Saturday, February 27, 2010


This morning I was privileged to enjoy a new fruit!!!

It is called Black Sapote - also known as the chocolate pudding fruit!

When ripe, the outside turns from hard and green to soft, mushy, and a dark olive color. I cut it open and the flesh was extremely soft, JUST like pudding! the flavor is very mild, sweet, rich, and very enjoyable. The consistency is a winner.

*EDIT* - I ate a couple more and I have decided that it does NOT taste like chocolate pudding at all.. it just LOOKS like chocolate pudding! =) To me it tastes somewhat like a sweeter version of an avocado. It's rich and mousse-like. Very good.

I can't wait till the rest of them ripen!

I received this fruit and more (canistel and sapodilla) from Taylor at Taylor's Tropicals. He is based out of Florida and ships these delicious tropical fruits anywhere in the U.S. Go to, click on the most recent newsletter in the archive, and order yours today! There is lots to choose from and most of it is organic and farm-fresh!!!!!

Cheers to new fruit experiences!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I want one!

badash said...

we will get us some in FL!!!! For sure.

bitt of raw said...

looks so delicious.

HiHoRosie said...

Looks like a fun and delicious treat!

RawDad said...

Wow.. cool.. for $65.. I think I have to try them...!!

Green said...

He can't send them or anything else that is fruit to California (legally at least).

Anonymous said...

I love your description! Looking forward to hearing how you like canistel and sapodilla. :-)

Jena said...

I want!!! Too bad I live in Texas... -sigh-

Omegachuck said...

Y U M!!! Count me in for some of that.

The trekker, agnes said...

hi, this fruit sound similar to persimmon, not sure if i am right.

Jones said...

we will get us some in FL!!!! For sure.

Anonymous said...

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