Monday, June 14, 2010

spontaneous adventure to Bonnaroo

Yesterday Tim and I met up with his friend and a few others for lunch. They had just been kicked out of bonnaroo, a 4 day music festival in manchester, TN. I have been for the past 4 years, and you can read about one of my experiences here.

Needless to say, one of them slipped off their wristbands and gave it to me so that I could catch the last few hours of bonnaroo.

With a smile on my face, i headed home and then begged my roommate Jonathan to go with me. He did not have a wristband but I knew I could find him one. =)

me and J at the roo
Tim had to drive my bro to Nashville and Manchester was on the way. We all packed in the car and headed that way. Tim dropped Jonathan and I off at a gas station, where I asked around for a wristband. I finally bought one off a girl for 5 bucks, as scalpers were STILL selling tickets outside the gas station for $100, no joke. The original price is around $250.

Anyways, then we hitched a ride to the main campgrounds from a couple in a jeep. We were in!!!! We met up with my good friend Paulina, chilled out a little, and then headed to centeroo, where the stages are.

chillin inside a hut made out of recycled cans

sunset at the roo
beautiful pink clouds!
me and paulina
We saw a couple bands and then saw Dave Matthews band, the main reason why I wanted to go. I grew up with DMB playing around our house and in every family roadtrip! (DMB, New Radicals, Pink Floyd and the Beatles were the main bands of my youth!) Anyways, it was really cool to see them live and it brought back many childhood memories. They really know how to jam!

me and jonathan listening to DMB

dave matthews band!
Near the end of the show, we headed out to try and hitch a ride home. Earlier in the evening, I found a cardboard box that i wrote "Chattanooga?" on, hoping that someone would be heading that way. We walked along the exit road with our sign. Not long later, we had a taker!!!! A nice father and daughter were headed to Chattanooga as well! We hopped in and were really thankful for the ride. (Thanks again if you are reading this!) We were SOOOO not looking forward to waking up in a scorching hot tent!!!!

this is me with the sign we made to find a ride home. SUCCESS!

Overall, it was a very fun spontaneous adventure!

*sorry for the picture quality; these pics were all with my phone!


Richie said...

Amazing narration of an amazing "spontaneous adventure". I was watching DMB on YouTube (Live Stream), but it probably doesn't even compare to the atmosphere of Bonnaroo. Way to live out your dream of being a bum...I hope that brief glimpse into that lifestyle has quenched your thirst for unsafe (but awesome)traveling for now. I hope you have many more adventures to come in Australia.

P.S. I love how you included this footnote "sorry for the picture quality; these pics were all with my phone!". We both know that your Blackberry did not come up short on the camera feature! That thing is professional grade!

Jcraig said...

good times =)

Anonymous said...

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