Saturday, August 21, 2010

A few pictures from where I live

I have been learning how to play with the manual settings on my camera (thanks to my neighbor, Jeff) and I wanted to share a few pictures from where I live - Brisbane, Australia:
crazy roots by the fake beach
this is my current inspiration for art: roots
inner city beach!
more awesome roots
brissy skyline (with ferris wheel on the left!)
long exposure + flashlight =
G'Day Mate!!!
playing around. Photo by Jeff.
me me me. photo by jeff
Me myself and I. Photo by jeff
being abstract and artsy w/ the manual settings on my camera
city lights
circles & squares
artsy fartsy

MORE TO COME!!!!! Enjoy. =)


thinck said...

love the way the nighttime pics look lined up on your blog!

Omegachuck said...

Your art is already 'root' like in some themes. The photos taken of you remind me of some JimiHendrix album shots. Gotta love that!

ajchanter said...

really nice!!