Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 6, eating and coaching!

Today was pretty fun!

It was my first day back at school. It was alright. Not too shabby. =)
There were NO RIPE BANANAS when I left home!!! (except one... and I usually eat 6-7 for lunch!) so I grabbed the one banana, a bunch of dates, and LOTS of celery for lunch.

I was SO HUNGRY AT SCHOOL!!! I had to stop by the produce place after school to get a snack.

I coached a junior high climbing team today!!! IT WAS A BLAST! I have no idea how I could ever call it “work.” I felt so natural teaching kids footwork while climbing. They were all really cool and pretty mature! I could see potential in all of them!!! I am really excited about helping them improve their climbing!!!!!!!

Breakfast: 2 grapefruit

Lunch: 1 banana, LOTS OF CELERY, 7 medjool dates

Snack: a whole bag of grapes… not sure how many that was!!!? I was SO HUNGRY.
Dinner: The bananas got semi-ripe so I used them because I was desperate. They had dots on them but they weren’t the usual sweetness I am used to… so I had: 4 bananas, 4 dates, 2 cups spinach, small papaya, water

Snack: oooooookay. so I keep doing this… I don’t fill myself up early enough so I eat raw nuts to make up for the calories. I didn’t count but I’m sure it messed up the day’s ratio of 80/10/10. I have no more nuts at my house though. So this won’t happen again. =)

TOTAL: calories – 1900 or so

EXERCISE: a LITTLE bit of climbing


Alexis said...

You're "SO HUNGRY" because you're not nourishing your body well enough to suit this raw diet. Plus it's basically ALL sugar that you're consuming, and although it's natural sugar, it still is digested very fast and stimulates appetite.

badash said...


I was "so hungry" due to poor planning with my bananas being ripe.

I can eat 2 large meals in a day and feel FULL and amazing.

WE THRIVE on sugar!!! Why do you think we are so attracted to it? Our body runs on it!!!

I have never felt better in my life. Are you raw? Have you tried it?

Theres an amazing book called 80/10/10 by Dr. douglas graham if you are interested in the information.... it is the best book out there!!!


Radu Burtescu said...

Hehe, wiki is not a reliable info source but it's a good starting point. Don't worry, I know that.

Regarding how much food is too much or too low "the secret" people were on to something: it does matter what your attitude in everyday life is. For example my mom does yoga for 8 or 9 years and she always sais that at some point for a practitioner of yoga (actual yoga not fitness yoga) it doesn't even matter from a nutritional point of view what he eats. Recently during the winter holidays she fasted for 3 days, with just water, doing all the shopping and making all the food for the rest of the family and she said she felt great.

But badash don't pay much attention to the salesmen and saleswomen you see lined up in "the secret". I saw it recently after I saw it in your Favorite Movie list and I laughed like I haven't with a comedy at some parts. The movie is hilarious and should be treated as such. I'm not saying that what they are preaching is irrelevant but there are a few good points made mixed with allot of generalisations and half truths. Maybe you should see this movie as well

and maybe read the authors quoted in "Into the Wild". "Into the Wild" is such a looong way from "the secret" I was very surprised to see what the secret was all about and to see both movies in the same list.

Anyway, congratulations for coaching!

And thanks for the "recipe". I'm gonna go juice a few apples now.

Sarah said...

I hate it when I run out of ripe bananas. Thankfully, that hasn't happened in a while. It definitely took some planning to get the right kind of system that insures I always have ripe bananas.

Your food intake seems great the last few days, but I'd up the calories some in sweet, juicy fruits earlier in the day. It will definitely keep the nut cravings to a minimum and you may find your energy levels increasing even more.

You're right that our body thrives on the fuel provided by sweet, juicy fruits. I've been eating this way just a few hours short of a year and I've never felt better. The benefits to this lifestyle are amazing. you're doing great!!! Keep up the good work :)

Sarah said...

Oh, yeah...congrats on the coaching. That sounds so fun :)

Chel said...

Hey Ash,

I have yet ANOTHER question..haha.. when you say "dates" are you talking about the dried fruit kind of dates? or can you get dates that arent dried out?

Thanks again :)

badash said...

Thanks Sarah!

I'm happy... theres no more nuts in my house so I'll be truly low fat for weeks to come!!! (unless i buy an avocado!!! But I can control my intake there!) I CANT WAIT FOR THE EVEN MORE ABUNDANT ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!


I buy fresh dates... they sell them at a grocery store called Publix (not sure if you have those?) in the produce section... THey also usually sell fresh dates at whole foods.

I also just ordered organic fresh dates from The Date People... SUPER EXCITED! Look them up online!

Omegachuck said...

So how much coaching' is done vs. Badash' climbing footwork-demo's for the Jr. high group?? Agree it's great to coach what you love. I stayed in great shape all the winters that I was a girls gymnastics coach. No wonder I feel lazy now by mid January.