Sunday, March 01, 2009

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On Friday I left school early to go to Athens, GA for a climbing competition on Saturday. We stayed with my friend Carlo and his mom Mary. They let all 9 of us guests stay there! It was a lot of fun. =)

Saturday we went to the climbing gym (which was VERY close to their house, by the way!) It was a really fun competition. It was a route competition, so I was worried about my performance since I have been bouldering lately. However, when I started climbing, I felt really good. My endurance still is not the best, but i feel like it won't take much to get it all back. The routes flowed really well! I ended up placing first. I was really happy with my performance!!!

I will post pictures later when I get my camera back from my friend.


After the comp I visited Carlo's dad's house. IT WAS AMAZING. They lived in a studio. The art was incredible! mind blowing! You need to check this out: is andy's work. Lauren's work can be found on

While you're at it, you should check out Carlo's mom's art:

I was recently struggling with the lack of inspiration and motivation to do art. After visiting Athens this weekend and seeing this amazing art, I am VERY inspired! In fact, I am going to start another piece after i finish this blog!

Today I went to an art store that is closing. I bought lots of canvases, some paint, watercolor paper, paintbrushes, a sketchpad, and more. The canvases were 60% off! Can't beat that!

I am so inspired right now!!!


On our way back to Nashville last night, it was sleeting. After I got home, it quickly turned to snow! I woke up today and it was completely white outside! SO BEAUTIFUL! It turns out that if i stayed another night in Athens (which i was originally PLANNING to do), I would have been snowed in!!! I would have had to miss school tomorrow!


Today a package arrived for me. It was from my dear friend Calais. It made my day! At the bottom was the RAWvolution book by Matt Amsden. It is such an incredible book! The pictures are amazing and the information is great! It is an inspiring book! Even though many of the recipes are relatively complicated, I can use the inspiration and create my own [low fat] simple versions! IM SO EXCITED!!!

I also recieved a huge bag of pecans that she picked. (I LOVE YOU CALAIS!) I ate a few and they were almost MOIST! THey were delicious and i look forward to eating them now and then.

Not to mention, there was a beautiful hand-knit hat with a growing plant sewn into it. It is beautiful. I love it.

I love you so much, Calais! (everyone should watch this video: and rate it!!!)


Today I went to the international market... and... THEY HAVE THE GOOD MANGOS! i freaked out. (if you know me... you know that my favorite fruit is mango! I'm obsessed!) The variety that they usually have in the winter are NASTY, stringy, and BLAND. Well these ones are smooth and full of flavor. They are not ripe yet but in a few days i am going to be gorging on mangos. AHH IM SO PSYCHED!

I bought:

a box of mangoes (18 mangoes)
a box of young coconuts (9 young coconuts)
a small durian
bananas (a few bunches... i have LOTS at home already)
a pomelo (they were cheap and i've never had one!)

I already had LOTS of bananas at home as well as oranges, apples, pears, and a papaya. I am so excited! I finally have an abundance of fruit at my house instead of just bananas, oranges and the occasional apples. =)


Sarah said...

It sounds like you're in fruity heaven :) Have you ever tried blending a young coconut with mango? It Makes a really yummy smoothie!

Sarah said...

Wow! I just finished watching the YouTube video of Calais. It's AWESOME!!! I hope she wins :)

badash said...

MMMM coco-mango sounds amazing!

Do you include the flesh or just blend the water with mango? how many mangos makes a good consistency? I'm going to try it this week when the mangos are ripe!

Oh and THANK YOU for watching the video of calais. The more views and comments she has, the more her video will stand out. I hope she wins too. =)

Sarah said...

I use the flesh and water of the coconut. I'd blend 2 mangoes to one coconut, but you could always start off with one and one, then add the second mango if you think it needs it. I'm not sure how big your mangoes are.

Balazs said...

grats on you win, and post pics when you can.

I will check out the pages you mentioned, but my connection soooo slow that I could hardly even read you blog. (fuckn dorm)

pomelo is good, I love it, not so sweet as oranges but still, just pick the flesh out of it then its amazing.

btw, that mango coco recipe sounds delicius

Balazs said...

I have managed to see the vid, its Amazing, I love it!

Universal Rhythm said...

dude pomelos are so good!

Caleb said...

Hey, I know your doing 80/10/10 now but do you still eat dehydrated foods? I have a recipe I came up with you might like. Buckwheat treats!! They contain dates, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat grouts, and other goodness. They are GREAT for trips to the crag. Let me know if you are interested. You can message me through here or on

Omegachuck said...

I just love the big leathery slabs of dried mango-jerky that I carry in my backpack. It's so sweet, and a great snack between climbs, etc.

123 123 said...
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