Sunday, May 03, 2009

update update!

WOW, it's May already? Where has the time gone!?

5 days of high school left... how crazy is that? When I think about it I get the chills. Images from the past 4 years race through my head. Am I really GRADUATING?


Last week was senior week. On Wednesday, we went to Shoney's for a senior breakfast. I got a pancake with sausage and eggs on the side........... haha. Just kidding.... I ate 9 bananas before I went! (most of them were blended in a banana smoothie.) Then I left, went climbing at the gym, and headed back to my 2 art classes to finish my portfolio.

On Thursday we had the senior picnic. They catered hamburgers, hotdogs, mac N cheese, and beans cooked in pork fat! YUMMY!!! I ate 6 mangos instead. =)

Friday was senior skip day! I was supposed to go camping with my friends but it was POURING so we ended up having a little party at my house. We stayed in the apartment above my garage and it was a lot of fun!!!

I will post pics later.


D said...

sounds like fun, ash :) congrats on graduation! i can't believe you guys finish up so soon...i remember graduating high school in mid-june...but maybe that's because it was up north. anyway, enjoy your last few days. i'm looking forward to seeing some pics!

Sarah said...

The final days of high school are such fun. Last week sounds amazing. Enjoy the next 5 days. Congrats!!!

Wendy said...

I remember my last week of high school--it just didn't seem real! It was like living someone else's life. I'm so happy for you Ashley!

Omegachuck said...

Wendy said it best. It's just a wild flurry of days going by and shazaam,,,it's over. 5 days? How do schools get out weeks before Memorial Day I do not know. So go ahead and stoke up on bacon, sausages and some raw beef for the week.!!
Got summer climbing plans all laid out yet? Be sure to reveal your travel plans here.

Wendy said...

LOL....I read this just now on Twitter. "I just heard a new name for boulderes. 'Pebble Pinchers'" hehee...Ash is a Pebble Pincher! Dude, you have to get a Twitter account so you can Tweet us during the day!

Omegachuck said...

Wen, that 'pincher' can probably hold herself off the ground with two fingers and a thumb pinching a tiny rock crystal.
You should see her pop bananas out of their peeling one handed/;')

Aimee (bitt) said...

5 days left? you'll soon be free! there's no better feeling. ok, maybe the feeling of a "raw high" ;-)

Omegachuck said...

OK that '5 days' was quite some time ago. Where oh' where is our Badash? I'd say she is out climbing somewhere, hauling a bag of bananas and fresh veges, and out of touch with the electronic world. Go Ash!