Saturday, August 22, 2009

300 bananas a day

I'm goin bananas!

The other day the head chef of UTC called me and wanted to know if i wanted 2 boxes of ripe bananas. Of course I said yes.

layers and layers and layers of bananas. So many. Too many! They were all really ripe.

So. I froze about 3-4 big tubs of them for banana icecream. I have been making smoothies with the fresh ones all day for the past couple days.

I took about 10 bunches over to my friends house who has an excalibur dehydrator and I dehydrated them into banana chips (I actually just returned from their house to pick them up --- they are really good!) I usually don't eat much dried food but when you have this many RIPE bananas, you would too! I can't wait to share them... dried at low temperatures, nothing added!

I still have about 10 bunches of fresh ripe bananas left. I think i may have to cram more into the freezer... but we are running out of space! haha! I've been offering bananas to all my friends too.

Its banana city up in here!!!

Here are pictures of just a PORTION of the bananas we had...


Sarah said...

nut milk + frozen bananas = a great milkshake too, btw :)

Violet said...

yummm!!!!!!!! banana paradise!!!

Omegachuck said...

Banana chips and banana 'leather' are just great snacks. Small dried amount packs alot of banana. I'm surprised you don't live on dried ones when climbing outdoors for days!