Wednesday, January 28, 2009

college visit and training for nationals

Where do begin? I do not know!

Last week I did an overnight college visit to UTC. It was a lot of fun. On Thursday night, we went out to dinner and watched a movie. I brought my own food and it started many conversations! I definitely lectured about raw food to a variety of people!!! I'm spreadin the word!!!!!! =) I love telling people about our biological diet. It really makes them THINK. Most of them end up totally agreeing with me and they walk away with the motivation to eat more fruit!

UTC was really nice. We got matched up with a mentor (a current UTC student) and we basically followed them around. I stayed in REALLY NICE DORMS called UTC Place. It was basically a really nice apartment!!! (Who said dorms have to be cramped!?) The next day I went to 2 classes.... both very boring. I fell asleep in economics, haha......

While I was there, I saw 4 climbers that I knew walking around!!! I will definitely fit in there!!!!!! =)

The only thing that sucks about the college is that student's are REQUIRED to have a meal plan. This will make fruit 5 times more expensive!!! (ONE apple... ONE banana... or ONE orange is $1.09!) so If i have like 6 dollars a day, thats 5 bananas... NOT ENOUGH! So I will definitely have to talk to them about my special dietary needs - I think they will understand and hopefully we can work out a good deal. I'll let you guys know! I always find my way around things!!!


We returned to Nashville on Friday evening. On Saturday, I headed back to Chattanooga to train for nationals. I met up with my coach and we climbed at the new gym, Urban Rocks.

I did a campus routine followed by 10 by 10s, which is where you do 10 probems, 10 times. (100 problems!!!) After that I did another short campus routine.

The 10 by 10s were REALLY hard for me. I almost gave up quite a few times. I decided that I want to do good at nationals, so I stayed in focused and got back in the game.

I was so sore the next day!!! This was a great accomplishment for me though!

On Monday I trained again in Nashville. I did lots of things including: off-set pull-ups on big crimps, dead hangs on micro-crimps, core workouts with v-ups, bicycles, and leg-lifts/twists on pull-up bar, pushups on a huge ball, curls, pinching a weighted block for pinch strength, and lawnmowers with weights. Not to mention, I did some light bouldering and laps on routes. I AM STILL VERY SORE. Especially my abs and shoulders.

I took yesterday as a rest day because it HURT TO PAINT IN ART CLASS!!! But today i am going to go train. I'll give you another update soon!



Omegachuck said...

BUT most important; how was the bouldering opportunity situation at UTC? Or any good buildings to climb on?
A school who requires a food plan should have allowances for dietary needs. Especially a state school should be required.
Not long and it's time to head to Nationals. Bet you are into your best day to day training regiment by now. Keep it up girl!~

Tim said...

You should do a post on your training regime and favorite exercises!

calaismarie said...

goodness ash, it motivates me just to read your words! they're all written with so much enthusiasm and drive - pretty fitting coming from you :)

THINCK said...

hey, i finally found your blog AGAIN. i love readin yo blog. you should post pics of your bloody flappers

Apple-Man said...

Lol, good luck! Just make sure you post pictures of the medal when you get it.
About the a-dollar-each bananas... Just wow, you'd best find a way around that.

Omegachuck said...

Ash, you place top 3 in Nationals AND get into that college, well I'm sure all your friends down at RRG will manage to hijack a truckload of bananas from Guatamala and drop them off right at your doorstep. Waiting to see the great photos from the comp. Cheers.

Daniel Brayack said...

haha fell asleep in economics =)

Anonymous said...

Ok...So here are a few things about UTC that they dont tell you... there are things called MOCS bucks... Its like a food plan, but but money that will let you buy things in the store next to the UC, Sub way, or any other campus places.
Second you are just a fe min. away from green life or walmart. It is so much better for you not to get a meal plan and just go grocire shoping every week.
Third it is much cheepre to live off campus. I move off campuse my second semester of freshman year... they do not keep track of weather or not you are supose to live on it or off it.

Now to about this raw Food Dite...I am saying this only as a friend in deep concern...Last I saw you... you looked like you are wasting away.... I am not sure where you are getting your info, on the amount of protin and calories that you can get from fruits and Vegies....But it is not accuret... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see an NUTRIONIST....
ok thats my spill about it I am done
good luck a nationals

badash said...


When i visited UTC they told me that the meal plan was REQUIRED and that there was no way around it. But its okay, i will figure it out because I think that I have connections to someone who works in the meal department who can hook me up with food. =)

Thank you for your concern. I really appreciate it. I have been eating this way for over 8 months now. It took much research for me to be at the place where I am now. If you want, I can give you a variety of resources if you would like to research.

Last week I ate around 3300 calories a day. I log my food into a couple programs. One is called and Cron-o-Meter, which is a free software program that you can download from the internet. I've also used On all of these programs, you can list your daily food intake and it tells you your calories, vitamins, minerals, and much more. They are a great tool to use.

I have talked to a natural nutritionist many times online and he compiled much information for me. If you want i can show it to you sometime. He is very educated in the field and gave me some great advice. He is a huge advocate for the raw food lifestyle as well.

THIS IS THE BIOLOGICAL DIET FOR HUMANS. It is what our bodies are made for, just as lions and tigers eat prey and cows eat grass.

What do you think is more healthy than fruits and vegetables???

protein is abundant in almost EVERYTHING. First off, we don't even NEED as much protein as America makes us think. The truth is, if we just eat a variety of fruits and veggies and we eat enough calories, we WILL GET ENOUGH PROTEIN!!! Not only does fruit and veggies contain protein, but they are ABUNDANT in amino acids. All protein is, is a bundled up bunch of amino acids. I'm getting protein in the purest form!!!!!

By the way, how was I "wasting away?" Most people tell me I look healthier than I ever have, so I am just curious to this. Did i look like that when I saw you at Triple Crown too? Was it jsut because i was doing 10 by 10s and i was extremely tired?

Let me know if you want more information. Like I said, i have been raw vegan for 8 months now and I have done more research than you could imagine. MONTHS AND MONTHS. I will be studying health in college and then taking online classes at the University of NATURAL HEALTH, which promotes raw foods. I plan to someday get my doctorate and maybe write a book. This lifestyle has changed my life and I just beg of everyone to have an open mind and to just listen. I know you have an open mind so I'm sure you will understand when you start learning more about it. I just need to have a conversation with you about it. =)

Anonymous said...

The meal plan is not required... I did not have one the second semster I lived on campus and even when I did have one it is much healther to go grocrey shoping... (unless you want to gain the Freshman 15)...When I get a chance I will sit down and look over the info that you gave me...
Have a great day...

Omegachuck said...

The Freshman 15? It used to be just 10. Inflation has even affected collegiate weight gain now! We're all doomed unless we eat better NOW!