Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 9 - international market / durian hunt

Yesterday was awesome!!!


We didn't have to wear our standard school attire due to the Titans being in the playoffs!!!!!!! So that made school exciting!!!

The national guard came to our school and set up a climbing wall outside. HAHA. I wasn't going to climb it, but then my friends wanted me to. I felt like I was being arrogant or show-offy by climbing a mini-climbing wall (since I'm a CLIMBER and everyone else was not, you know?).... but that is only because i hate when people are cocky. It was fun though. =)

I met up with my good friend Becky and went to the international market near my climbing gym. IT WAS AMAZING! I have been once before but I was kind of in a rush so I didn't really see everything. THE FRUIT IS SO CHEAP! I pay about 67 cents per pound of bananas on a weekly basis.... THE BANANAS AT THIS PLACE WERE 39 CENTS PER POUND!!!!!!! That can really make a difference!!! It adds up since I eat like 6-15 bananas a day!!!!!!!

The young coconuts were really cheap as well!!! At whole foods they are over 3 bucks. At this market they were a little over a buck. WOOHOOOOO.

So then I went to look for durian. I have wanted to try one for MONTHS. I didn't know that they sold them in the U.S. until recently! I had high hopes that they would possibly sell them, since I have heard that many asian markets do. So I went to the freezer section, wondering if the fruit of them might be frozen in a bag. Everything was written in Chinese and Japanese and I couldn't read anything!!! LOL!!! But i didnt see any pictures that resembled durian... So I started to walk away as I was pretty bummed....... and I turned to my right and there was a HUGE open freezer box FULL of fresh durian!!!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED I ALMOST SCREAMED!!! I don't know why i've been so excited....... I just really love trying new fruit!!!!! I started almost laughing in happiness. HOOOOOORAY!!!!! I dug through to find the smallest one, because i wasnt sure if I would like it and I knew that my family would not even try it. I was SO EXCITED! Seriously...

A couple people in the check-out line talked to me about it. They told me that it smelled really bad (which is what i've heard!)..... and we were talking about how to open it and stuff. (I watched Sarah's videos and they are really helpful!

I bought 3 young coconuts, a durian, 3 bunches of bananas and 7 of these cactus pear things?..... and guess how much I spent?! $15 DOLLARS!!! wow, thats so cheap compared to other places!!! hell, 3 young coconuts at Whole Foods is nearly 11 bucks!!!

I was suuuuuper excited!!!


Here was my food for the day:

breakfast: 1 grapefruit, 2 kiwis (ate the grapefruit at home, ate one kiwi in the car and the other kiwi secretly during class - haha)

lunch: 1 grapefruit, 2 oranges (i was saving my only ripe bananas for my dinner smoothie... i wasnt very hungry today)

snack: water from 1 young coconut and one half of it's flesh.

dinner: smoothie with 5 bananas, 5 dates, 3.5 cups of spinach, water

you gotta read this book!


Omegachuck said...

Those prickly little things look like some kind of highly magnified spores or something evil from a sciene fiction movie. Hope they taste good!

Paulina said...

Oh my gosh! You're so lucky to have found a durian. I've been dying to try one but have yet to actually go "durian hunting" because the Asian Markets in my area aren't too close by. But when I do find one, I'll probably get as happy as you did because I adore trying new fruits.

Sarah said...

I L-O-V-E durian!!! I'm so glad you were able to find one. The prices at the international market were amazing. Enjoy your new fruit :o)

Becky said...

what a fun day with you! I am going to buy a durian next I go there and see if I like it!
(Oh and I went to The Teet today and they have young coconuts for a little over 2 bucks just so you know)

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

I found fresh durian at my Asian market the other day. I made Sarah's pudding, but I didn't like it. My dogs did tho. I posted about it.

Hope you like it more than I did. Glad you found some inexpensive fruit. I love it when that happens.

Pixy Lisa

Evelyn said...

Wow, you got a good deal on your fruit. I can hardly wait to try durian. I get excited about it too. I hope you like it! :)