Wednesday, December 02, 2009

life gets better everyday!

I've been extremely busy lately as the semester is ending.

Heres my update:

THANKSGIVINGS: I had few thanksgivings to attend.

The first one was a raw vegan thanksgiving in Chattanooga. It was hosted by my friend Jessica, and she prepared lots of crazy, yummy, gourmet raw food dishes. Normally I do not eat gourmet raw, but I definitely had to try this out: when is there ever a raw thanksgiving in Chattanooga!!?!!

this is me and Gretta, the 80/10/10ers, nibblin!

the gourmet raw food: marinated portabella steaks with gravy, "mashed potatoes" with gravy, and a delicious refreshing mango soup
this is the apple pie i made: dates&pecans for the crust, apples for the filling, with a orange-date syrup. Sprinkled with cinnamon and raisins

Next, I went to my family thanksgiving in Nashville, which is always outrageously fun. For this thanksgiving, I ate strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and bananas mixed with the jelly of 2 persimmons. It was delicious.

Finally, I ate with my boyfriend's family on real thanksgiving. I made an apple pie and cranberry sauce... it was enjoyed well. =)
Tim and I driving and dancing on our way back to Chattanooga:

and on another food note, ive been eating a TON of apples & dates. Specifically, ive been blending the dates with a tad bit of water to create a "caramel sauce" while dipping the apples in. ITS HEAVENLY.

SCHOOOOOL: so the semester is almost ended. I only have one more exam!!!! The stress if finally being lifted off and I am onto bigger and better things.... like ART! Oh, two big decisions to share:
1. I am going to study abroad in Thailand (hopefully next fall) !!!! I already started filling out the paperwork, and I have an appointment set up to meet with the international office at UTC.
2. As of yesterday, I changed my major to art. =)

Speaking of art, here is my most recent piece:

Triple Crown is coming up again... this weekend, actually! (The first triple crown comp of the series is where I shattered my heel... there are 3 comps in the series) Marcus has been coming down to train for it and he is getting STRONG!!!! (I'm rootin for ya man!) We had a slumber party in the dorm. =)

HEALING PROCESS: I get my cast off TOMORROW. I am BEYOND EXCITED..... You have no idea!


Raw Hiker said...

Nice to see an update from you Ashley. That's so exciting that your cast is coming off!! The apples and dates sound incredible. I'm going to try that tomorrow. :)


Greenmama said...

Hey Ash,

Thanks for sharing all the photos. The pie you made looks great. And the art, too!

On a separate note, I saw a video of you and your dad with the bacon on Naked Food. OMG! I got a big laugh.

Best wishes on your continued healing. Oh, and I am green with envy at your plans to go to Thailand.


Sarah said...

I would love, love, LOVE to go to Thailand. I hope that works out for you.

The latest artwork is awesome. I'm so glad you changed your major to something you are passionate about.

Congrats on the cast's about time :~)


Anonymous said...


Chef Franky G said...

Heal quickly!!

I hope that high fruit lifestyle is giving you sufficient minerals so that your heal gets stronger than before!!

Omegachuck said...

Awesome! I'm guessing somehow you were able to draw the cast design yourself too. Great to hear from you today,and good luck on the rehab. Keep at it, you gotta get that ankle totally loose and flexible again girl.

Omegachuck said...

Drat,, I missed that art piece shown today,,it's already gone. And, umm, well that Chinese comment above has some very strange links attached to it....if you know what I mean..

badash said...

Hey woodchuck! The piece is still there. =)