Monday, September 14, 2009

college life

Okay okay,

sorry i have been MIA on my blog!

I've been active on facebook, which most of you have, so I haven't thought about updating for the others who aren't up-to-date with me.

I am now almost a month into college life. It's SO much fun!

Let's start from the beginning. I changed my dorm around:

And we put up some of my art above the couch:

My roommates are awesome! We are all weird in our own ways and we have lots of fun together. I live with 3 other girls and we all have our own rooms. UTC dorm rooms are super awesome. Here are a few pics:

THE CLIMBING HERE IS SPECTACULAR. I love being able to climb outside WHENEVER I WANT. I can go everyday after class if i want to. It's so awesome! I hardly ever climb on plastic anymore... just real rock! (Although i think im going to join one of the gyms for training) I am staying super busy with climbing... can't wait for bouldering season!

FOOOOOOD!!! My meal plan is the best. I just go in and fill up a box of fruit. Last week i got a box of oranges and a box of bananas. I had 88 oranges in my dorm! I did a day of just orange juice and i felt so light and strong!!! I ended up sending a 5.12b that day first go of the day! I was psyched! Here are a few pics (I also had a banana icecream party not too long ago)

SCHOOL is hard. I am working hard though. It has been consuming all my time and has been stressing me out. I AM NEVER TAKING 17 HOURS AGAIN!!! bad idea!!! But I am staying strong and pulling through. I have been going to tutors for almost every subject. I am trying anything to pass.... and i WILL.

I will try my best to update more.


laurie said...

17 hrs. is a lot, especially in the beginning! Looks like you're having fun and that's so cool that you are getting food easily. Thanks for updating--I miss you when you don't post for awhile!

Sarah said...

17!! I did 18 once, and I dropped the 7-10pm class (that was a dumb idea, that class). Tough! Adjusting as a freshman can be tough as well. My first semester GPA was APPALLING.

Omegachuck said...

Classy room! I did just 16 sem. hrs. each and every semester through college. That was plenty for sure. By jr. year I never had class before 11AM or after 2PM. THAT was good planning!
Hope you can make all the TCB events this fall! Keep climbing.

Katy said...

Chattanooga is a beautiful city. I grew up in Nashville and graduated from UTC a long time ago. I am glad you are enjoying it.