Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my 18th birthday

My 18th birthday was absolutely amazing. The best ever.

I woke up and went climbing outside at the Obed with Tim. I sent my project, Solstice, a really fun route ending with a 15 food horizontal roof. It was soooooo much fun!!!

me and tim:

eating a mango.... my favorite climbing fuel!

getting ready to send solstice! planning my moves...

cutting lots of bananas for future banana icecream! we had RIPE banana overload at the house!

mango pie!!! just dates, mangos, and bananas. THATS IT!!! so easy... freeze and serve!

I ended up spending the evening at The Marlowes house... they are good friends of mine. A few of my friends ended up being there too, so it was like a party!!! We had a blast. Here are some pictures that Elodie took:

These pictures were taken later in the week by Alan Howell. There are also LOTS of amazing pictures taken by Elodie but they haven't gone public yet. These pictures are taken on a climb called Solstice, my new favorite route. For the non climbers, yes, these pictures go this way:

Yesterday I went to Foster Falls with Big Crimpin, the climbing team here in Nashville. It was pretty fun. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. I hadn't been there in about 2 years or so, and this trip really showed me how much stronger I have become!!! The hike was always really desperate for me back in the day and it always left me completely out of breath and about to faint. This time I was speeding up the steep hike with no problem at all. I felt stronger climbing too, despite the TERRRRIBLE humidity!!! I felt really precise with my moves... It was really nice to see how i've improved over past couple years!


tomorrow I leave to CA!!! I am going on a roadtrip! Tim and I are flying to LA and then driving up the coast of California, through Portland and Seattle, all the way to British Columbia to climb in a world-renowned climbing destination called Squamish. I promise I will keep you posted with pictures and stories!!!


Sarah said...

Oh, Wow! The trip will be soooo much fun :) I hope you have a blast!!!


Balazs said...

Happy Birthday! awesome pics!

keep up!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! <3 <3!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday, AshMa!!! You can vote now! Looks like you had a great day. :)

Omegachuck said...

Good to see you leading rock routes. A massive climbing warmup for your CA trip I presume. I notice YOU have a tie dye RocTour 07 shirt....only you could have one.

calaismarie said...

guess who loves mangos all the sudden :) you're going to hate this, but i guess it's the same as most fruit - i just don't like them when they're fully ripe. i like them when they're still pretty green. but at least i can understand why you're so obsessed now!! ;)