Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Hey ladies and gentlemen!

One of my best friends, Calais, is applying for this amazing traveling internship and SHE NEEDS YOU TO WATCH THIS!

It is a beatiful, AMAZING video and I am so glad to have her as a friend. The more views, ratings, and comments she gets, the more likely her video will stand out from the rest!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch it, rate it, and comment it! If you have already watched it, you should watch it again! Who could get old of a beautiful person like Calais!? =)

SPREAD THE WORD!!! 72 hours left!!!


calaismarie said...

thanks SO much ash! you are wonderful. and obviously NOT just because you're helping me get this internship :)

Balazs said...

I love this vid!
but, i have to be careful with it cos it makes me MOVE!
I have to restrain myself cos otherwise i would leave this country :)
sometimes i really feel that I should also have some amazing experience. you know :)travel, see the world, go to places I always wanted to... the time of my life... or something...

anyway, its good to see this kind of vids and this kind of people out there
thanks and keep up, I hope you win it Marie

Omegachuck said...

Well I got to see about half of it, then my ancient server cut me off again mid video. It was great! Love the places you've been to.