Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Days 10, 11, 12, 13..... and BARHI DATES!!! woohoo

DAY 10
breakfast - 1 and a half grapefruits, juice of 4 oranges
lunch - some DURIAN!!! incredible!!!!
2nd lunch - durian/banana pudding from Sarah's recipe! SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO GOOOOOD
dinner - spinach-date-banana smoothie (3 cups spinach, 5 dates, 5-6 bananas)
snack - a few dates, handful of grape tomatoes (not at the same time!)

RATIO- 87/4/9
CALORIES- around 2364

DAY 11
breakfast - 2 grapefruit
lunch - leftover durian (about 1.5 cups worth) mostly blended into durian pudding with 1 large banana
snack - 3 bananas
dinner - young coconut, green smoothie with 5 bananas, 5 dates, and 3 cups of spinach

RATIO- 86/5/10
CALORIES- around 1887

DAY 12
breakfast: 2 grapefruit
snack: dates
lunch: 4 bananas and lots of celery
dinner: 1 young coconut AND a smoothie with 6 small bananas, 3 cups spinach, 2 romaine leaves, and dates

RATIO- 92/4/4
CALORIES- around 1923

exercise: LOTS OF CLIMBING....

DAY 13
breakfast: 2 grapefruit, 2 dates a little bit later (to try them out! i was too excited!)
lunch: BARHI DATES! from the Date People! OMG these were the best ever!!!!! I also ate lots of celery and strawberries
dinner: smoothie with 5 bananas, lots of dates, 3 cups spinach, a few romaine leaves, water... very sweet... and then a few more dates (addiction???? maybe.)

RATIO- 95/3/2
CALORIES- around 2126

exercise: CLIMBING!!!!!

THE DATES FROM THE DATE PEOPLE CAME TODAY!!!!! Well they actually came yesterday but nobody went on our front porch the whole day to notice, LOL... weird... but anyways i was VERY EXCITED when i got the package. ALL SMILES. Who knew that a package of 10lb dates would make a girl so EXCITED!? lol im such a little raw foody girl. so obsessed!!! I got the 10lb box of barhi dates. They are the seconds, as i didnt have enough money to buy the "freshest"... they are still the best dates i've ever had! SUPER moist, SUPER soft, SUPER DUPER SWEET!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!


Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

You are so cute. I'm glad you liked the durian. Wish I liked the taste, cause I love the texture.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you got your dates :) Maybe that means mine are on the way!!! They are totally addicting. Your calorie count will definitely go up now ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am sorry to post anonymously, but I was just wondering what the website for ording dates from the date people is? I can't seem to find it when I google it...


Sarah said...

You can't order from a website. You have to call them. Make sure you leave a message if they don't answer, because they will call back. 760-359-3211

Paulina said...

I should be more adventurous and try those dates of yours! The ones I buy are medjool, but because I'm also a date fanatic, I need to branch out and try the many different types out there.

Paulina said...

What's the website for ordering dates from The Date People?

Paulina said...

Never mind about my last question! Sarah answered it :)

badash said...

Sarah answered your question with the phone number. =)

But the site to look at the PDF info is www.TheDatePeople.net

How far is the asian market?

Also, the barhi reminds me of medjool... except smaller, SWEETER (no kidding) and softer (probably because they are so fresh!)

I bought the "seconds" of the date people and they are STILLLLLL outstanding! I can only imagine what the firsts are like!

Omegachuck said...

My teeth are almost tingling just thinking of the sugary sweet dates in my mouth. Yuummm!!

HiHoRosie said...

I love barhi dates! Yummy! Like caramel. I'll pass on the durian though. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much everyone!!!
:) :)

Brian said...

Hi Ashley,
I just got some barhi dates from the Date People too! SOOOOO good.

They sent them complimentary -- they are so nice! :D

Check out my post on them:


Amin said...

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Amin said...
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