Monday, November 22, 2010

daytrips galore!

Being in art school basically consumed all of my time. I've been in Australia for 5 months and have had the opportunity to travel a bit, but by mid-semester, i was focusing on uni 110% because i wanted to do well in my first semester as an art student and as a study abroad student. My hard work really did pay off and I'm glad i worked as hard as i did. However, now its time for a break!!!

Now my first semester is over and I have 4 months off! The last 2 weeks i've been doing quite a few day trips including The Glass House Mountains, The Sunshine Coast, The Gold Coast, and Stradbroke Island. I've been having a BLAST! Here are a few pics to sum up the last couple weeks:

taking in the beauty at Stradbroke Island
a solo trip to the gold coast:

also, i've been riding my bike around quite a lot lately... here is a recent trip to the market:

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Omegachuck said...

How does someone go to college in a beautiful setting, and still get 4 MONTHS off school! I'm guessing it's because of the southern hemisphere summer, and thus you'll be back to school all through June-August. Enjoy and get climbing!!