Tuesday, January 20, 2009

doctor appointment

i meant to post this YESTERDAY:

I highly dislike mainstream doctors.

I went in for my physical. I am only 17 so I live under my parent's rule.

I wasn't going to mention my diet. My mom did.

the conversation went like this (she was listing off a lot of general questions... like docs always do)

The doctor asked "Do you eat enough fruits and veggies?"
I said, "Oh yeah!"
my mom said "tell her about your diet."
I said, "nah"
the doctor said, "yeah tell me about your diet!"
I mumbled, "uh.... i'm a... raw vegan"
the doctor said, "what?"

"where do you get your protein?"
"fruit and leafy greens!"
"leafy greens is carbs not protein. Fruit doesnt have protein!"
"No actually leafy greens has an abundance of protein! and fruit has lots of amino acids!!!"
"No fruit doesnt have ANY amino acids!!! and protein doesnt either. Thats not a suitable form of protein!"
"uhhhh I'm a THRIVING athlete. I get enough protein!"
"You do not get enough vitamins and nutrients"
"Can you give me a blood test? I promise you I do. I would love a blood test."
"no I can't do that. No, sorry. But you need more nutrients!"
"I get all my nutrients. I eat a lot."
"You can't get enough calories from fruit"
"But actually I eat anywhere from 1800 to 2700 on any given day!"
"thats not enough"
"you need to see a nutritionist!"

and then she gave my mom a nutritionist's name and number and said I should see her right away.

SHE NEVER HAD ANY EVIDENCE FOR TELLING ME I WAS UNHEALTHY! I never gave her a list of foods i ate. I never told her how MUCH of everything i ate. She refused to test my blood. SHE HAD NO IDEA WHAT I EVEN EAT! Why the hell was she telling me i dont get my vitamins and nutrients?!


After she left I went on to explain to my mom that i DO get enough protein. All the sudden all these feelings of emotions came up and I started crying. I couldn't stop. I just couldnt stand being there. I couldnt stand to listen to the lies.

Why do I listen to the people who don't even LOOK healthy? My doc looked pretty OK but there were workers there who were overweight and unhealthy-lookin.

I wish she saw me climbing. She would KNOW that I am getting everything I need.

There no way I could climb the way I do if I wasn't getting amino acids from my diet.

She doesn't know what she was talking about.

But still, I couldnt help but cry.

Then the nurse came in and gave me 2 shots for some shit i will never get. I don't believe in shots. I don't belive in meds. I don't believe in the mainstream hype.

I believe in Mother Nature.

Everyone in today's society is so CUT OFF from nature that it drives me mad!!!!!

I cried all the way home. I cried because of the close-mindedness. I cried because of the ignorance of people. I cried because I have to go to a mainstream nutritionist and go through the same thing. I cried because I just recieved two shots which are probably toxic.

I'm so frustrated. I just had to vent. Thanks for listening.

Fcuk mainstream ideas.

I need to buy like 100 80/10/10 books and hand them out to people like her. Maybe they will learn a thing or two. Maybe I should include a video of me winning regionals. Maybe I should take my own bloodtest and include the results.

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Tim said...

I def agree with you. I've been climbing much stronger and recovering quicker in the yearish that I've been vegan. I eat a lot of raw too.

Bri said...

I'm so so sorry about all that. It really sucks when people won't pull their head out of their ass long enough to LISTEN and be open enough to accept or at least consider alternative health lifestyles. I hate all the Eating Disorder hype lately that connects ed's with things like vegetarianism and raw foodism...it just makes people embrace their own addictions and burrow further into denial. And it SUCKS that your'e a minor and your parents can just order shots for you. One more year, yeah? (Until you're 18)

Best wishes and positive thoughts. And I wanted to write and tell you that you gave me the inspiration to finally go raw 100% and do 811. And climb more often because I LOVE IT so MUCH. Even if it SUCKED to have people ignore you and refuse to consider the TRUTH of your words, know that many many people read your blog and take your truth to heart. I had a laundry list of excuses of WHY I COULDN'T be raw or do 811 as a college student. And I've been reading your entire blog over the past few days and I'm more convinced adn empowered from reading your page than listening to all the raw "gurus" combined. You are real. You are convinced you're doing the right thing, and it shows. And you live your truth every day, spreading the word of raw food to anybody who has ears, and THAT shows. You are my hero! Keep on at it, Ash, we all support you 100%. Even when those in your life aren't all too supportive. They mean well. They think they're right. Just stick to your truth and know that you will prevail eventually.



badash said...

Oh my gosh, Bri... you made my day!!! You just made me tear up in joy!

It means a lot when people tell me i inspire them. You have no idea how much that meant to me.

I was having a bad day and you just made it a million times better.


Bri said...

I'm glad! :) I try...

Lol I hope we can meet someday...perhaps climbing or thru raw foods! Hey, a "lingo" question: what does it mean to be "locked into a wall"...you said it was scary? Like you can't make the next move or something?

badash said...

ohhh haha,

that simply means that I may have my heel hooked on something to make me closer to the wall -- and it will be easier to make a hard move if you are "locked in" because that pretty much means you are "solid."

But at the same time, if i were to fall with my heel hooked on a piece of rock, it may not be too good.

I dont really say that i'm "locked in" a lot... i think i only have said it a few times (besides that one picture)

i am really bad at explaining that one... hope it made sense!

badash said...

where do you live? I want to meet so many raw foodies!!!

Radu Burtescu said...

I feel the same about doctors. I went to mine to ask him to give me a test and without the smallest of checks he prescribed me antibiotics.:| And the funniest thing is that I knew what test he should have given me instead of that. He probably feels that getting me a bit sick from killing all the good bacteria in me isn't such a big deal and it would even probably increase his clientele in the long run. The hippocratic oath hasn't any more meaning in today's modern society than it has to swear on the Bible. These are just symbols and rituals for the uneducated, ignorant mass of people.

I'm sorry that you took those shots and that it was your parents who made you do it. It's like a horror movie scene if you think about it. Anyway, I hope you'll find the power to believe in yourself even when the whole world seems to be against you because you have your own example and that of other before you. But I have to say that you're incredibly strong since you don't have any real life example next to you. I on the other hand see my mom fast for 3 days in a row and she tells me about her friends who do it 7 days in a row (they also use meditation not only diet) and I'm still just vegetarian. But I'll keep watching your blog and reading and I'll get there.:) I don't put much trust in inspiration but in information and yours is full of it so keep it up!

Bri said...

Tucson, AZ, baby. :) Desert goodness. I'm harvesting cactus fruit with the Anasazi indians this summer! They have this amazing festival of thanks to the desert for providing them with so many cactus fruit and make some serious distilled alcohol from the fruit (i doubt i would have any of that...i've heard it's pretty hardcore and i'm anti-alcohol) and dance and sing. I've heard it's freaking beautiful. And cactus fruit is sooooo goood. :)

Bri said...

I also think that Med School LITERALLY brainwashes the free-thinking, intelligent people who make it to the end. My microbiology prof. said that it took her about 15 years to "recover" from attending med school and realize the lies. They push you so hard to fit it, to learn the "right" answer and spit it back on exams, to go for days without sleep...at the end of those 4 years, almost any independence from the "machine" that is western medicine has been stamped out and another batch of doctors is churned out into the world. I hardly think that they even know how close-minded they are, it's just what they've been taught (hard-core) to KNOW is right. They can't conceive of something outside that norm anymore. So. Yeah. I think they would be such better doctors if they had significant training required in alternative/preventative medicine also...but then that would reverse the "machine's" effectiveness and cut down on the need for doctors in the first place: like you said, oftentimes they create their clientelle flow by perpetuating people's need for their drugs and interventions.

Kay said...

Sounds like a traumatic experience!

I do think sometimes these events happen for a reason - who knows if something that you said to this doctor might actually sink in at some point? Maybe even years from now.. it sounds like you held your truth, and given someone a great gift of information (even if it wasn't willingly recieved). You are changing the world! .. and often there is resistance to change.

I have considered the idea of buying a bunch of 80/10/10 diet books and distributing them myself! I think if someone is not ready for the information yet though, they simply won't "get" it.

I'm sending positive thoughts for speedy healing from those vaccinations in your body.

Keep being the light that you are..


Omegachuck said...

Well, the doctor kinda admitted that he/she didn't know much about diet by not wanting to give you the blood test, thus the suggestion you see a specialist/ nutritionist. Well, why not go? It's your chance to explain your side, your diet and how you are responding to it to a person that hopefully has a better ear to your cause. Maybe you will win them over!

Cora said...

OH MY GOD. I'm really sorry. She was totally WRONG in a lot of ways! You're perfectly healthy, and YOU should have the medical degree, not that dumb bitch.
Go, and prove the nutritionist wrong!

Paulina said...

I feel you completely! There have been times when I have broken down crying in front of my parents because they simply don't understand. I have even avoided discussing my recent switch to raw food because I know that they wouldn't approve at all.

Daniel Brayack said...

Bummer dude...yah - that sucks...and you knew it was coming too - which is even worse... its ok ...you know what you're doing is right...

Anonymous said...

i feel so bad. i wish i was there. id put my foot up her ..you know. gr. it just makes me so mad.

do your parents support you in your diet?

im really glad i have such accepting parents. i told them im really trying to be a raw vegan 80/10/10 style..and they said. ok cool. lol. they dont agree with it, but they dont push me down. you know? like your doctor did. they hear me out.

i only like to listen to doctors who are
1. healthy themselves and
2. are open to my way thinking, which includes my diet

but anywho. i havent been to the doctors in a long time, thank god. so i dont have to worry about them, its my friends/aunts/uncles/other parents that i have to worry about. since im just starting out, i try not to shout to the world that i am 8/1/1rv. if ppl ask why i eat so much fruit, i simply reply by saying..i just LOVE fruit :). kind of play dumb, but it works...for now at least.

i want you to know, that you are seriously so inspiring, and today i ate 99% 8/1/1rv! because of ppl like you, i know im not the only one on this earth that eats this way, and i dont have to feel so alone :)
thanks again ash!

badash said...

Thank you... all of you... you all make me smile so much and I love your input!!!!!! Even though I don't always respond to everything people write in here, I want you all to know that I read it and It means a lot to me.

I wanted to say that I used to not really tell people about my eating habits due to how it was accepted. However, I realized that i am far to passionate and enthusiastic to keep my opinions to myself. I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE ACHIEVE GREAT HEALTH, and in my opinion, the only way you can do that is by eating our biological diet.

I want to get the RAW word out. I try the best I can. I can't hold all that information to myself!!!!!

p.s. I think mainstream doctors get money from drug companies... thats why they would rather prescribe a medication than tell us to go eat fruit... SAD!

Thats why she told me to see a nutritionist instead of testing me herself (that nutritionist gives her money I bet!!!)

im so fed up with society!

Caleb said...

I can relate. Even though I'm not 100% raw my folks give me crap and always are concerned about me getting enough protein, etc. I assured them I do and recently had blood work, and all I did was ask, and It all came back great and I had been 100% vegetarian for 3 months at that point with about 60-75% of the diet raw.