplishment for me though!

On Monday I trained again in Nashville. I did lots of things including: off-set pull-ups on big crimps, dead hangs on micro-crimps, core workouts with v-ups, bicycles, and leg-lifts/twists on pull-up bar, pushups on a huge ball, curls, pinching a weighted block for pinch strength, and lawnmowers with weights. Not to mention, I did some light bouldering and laps on routes. I AM STILL VERY SORE. Especially my abs and shoulders.

I took yesterday as a rest day because it HURT TO PAINT IN ART CLASS!!! But today i am going to go train. I'll give you another update soon!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today I got 2 compliments about my skin at 2 completely different places! A few kids in my art class said that I had really good skin. Then a couple more of my friends told me that I was GLOWING.

This makes me so happy!!! It’s also pretty funny that I haven’t showered in a while, but I still get these comments. =)

I feel like I have most of the benefits from raw. I have (insanely) increased energy, extreme happiness, positive mindset, CLEAR THOUGHTS, perfect weight, optimal digestion, etc... but i never really though i had "the glow." I am definitely happy now!!!

Go raw for the energy. Go raw for the health. Go raw for the animals. Go raw for the environment. GO RAW FOR THE GLOW!!!

Tomorrow I am going to UTC (University of Tennessee in Chattanooga) to do a mentor day… I am spending the night in a dorm, engaging in whatever activities they have planned for us, and even going to college classes. I will let you guys know how it went when I come back. PEACE TO ALL OF YOU!

by the way, you HAVE to watch this video. LOVE IS SO POWERFUL! I can’t stop watching this:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

doctor appointment

i meant to post this YESTERDAY:

I highly dislike mainstream doctors.

I went in for my physical. I am only 17 so I live under my parent's rule.

I wasn't going to mention my diet. My mom did.

the conversation went like this (she was listing off a lot of general questions... like docs always do)

The doctor asked "Do you eat enough fruits and veggies?"
I said, "Oh yeah!"
my mom said "tell her about your diet."
I said, "nah"
the doctor said, "yeah tell me about your diet!"
I mumbled, "uh.... i'm a... raw vegan"
the doctor said, "what?"

"where do you get your protein?"
"fruit and leafy greens!"
"leafy greens is carbs not protein. Fruit doesnt have protein!"
"No actually leafy greens has an abundance of protein! and fruit has lots of amino acids!!!"
"No fruit doesnt have ANY amino acids!!! and protein doesnt either. Thats not a suitable form of protein!"
"uhhhh I'm a THRIVING athlete. I get enough protein!"
"You do not get enough vitamins and nutrients"
"Can you give me a blood test? I promise you I do. I would love a blood test."
"no I can't do that. No, sorry. But you need more nutrients!"
"I get all my nutrients. I eat a lot."
"You can't get enough calories from fruit"
"But actually I eat anywhere from 1800 to 2700 on any given day!"
"thats not enough"
"you need to see a nutritionist!"

and then she gave my mom a nutritionist's name and number and said I should see her right away.

SHE NEVER HAD ANY EVIDENCE FOR TELLING ME I WAS UNHEALTHY! I never gave her a list of foods i ate. I never told her how MUCH of everything i ate. She refused to test my blood. SHE HAD NO IDEA WHAT I EVEN EAT! Why the hell was she telling me i dont get my vitamins and nutrients?!


After she left I went on to explain to my mom that i DO get enough protein. All the sudden all these feelings of emotions came up and I started crying. I couldn't stop. I just couldnt stand being there. I couldnt stand to listen to the lies.

Why do I listen to the people who don't even LOOK healthy? My doc looked pretty OK but there were workers there who were overweight and unhealthy-lookin.

I wish she saw me climbing. She would KNOW that I am getting everything I need.

There no way I could climb the way I do if I wasn't getting amino acids from my diet.

She doesn't know what she was talking about.

But still, I couldnt help but cry.

Then the nurse came in and gave me 2 shots for some shit i will never get. I don't believe in shots. I don't belive in meds. I don't believe in the mainstream hype.

I believe in Mother Nature.

Everyone in today's society is so CUT OFF from nature that it drives me mad!!!!!

I cried all the way home. I cried because of the close-mindedness. I cried because of the ignorance of people. I cried because I have to go to a mainstream nutritionist and go through the same thing. I cried because I just recieved two shots which are probably toxic.

I'm so frustrated. I just had to vent. Thanks for listening.

Fcuk mainstream ideas.

I need to buy like 100 80/10/10 books and hand them out to people like her. Maybe they will learn a thing or two. Maybe I should include a video of me winning regionals. Maybe I should take my own bloodtest and include the results.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Regionals was okay...

It was [supposed to be] set up like nationals. It was an "onsight" competition which is where competitors had to attempt each climb without any prior knowledge to the climb or sequences. They kept competitors in an area called "isolation" where we were cut off from viewing the climbs and the specators. Phones and electronic devices were prohibited. There was a boulder to warm up on, bathrooms, a table of food, and the rest of the climbers to hang out with. Each climber was called out to climb in a certain order. Once we were called, we had 5 minutes to figure out and attempt each climb. There was a 4 minute resting period between each climb, and there were 6 problems to attempt. Climbers were called from the youngest age categories to the oldest, so I knew I would be in isolation for quite a while...

Well.... I don't know what the problem was, but I was in iso for about 7 hours. Yes... SEVEN HOURS. There was a boulder inside the isolation area to warm up on... but there was no set schedule (like they have at nationals) so I did not know when I was climbing... so I didnt know what time to start warming up. I took a couple naps, read some of my book, ate a lot of bananas, talked to a lot of people, and complained a lot of boredom. Everyone was going crazy in there!!!

I mono-mealed on bananas for most of the day. I did this for optimal energy. Instead of my body focusing on digesting complex foods, it only had to focus on the simple digestion of bananas so it gave me more energy to MOVE!!! For breakfast I drank "nanna milk" which was 5 bananas and water. While I was in isolation, I ate 9 bananas. And since i was in there later than expected, i brought dates just in case, and i ended up eating quite a few dates as well. ACTUALLY the dates started many conversations. "What are those?" "What do they taste like?" I ended up sharing quite a few!!! People LOVED them!

I soon had a whole group of climbers surrounding me while I talked about raw veganism. People asked questions and I answered delightfully. I explained our biological diet and how every species has a biological diet. I talked about the digestion of different foods and how cooking destroys enzymes and nutrients. It was really fun to share my diet with them! They all were pretty open about it and they said they never "thought about it like that." After my conversation with them, they got up and grabbed fruit from the fruit table. Success. =)

Anyways, back to climbing...

After about seven hours, i was finally up to climb!!! I felt pretty strong and totally solid for the most part. I crushed a couple of the climbs first-go. One took me 2 tries and the other 3 were too ridiculous to finish.

I ended up placing first. I got an invitation to nationals. BOULDER, CO is where it is... IM PSYCHED!

I need to seriously start training now!!!!!!

Here are some pics from the comp:

a few people who stayed till the end... we made it through the everending isolation !!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


EXCUSES, EXCUSES!!!! People always try to make up excuses for why they are not raw. (Which, btw, I really don't care if my friends eat the way they eat... but it's almost as if they feel guilty or something? People always feel the need to tell me these things... I find it humorous!) They tell me things like, "I just cant live without meat because i need the extra protein." or "I can't eat a lot of fruit because I that is just too much sugar!" ANd I will get to these at a later post, but one of the most common is, "I can't do the raw food diet because it is WAY too expensive!"

wait, WHAT? really?

Maybe if you are buying gourmet raw foods that a raw chef pre-prepares or some crazy "superfoods" from some crazy raw food "guru" that owns some company and sells nutrition in some kind of "miraculous" powder!!! Or maybe if you are buying rancid "raw" nuts!!!!!??? But fruit? nah.

I could just as easily say "I can't do the Standard American Diet (SAD) because it's too expensive!!!" You know, meat and cheese can really add up! Add in some fruits and veggies and its even more expensive than MY grocery bill!!! Not to mention, going out to eat!!! That can REALLLLLLLY add up!!!

I'd also like to mention that even if it WAS more expensive (perhaps if you buy ALL organic and you don't spend times to look for deals... maybe it could be a little more?), it is still worth it because you are paying for your HEALTH! I am saving money on future doctor bills!!!!! I am saving money on cancer treatments, disease medications, and other pills!!!!!!!

Okay, sure... you can eat all the junk food you want. But good luck paying the doctor bills in the future!!!!!! It's a funny thing in America (and beyond) -- we can eat "whatever we want" and then take some pills or enzymes to make up for it. LOL. So natural, huh???

There are many ways that fruit can be cheap and free. For one, YOU CAN GROW YOUR OWN RAW FOODS!!!! Fruit and veggies grows in NATURE, man!!! Can you grow cheetos in your backyard? i think NOT. Same goes with pizza, pasta, breads, candy, chips, and all that jazz. Meat is a whole different story... I'll get to that in another post.

The number one thing that helped me was using "creative visualization." I would imagine myself in an abundance of fruit. I would tell myself, "I can afford this. Fruit is so cheap! Fruit is free! I am so happy that people keep giving me fruit! I am so excited about the abundance of fruit I have!"

and I would imagine myself eating a variety of fruit. I'd think about and imagine a HUGE pile of fruit in my home at all times! I just focused a lot of thought into it!

This might sound crazy, but it worked for me! I used to say things like, "Man, I can't afford that much fruit!" or "There are only apples, bananas, and oranges around here!" and once i started thinking more POSITIVELY and using CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, a cheap produce place opened a mile from my house. People started calling me and texting me with amazing fruit deals around town. My friends would buy me fruit just to "make my day." It was amazing!

FRUIT CAN BE CHEAP AND EVEN FREE IF YOU BELIEVE IT IS! It's called using The Law Of Attraction. It's a universal law. It is happening whether you believe in it or not. When you say things like "The raw food diet is too expensive." then by golly, it WILL BE MORE EXPENSIVE! It's all about postitive thoughts!!!

and if you are REALLY worried about it (which will only create more negative situations) then you can consider this:

-join a CSA (community supported agriculture) - look them up online for your area

-buy conventional (we all probably know that organic is the most optimal... but even I don't buy organic all the time. Buy as much conventional produce as you care for... then throw in some organic when you can.)

-buy in bulk (talk to the produce manager about buying a case of fruit... a case of bananas... it can sometimes be cheaper.)

-grow your own! (this may seem OBVIOUS, but so many people dont realize how easy it is! Seriously, if I CAN DO IT, you can do it!!! And if you dont have room for a garden, make some friends! I'm sure you have a friend that owns a home with a backyard... and who would be opposed to free food? seriously!?)

If you can think of any more tips, share them in the comments for everyone!

RAW FOOD IS CHEAP! Stop making excuses!!!!!!

HEALING a sore throat

I began to get a pretty bad sore throat yesterday. I have a feeling its due to the sudden drop in temperature and the increase of indoor heating.

Well, as you may guess, I do not take any type of medication no matter what. Do any other animals in nature take meds when they are sick? NO. It has been noted that animals fast or eat much less when they are sick.

But since i cannot fast today (since i HAVE to get my calories in for the competition tomorrow), I will be drinking THIN smoothies today.

I am currently drinking WARM water and "banana milk." Banana milk is REALLY ripe bananas blended with lots of water to make a sweet, milky consistency. I can't believe i havent had this before! It's SOOO DELICIOUS!

I will be on "banana island" for today for ease of digestion so my body can focus on healing. (Do you guys know what banana island is? It's where you mono-meal on bananas... but I am monomealing on bananas in the blended-milky form for ease of digestion so that my body can focus on healing and not digesting!).

SO i got a decent amount of sleep and for a couple hours after i woke up I just drank LOTs of water...

Now I am drinking banana milk and my throat symptoms are already going away! It's amazing!

I am using positive thinking and creative visualization to tell myself that my throat is healed.

I am saying "My throat feels amazing! I am healed! I am in vibrant health! I am ready to climb in peak performance!"

The law of attraction WORKS. =)


day 15

breakfast: 1 grapefruit
lunch: LOTS of dates and a head of celery (or more than a head? there was a LOT, most celery ive ever eaten in a sitting!)
dinner: banana - spinach smoothie with 4 bananas, 4 cups spinach, and lots of water to make it more watery

calories- 1928
ratio- 95/4/2

I feel like I have a sore throat coming on... it feels almost itchy. I hardly ever get sick... I feel this this might be due to 1. the RANDOM weather change to 4 degrees! LOL! its usually like 60 degrees here!!! and also i ate a LOTTA dates over the past few days... i need to cut down for sure. So no dates tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

day 14 of the 811 raw fu challenge

breakfast: 2 grapefruits, juice of 9 oranges!!!

lunch: lots of barhi dates, lettuce

dinner: smoothie with 5 bananas, 4 cups spinach and water

2nd dinner: LOTS of lettuce and LOTS of celery (i was really craving greens from eating so many dates! lol!)

calories: around 2649

protein: 32 grams!!!!! WOW!!!!!! this is more than it has been in a WHILE!

RATIO: 94/4/2

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Days 10, 11, 12, 13..... and BARHI DATES!!! woohoo

DAY 10
breakfast - 1 and a half grapefruits, juice of 4 oranges
lunch - some DURIAN!!! incredible!!!!
2nd lunch - durian/banana pudding from Sarah's recipe! SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO GOOOOOD
dinner - spinach-date-banana smoothie (3 cups spinach, 5 dates, 5-6 bananas)
snack - a few dates, handful of grape tomatoes (not at the same time!)

RATIO- 87/4/9
CALORIES- around 2364

DAY 11
breakfast - 2 grapefruit
lunch - leftover durian (about 1.5 cups worth) mostly blended into durian pudding with 1 large banana
snack - 3 bananas
dinner - young coconut, green smoothie with 5 bananas, 5 dates, and 3 cups of spinach

RATIO- 86/5/10
CALORIES- around 1887

DAY 12
breakfast: 2 grapefruit
snack: dates
lunch: 4 bananas and lots of celery
dinner: 1 young coconut AND a smoothie with 6 small bananas, 3 cups spinach, 2 romaine leaves, and dates

RATIO- 92/4/4
CALORIES- around 1923

exercise: LOTS OF CLIMBING....

DAY 13
breakfast: 2 grapefruit, 2 dates a little bit later (to try them out! i was too excited!)
lunch: BARHI DATES! from the Date People! OMG these were the best ever!!!!! I also ate lots of celery and strawberries
dinner: smoothie with 5 bananas, lots of dates, 3 cups spinach, a few romaine leaves, water... very sweet... and then a few more dates (addiction???? maybe.)

RATIO- 95/3/2
CALORIES- around 2126

exercise: CLIMBING!!!!!

THE DATES FROM THE DATE PEOPLE CAME TODAY!!!!! Well they actually came yesterday but nobody went on our front porch the whole day to notice, LOL... weird... but anyways i was VERY EXCITED when i got the package. ALL SMILES. Who knew that a package of 10lb dates would make a girl so EXCITED!? lol im such a little raw foody girl. so obsessed!!! I got the 10lb box of barhi dates. They are the seconds, as i didnt have enough money to buy the "freshest"... they are still the best dates i've ever had! SUPER moist, SUPER soft, SUPER DUPER SWEET!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!


I tried DURIAN the other day!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!

It is definitely "different" though. It reminded me of cream cheese, lol. It was very creamy!!! The smell was not too pleasant but after tasting it, i didn't mind the smell... in fact, I kinda LIKED IT! =)

In Dr. Doug's book, The 80/10/10 Diet, he talks about how when you try a new fruit, it usually becomes your new favorite. THIS IS SO TRUE!!!

Now I am craving durian again. Maybe i will buy one again if I do well at regionals this weekend to celebrate?!

Here are some pictures of me eating the durian and making Sarah's durian pudding (bananas blended with durian... check out all her recipes and inspiration at

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 9 - international market / durian hunt

Yesterday was awesome!!!


We didn't have to wear our standard school attire due to the Titans being in the playoffs!!!!!!! So that made school exciting!!!

The national guard came to our school and set up a climbing wall outside. HAHA. I wasn't going to climb it, but then my friends wanted me to. I felt like I was being arrogant or show-offy by climbing a mini-climbing wall (since I'm a CLIMBER and everyone else was not, you know?).... but that is only because i hate when people are cocky. It was fun though. =)

I met up with my good friend Becky and went to the international market near my climbing gym. IT WAS AMAZING! I have been once before but I was kind of in a rush so I didn't really see everything. THE FRUIT IS SO CHEAP! I pay about 67 cents per pound of bananas on a weekly basis.... THE BANANAS AT THIS PLACE WERE 39 CENTS PER POUND!!!!!!! That can really make a difference!!! It adds up since I eat like 6-15 bananas a day!!!!!!!

The young coconuts were really cheap as well!!! At whole foods they are over 3 bucks. At this market they were a little over a buck. WOOHOOOOO.

So then I went to look for durian. I have wanted to try one for MONTHS. I didn't know that they sold them in the U.S. until recently! I had high hopes that they would possibly sell them, since I have heard that many asian markets do. So I went to the freezer section, wondering if the fruit of them might be frozen in a bag. Everything was written in Chinese and Japanese and I couldn't read anything!!! LOL!!! But i didnt see any pictures that resembled durian... So I started to walk away as I was pretty bummed....... and I turned to my right and there was a HUGE open freezer box FULL of fresh durian!!!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED I ALMOST SCREAMED!!! I don't know why i've been so excited....... I just really love trying new fruit!!!!! I started almost laughing in happiness. HOOOOOORAY!!!!! I dug through to find the smallest one, because i wasnt sure if I would like it and I knew that my family would not even try it. I was SO EXCITED! Seriously...

A couple people in the check-out line talked to me about it. They told me that it smelled really bad (which is what i've heard!)..... and we were talking about how to open it and stuff. (I watched Sarah's videos and they are really helpful!

I bought 3 young coconuts, a durian, 3 bunches of bananas and 7 of these cactus pear things?..... and guess how much I spent?! $15 DOLLARS!!! wow, thats so cheap compared to other places!!! hell, 3 young coconuts at Whole Foods is nearly 11 bucks!!!

I was suuuuuper excited!!!


Here was my food for the day:

breakfast: 1 grapefruit, 2 kiwis (ate the grapefruit at home, ate one kiwi in the car and the other kiwi secretly during class - haha)

lunch: 1 grapefruit, 2 oranges (i was saving my only ripe bananas for my dinner smoothie... i wasnt very hungry today)

snack: water from 1 young coconut and one half of it's flesh.

dinner: smoothie with 5 bananas, 5 dates, 3.5 cups of spinach, water

you gotta read this book!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Days 7 and 8

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I was going to, but then my internet stopped working. I HATE THAT!

Anyways, here was yesterday’s food:

January 7:

breakfast- 2 grapefruits

lunch- 3 bananas, salad with lots of romaine lettuce and lots of chopped celery

dinner- smoothie with 6 bananas, 6 dates, 3.5 cups of spinach, and water

snack – grapes

EXERCISE – no exercise… I needed a break!

TODAY, January 8:

breakfast- 2 grapefruits, 1 orange

lunch- 6 bananas wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves (banana burritos!)

dinner- smoothie with 5 bananas, 7 dates, 3.5 cups of spinach, and water

EXERCISE – I coached the junior high climbing team (as main coach this time!) and so I was demonstrating lots of moves and climbs for them… and I climbed afterwards by myself for about an hour.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 6, eating and coaching!

Today was pretty fun!

It was my first day back at school. It was alright. Not too shabby. =)
There were NO RIPE BANANAS when I left home!!! (except one... and I usually eat 6-7 for lunch!) so I grabbed the one banana, a bunch of dates, and LOTS of celery for lunch.

I was SO HUNGRY AT SCHOOL!!! I had to stop by the produce place after school to get a snack.

I coached a junior high climbing team today!!! IT WAS A BLAST! I have no idea how I could ever call it “work.” I felt so natural teaching kids footwork while climbing. They were all really cool and pretty mature! I could see potential in all of them!!! I am really excited about helping them improve their climbing!!!!!!!

Breakfast: 2 grapefruit

Lunch: 1 banana, LOTS OF CELERY, 7 medjool dates

Snack: a whole bag of grapes… not sure how many that was!!!? I was SO HUNGRY.
Dinner: The bananas got semi-ripe so I used them because I was desperate. They had dots on them but they weren’t the usual sweetness I am used to… so I had: 4 bananas, 4 dates, 2 cups spinach, small papaya, water

Snack: oooooookay. so I keep doing this… I don’t fill myself up early enough so I eat raw nuts to make up for the calories. I didn’t count but I’m sure it messed up the day’s ratio of 80/10/10. I have no more nuts at my house though. So this won’t happen again. =)

TOTAL: calories – 1900 or so

EXERCISE: a LITTLE bit of climbing

Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 5

Today was pretty good. My brother and Nick, the German, left to go back to McCallie, their highschool in Chattanooga. I went to work for a couple hours at the gym… it was a breeze. Then I went to help my art teacher with the auditions… and she gave me a new set of prismacolors colored pencils!!! I was psyched. =) Then of course, I went to the climbing gym… felt pretty strong!!!

I was out and about for most of the day… so not a lot of food until dinner…

Breakfast: 1 grapefruit, juice of 4 oranges

Lunch: 4 bananas

Dinner: spinach/banana smoothie – 5 bananas, 4 cups spinach, 2 medjool dates, water

2nd Dinner: nuts (I don’t know how many… definitely a lot but not to the point where I was binging. sljal;fkasf)

After this I had a weird urge for romaine. I ate a heart of romaine. It was so good and buttery.
Then I ate celery. LOTS of celery…..

Total: 1372 calories, over 23 grams of protein
84/6/10 --- but I guessed how many nuts… so it might be more than this.

sooo I didn’t get enough calories today AT FIRST… (this always happens when I’m out and about) so I ate nuts… my protein intake has been SUPER low lately… bad news… I feel FANTASTIC and SUPER STRONG but low protein is probably not good in the long run.. so I felt like I had room for nuts again today. I will probably not eat nuts the rest of the week though. I talked to a nutritionist on giveittomeraw and he kinda freaked out and told me that I need to be eating WAYYY more lettuce and celery for protein. So that is what I will do. But I just ate all the lettuce in my house, so I’ll go to the store tomorrow. =)

Tomorrow I start school. I don’t know if I will log my food into cron-o-meter everyday… I get too OCD when I make myself do that. But I will definitely eat lots of fruit, lettuce, and celery!!! And no more nuts this week. =) My ratios will be fine for the week for sure.

2 hours of climbing at the gym. I made up lots of really hard climbs resembling Hueco. (Hueco is a climbing area in Texas where I am going over spring break... SUPER PSYCHED...) I FEEL SO STRONG RIGHT NOW!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Today was pretty chill. I hung around the house, went grocery shopping (but didn’t get much), and then went climbing at the gym. Later on we dropped my dog off at my aunt’s house for what we call “fat camp.” You see, my dog is fat. Overweight. Obese? He is twice the weight he is supposed to be. He is 60 pounds and he is supposed to be 30. Poor thing. My parents feed him the SAD dog diet. (well… kibbles and bits = mcdonalds for dogs, right? PLUS table scraps UGH I always tell them not to… anyways, he will be there for 2 months while she feeds him right and helps him exercise. I am excited for him but I will also miss him more than anyone could ever imagine!)

green smoothie:
-4 bananas
-4 medjool dates
-3 cups of spinach

-1 small papaya

green smoothie:
-4 bananas
-6 medjool dates
-3.5 cups of spinach

-1 small papaya
-romaine lettuce (6-7 leaves? one of those hearts of romaine)
-celery (a few short stalks)

The cool thing about dinner was that it was the first time EVER that I just ate lettuce without anything. I ate the papaya, romaine, and celery on their own… and I loved each individual taste! The romaine almost felt buttery! The crunch was amazing. I want more!!! I will buy more at the store tomorrow.

Snack: I felt hungry again so I ate 1 grapefruit.


about 1722 calories

ratio: 94/4/3

protein: 23 grams (uhhh… )



I felt like my protein was too low today... So I ate quite a few raw nuts. This bumped my ratio to 85/5/10 and I feel pretty good now!!! It made my protein intake over 30 grams! yay!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

DAY 3... and lame weather

Okay, so there was not much variety of ripe fruit at my house today. I attempted to go on a climbing trip, and when we got up the mountain it was super misty and damp. We took a hike and it started pouring on us… not so fun. We turned around and came back home… but the fruit ripeness had not changed. I basically had LOTS of ripe citrus fruits and not really much else. BY THE WAY, my teeth are starting to hurt from eating too much citrus, I think. When I try to eat something sweet, it makes my teeth sensitive. I bet it will go away tomorrow though… or if I cut back on the citrus… I HOPE MY BANANAS ARE RIPE TOMORROW!!! Today I basically ate: grapefruits, oranges, celery, dates, a pomegranate, a persimmon, and a little part of avocado.

-1 and a half grapefruits (I ate one, and my friend gave me half of hers)

-a little under half of an avocado. My friend had one and she offered to share… it was irresistible!

-celery with dates (4 7-inch stalks, 3 medjool dates)

-1 grapefruit
-pomegranate-orange juice (3 oranges, 1 pomegranate)

-1 fuyu persimmon (as we all know, there are always those days where one random persimmon is ripe… but none of your other ones are… it’s always how it goes. UNLESS you are Sarah and have a very organized way of keeping up with the ripeness of fruit… haha)

-30 grapes
-3 grapefruits

After Dinner:
I was super obsessed with the caloric ratio (80/10/10) and according to my dietary program, it was something like 85/6/11…. and I was not full yet… so I was on a mission to make the 11 turn into a 10… I get OCD like this sometimes.
-celery and dates (2 stalks of celery, 2 dates)

TOTAL: about 1450 calories.

Ratio: 86/5/10

I hiked straight downhill and then back uphill in the rain on Short Mountain. (BOOOO LAME WEATHER!!!) However, later on I went to the climbing gym for around 3 hours. It was pretty fun, I got some good climbing time in… I just played around and had fun with it.

I am going to Hueco Tanks in El Paso Texas on Spring Break!!!!!! You couldn’t possibly imagine how excited I am. I am starting to train NOW… and today my friend made up lots of hard climbing problems for me to practice. =)

Friday, January 02, 2009

climbing specialist

Today I talked to the head of the JCC camp, and he wants me to be the climbing specialst for the one-week climbing camp they are offereing this summer.

I am really excited about it!!!

Not to mention, one of the coaches at our gym wants me to help him coach the junior high climbing team!

I feel like I could be a good climbing coach.... i love sharing my passions with other people!!!


Day 2 of the 80/10/10 raw fu challenge!

-2 grapefruits
-1 orange

-7 bananas
-3 cups of spinach

-4 medjool dates

-2 small papaya
-6 medjool dates
-1 banana

-celery (3 5-inch sticks)
-3 medjool dates

(place medjool dates on celery stick)

total calories: about 2129 (but different programs tell me different amounts… so anywhere around here)

protein: around 21 grams
fat: around 5 grams

ratio: 94/4/2

I rested today because I am going on a climbing trip tomorrow and I want to be rested up. =)

Thursday, January 01, 2009


I have been trying to figure out my water intake for a while now.

Right now I drink maybe half a gallon a day. I'm aiming for a gallon.

I drink water as soon as i wake up... as much as i care for.

I also drink water (maybe a glass) about 20 minutes before I eat... and I include water in my smoothies.

I also drink water when I exercise.

However, lately I feel slightly dehydrated.... i think i need MORE!

How much water do YOU drink?

80/10/10 challenge... DAY ONE

JANUARY 80/10/10 RawFu Challenge:

From now on, I am sticking to 80/10/10. It is a diet where I get 80% or more of my calories from carbs, 10% or less from protein and 10% or less from fat. I eat mostly fruit with some greens and very little nuts.

In this challenge I am trying my best to EAT MY GREENS! I had a hard time with this in the past, but I know I can do this!!! Not to mention, I never get the "RAW FOOD ENERGY" or "RAW FOOD HIGH" without greens.. so, HERE WE GO!

-1 grapefruit
-juice of 9 clementines
-pomegranate-orange juice (1 pomegranate - 2 naval oranges)

4 bananas
3 cups spinach
1 stick of celery

-romaine lettuce (1.5 hearts)
-celery (25 inches worth total)
-medjool dates (5 smallish)
-banana (3 medium/large)

For dinner, I had 2 courses. They were both using these same ingredients. First, I made wraps. I blended 5 dates, 2 bananas, and a couple romaine leaves. This made a really sweet sauce. I would chop up celery and the other banana and pour the sauce on top of a large romaine leaf and eat it like a wrap. I had a few of these.

Next, I had a salad. I chopped the romaine and some celery and placed it in a bowl. I also chopped the rest of the banana and then poured the rest of the sweet date-banana-romaine sauce over it for a dressing. It is very sweet and tasty. I highly recommend this.

I was going to take a picture but I realized my camera was in the car and I didn't feel like getting it. I will take a picture next time, because this is definitely something i will do again. =)

You could even eat the sauce/dressing as a soup. Its soooo sweet. MMmmmm.

My ratio was 92/5/3.

I ate about 1690 calories or so. I got about 24 grams of protein. (i may try to bump this up)


3 sets of:
-weights (3 different exercises)
-pull ups

Then i worked with more weights...

Then I did a short ab workout.

Then I climbed for a little bit.

Today was a good 80/10/10 day. I feel really good!