Friday, September 18, 2009

A few more thoughts....

I cannot deny my brain the knowledge that it is craving at this moment.

I talked to someone who is actually taking the same course at the University of Natural Health that I am planning on taking. It is not a degree, but a certification. I feel like it is a good start in doing what I want to do.

I am not your typical person. I do not care to get some high-paying job if I am going to hate it. I do not believe in, or even understand, that philosophy. I would much rather get a job that I love doing that pays very little than dragging my feet to a job every day that I can't stand.

I want to be happy in my life. I want to follow my passions. I want to follow my dreams.

And I will.

Likewise, I am not your typical student. I am not going to sit through this mainstream BS and listen to them talk about things I have no interest in. I am going to take a stand and give my mind what it wants most, and that is knowledge about truly natural nutrition. I want to learn everything there is to know about our biological diet and the hygienic approach to health. Because of this, I could care less if I am getting a degree RIGHT NOW. That can always come later if needed. I need to feed my brain the knowledge that it longs for!

I am a believer in creating my own reality. If I focus my thoughts on something, it will become true, within reason. I am creating my own life right now. It is starting with gaining knowledge about natural health. I have already lived through over a year and 4 months as a raw vegan, but I feel like I am only ankle deep in my journey to health.

A couple people have told me that I will never find a job if I don't get a degree. First of all, I never said I WASN'T going to get a degree. I just am not getting one right away. The director of the program said that many people go on to get actual degrees. I am just beginning my phase in education about nutrition. I am planning on taking a certification course to become a certified natural health practitioner and a certified holistic nutrition practitioner. I will be taking an introductory nutrition course, an Advanced Natural Lifestyles & Philosophies I & II course, an Advanced "Applied" Nutrition course, and a course on Humans’ Natural Biological Diet. The class descriptions can be found here:

From what I understand, after enrolling in a class, I will receive the books with key lesson concepts. I can read them and study at my own pace and then take practice tests. When I feel I am ready, I can take the actual tests. Everything is at my own pace and I can learn in my own ways.

I feel like if I ever decide to go back to UTC, or any other conventional college, I will have a more solid baseline of knowledge about natural health. So if I were to take a mainstream nutrition class someday, my arguments and debates will be more valid, as I will be coming from a more educated background.

Like I said, I am creating my own reality. I believe that I will get a job doing what I love to do. I love to help people. I love nutrition. I love natural health. I love writing. I love inspiring people. I love conversation. I love teaching people. I can combine all of these into many different things. I don't know what exactly I want to do, but I have endless possibilities.

I was also looking into Dr. Douglas Graham's Lifestyle Coach Certification Program. It sounds like something I may be interested in for the future. You can find information on level one here: and level two here:

I want to point out that although I do not tend to agree with the teaching styles at many mainstream schools, it does not mean I am TOTALLY opposed to them. I think they are great for some people and many people find them to be perfect for what they want to study. However, I do not think that they are for everyone. At this point in my life, with the intentions that I have for the future, I do not think I will benefit from a conventional school. I may go back and study certain classes when the time is right and when my mind craves the information. For now, UNH seems like it will suit my needs.

I have always been a little “different.” It takes people a while to understand me. As soon as people finally understand one aspect of my life, it seems like I dive into something else that requires a little getting used to. It took quite a while for my friends and family to accept me as a raw vegan. Many people thought I was being a little too extreme. (But is eating what we are biologically designed for 'extreme?' Is eating food from nature 'extreme?!' In my opinion, eating animal products is extreme!!! But this is all besides the point...) Now I would like to continue my education in a not-so-conventional way. I realize that many people do not understand the choice I am making, but like they had to accept my diet, they will also eventually accept my educational choices. It is also worth mentioning that I have lots of support from many different people. I am very happy that so many people believe in me and support me with all their might.

If theres a will, theres a way. And I WILL become an expert at natural and hygenic health. I am taking the first steps NOW.


Omegachuck said...

Feed your soul, mind and body. I'm with you on the 'money-who cares' philosophy. You gotta love your work, what you do each day to make life happen.
Climber-nutritionalist sounds good to me.

Helen said...

I left school with only a handful of qualifications, didn't go on to higher education and then spend the next 20 years or so in jobs that I hated. It was only when we went and lived in France for a while that I had the chance to stop and re think what I wanted. It was then I decided to turn my passion for exercise and health into a living. Now, I get up and go and work with people that I can truly help and its great.

Follow your dreams Ash, who knows where they will take you but good luck finding out.

Anonymous said...

You're a very strong person, Ashley. I know you will do what you want and succeed. Best wishes, Laurie

RawPhreak said...

I went to college and got a degree in education because I thought I "had to" in order to be successful. I worked at my job for a few years, couldn't stand it any more, and quit.

I know many people without college degrees that are successful and people with college degrees that are working and not happy at their job. Follow your bliss, Ashley!

ajchanter said...

brilliant post!

I support you in your endeavours! :))))

Lydia said...
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Lydia said...

Ashley, I've really enjoyed reading your last several posts. So psyched to see you're going to go to school for nutrition. The more people out there like you who are willing to share knowledge about how humans were meant to eat, the better. I got my Lit. degree and haven't done much with it other than write, though I did enjoy a lot of the classes. If I had taken my interest in nutrition more seriously, I would have gone to a different school altogether. As it is, I just decided to go to IIN in New York and get my nutritionist certification. You should check them out--you can do distance learning, or you can do it in a six month course in NYC.

Susan said...

Rose Cole, the Certified Holistic Nutritionist, has free home-made organic skincare recipes that she’s sending out by email this whole month. They’re awesome! You can sign up, and check out her video here:

Kaitlyn said...

I really can relate to this post. You mentioned you talked to someone at UNH? Are all the programs certificate ONLY? I'm assuming the "bachelors" and "masters" programs are legitimate degrees... I'm looking into doing this so your input would be appreciated. Email me!

Cora said...

I support you! :)

Cora said...

Does this mean you're coming back to Nashville?

badash said...

thanks cora!

helll no im gonna live in chatty!!! i love it here. =)

Bri said...

Ash I am SO proud of you. I am struggling to make the same decision right now... :) You are amazing. I think our world is going to change dramatically, soon, and this type of education just isn't going to matter anymore. ;) Of course we will support you! You rock, rock!


Omegachuck said...

And today we read that Obama wants to lengthen the school day and school year!! (AAAAGHH Ash, when will we get to go climb!) More school? NOT until you change the classroom material, the presentation, the methods and the content will it make any real gains in education. We truly must train for a different world in this era. I quit traditional teaching because of the chaos.

Vadim said...

Hello Ashley,
My first degree is in IT, my second degree is in Economics. And i work in Insurance business in Europe. I got interested in health and nutrition 2-3 years ago, when i got kidney stones and treated them myself with fasting. That was the moment when i found out about the miracles of nutrition. And this summer i took a course in Nutritional Therapy (a British university, distant learning. I can give you a sample of the learning materials to have a look), it is amazing, you should know how usefull it is, it puts all the right informations in an structured way in your mind, and when someone asks for help in nutrition i can support my teachings with an credible background. People need a credible proof, and the more i know the more i can help people because they trust me more. To tell you the truth i'm 24 and people look at me as if i am an walking food guru. Well i did not do anything special, i just made the health an priority in my life and devoted some time for it's studding.
I believe that it does not matter in what industry your working, there is always an activity or a responsibility that you'll enjoy. I'm lunching in spring an kind of wellness-health program for our insurance clients, meaning that the healthier that are the less they will pay for insurance, and i will give them brochures and courses how to stay healthy. At one point in time i was thinking what on earth am i doing in insurance if i like something else, and then i connected the 2 things :)
Believe in you, and you'll succeed. And don't listen to others if there is an inner voice which says GO GO GO :)