Saturday, March 07, 2009


Okay, i know - i posted a blog about sharing fruit a few days ago. But it is becoming a big part of my life and I HAD to post about it again!!! Hope you don't mind the repeated idea! =)

Sharing is one of the best parts of my life. There is almost nothing better than seeing the look on someone's face when sharing something with them. During Christmas time, my favorite part is watching my friends react to the gifts I give them. I love witnessing the smiles and pure happiness and thankfulness. These emotions are so amazing!

Sharing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is a big part of my life. Moreover, sharing fruit is what truly makes me happy.

I live in a society where people actually live in a home without fruit. Many people at my school are constantly asking questions about the fruits i eat. For instance, I was eating mangos the other day in school and someone asked me if it was a cantelope. Someone else asked me if I was eating cheese (gross!) and a few other people had no idea what it was. This is SAD!

I shared mangoes with many people that day. One person never had mango before, and quickly decided that he "LOVES MANGOS!" He said he was going to by some after school. Hearing people talk like this makes me smile. =)

segment of a pomelo:

I was eating a pomelo at lunch a few days ago in the front lobby of my school. A random student came up to me and asked what it was and what it tasted like. He left and 10 minutes laterhe brought about 4 of his friends and said, "SEE, I TOLD YOU!" and they all looked at it in awe. Sadly I had finished it by that time and they were only looking at the large peel from it. I just thought it was hilarious that he brought his friends to see it. =)

People in this day in age are deprived of fruit!!! I have a friend at the climbing gym who hasn't eaten fruit in years. He does not know what any fruit tastes like and will not even try any. (This will change when he comes to my raw food anniversary party!)

I feel that most people need fruit far more than I do. I mean, I LIVE off of fruit. I eat very simple and very pure and I feel fantastic. They need fruit more than I do! They are truly deprived! Whenever I have some extra fruit I never hesititate to share.

The other day was the last day for my student teacher in class. There were cookies for celebration. I pulled out some fruit and gave 5-6 bananas and an orange away to my classmates. It felt great. In our class picture, there are a few of us eating bananas. Cheers to fruit!

Now people come to school and ask if I have extra fruit. I know to pack more than I need, because there is constantly someone who is hungry or feeling sick and needs a banana to perk up. I always know to bring extra if it is a traditional fruit like strawberries (people go crazy when i bring strawberries!!!)

I truly believe that the best gift you can give is the gift of health. Not only does it make YOU feel good, but it makes the reciever feel good too. Fruit puts people in good moods. Fruit makes people smile. Fruit gives people energy. Fruit has so many positive effects!

Fruit sharing can truly be a bonding experience! It is one of my favorite things to. There is nothing better than looking at someone react to a new fruit. The smile and enthusiasm they have is priceless.

Do any of you have good fruit-sharing stories!?


Omegachuck said...

Well I try to be fair and not judge or label people as 'fruits'. Ha! Actually lately I've been trying to eat better with more fruit. A big bowl full of peeled and ready sits aside the computer and I can't believe I eat it all. Still working on kicking the massive late night chocolate crave I have though...

fruity said...

Hi, my name is Jess and I've read your blog for awhile now! I wanted to introduce myseld and let you know that your first post about sharing had a tremendous impact on me and I know make a conscious effort to share my fruit also. For some reason, I have always been very greedy with my food and would never share, not even a bite. After reading that post though, I realized how important it is to share and that sharing food, especially food, sharing health and life and that is the most meaningful thing I can do. Thank so very much! :)

Sarah said...

I love sharing fruit. It's such fun when the neighborhood children come knocking on the back door to ask for a banana or apple. I also love taking unusual fruits with me when we visit relatives. I love sharing new fruity experiences with others.

Emily Jayne said...

How do you afford all this fruit?! :)

Wendy said...

Well..not a fruit story, but a sharing story:

I was eating my lunch last week before class. It was a banana, a pear and a lot of celery sticks. One of my classmates sat down next to me with a plate of french fries from the cafeteria. She looked over at my lunch and said, "Oh, that looks good--I love celery! I wish I had time to make my lunch." So I shared my celery with her. :)