Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tim Hinck & Aaron Roche = Plainspeak

My boyfriend, Tim Hinck, is a very talented, professional musician. He teamed up with his friend Aaron Roche and recently put together an amazing new album, entitled "Plainspeak."

As Tim explain's it, "'Plainspeak' is the new album by Indie-folk singer/songwriter Aaron Roche, and composer Tim Hinck. This interesting fusion of Classical/Electronica/SouthernFolk/IndieRock will be released in October 2010 on SoundsAreActive Records (L.A., California)" Also, be sure to check out their facebook fan page!

Tim and Aaron are currently trying to raise the funds to try and complete the album. They are doing this through Kickstarter, an organization that helps young artists raise money for their projects.

Check out their cool kick starter video! (click the picture below)

If you have 5 minutes, you should pass this on to some music lovers, kind souls, rich folk, or whoever would be interested in it.


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