Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best of Raw 2009

Check Check Check it out!!!!!!!! The voting is now open for the Best of Raw 2009 election!!!

....and I am honored to be a nominee for the best raw vegan athlete!!!!! (thanks for nominating me, whoever you are!)

To vote for me, go to and choose "Ashley Hamilton" under "favorite raw vegan athlete."

Lots of my friends are also included in this election and it is a close call. Some of them include:

- Sarah Forhmals from

- Connie Hoffman from

***** NOTE that both Sarah and Connie are also part of the Naked Food Cafe community which i take part in.... you can vote for it as the best online community! ******

- Swayze from

- Freelea from and

-Harley aka DurianRider

-Kathleen from



For your entertainment, here are some pics of me climbing, courtesy of Dan Brayack, Elodie Saracco, and Alan Howell.


Omegachuck said...

Some of your Dan' classics there. I now gotta get me a Badash' Friksn trading card to add to my Petzl collection.

Omegachuck said...

Uhh, there were 29 pgs of votes. I hope your athlete vote went through as I skipped the last 20 pgs. Best of luck. They have no idea how hard you work at this.!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Omegachuck said...

So when is the voting over? Can you vote early and vote often, like in Chicago?