Thursday, February 12, 2009

banana coconut island, DATES, and nationals

I was on banana coconut island for a couple days this week. On these days, i only ate bananas and YOUNG thai coconuts (mostly the water, but if the flesh inside was really soft and jelly-like, i ate that too)

The first day I ate 20 bananas and 2 young coconuts and the next day I ate 23 bananas and 2 young coconuts. I always ate the bananas throughout the day and the coconuts at night after my workouts. I ate most of the bananas in the form of smoothies --- just bananas blended with water. SO GOOD.

While on banana coconut island, I had more energy than ever before. You see, when we eat a variety of foods and we combine lots of foods and ingredients at every meal, it takes a while for our body to digest. Digestion takes a lot of energy. By going on banana island, my digestion could take a break and the energy that usually goes towards digestion went to healing the rest of my body and providing me with more energy to be active. I had 2 great climbing days on banana island!!!!

I would have been on banana island all week, but my bananas weren't ripe enough the 3rd day (yesterday). So yesterday I had to simply use up the fruit i had at my house (since I am leaving for CO today) i ate a banana smoothie for breakfast. Then i ate 2 pints of cherry tomatoes for lunch (with a couple romaine leaves). For dinner i blended a few peeled apples with a few bananas. It tasted like a very sweet "oatmeal."

also, my DATES FROM THE DATE PEOPLE ARRIVED!!!! I was so ecstatic. You do not understand. Well, maybe you do if you have ordered from them before!!! Seriously guys, this is my favorite food. The dates from The Date People are SO FRESH! They are so moist and creamy! They are so delicate that when I pick one up it practically falls apart. They are the sweetest, creamiest food I've ever eaten. They always put a smile on my face! I ordered 10 pounds of the Barhi dates. They even wrote a special note on my invoice wishing me good luck at nationals. They are extremely friendly and their prices are CHEAP, especially compared to prices of not-so-good dates at Whole Foods or another grocery store. (At Whole Foods dates are around 7 bucks a pound..... i just got 10 pounds for 36 bucks including shipping!!!) I highly suggest you CALL THE DATE PEOPLE NOW! I'm sure you'd love them. I have shared them with many people who were skeptical about how they looked, and they ended up asking for more and more. I've even shared them with people who "don't like dates" and they soon changed their minds. This is the best energy food (along with the banana) in my opinion, and The Date People is the best company to order from!!! If they don't answer, LEAVE A MESSAGE and they WILL CALL YOU BACK within a few days. Their number is 760-359-3211. You should also search YouTube for "Harvest High" and watch them!!! Taken straight from the words on an info sheet, these dates are unheated, unfrozen, untrated, sustainable and small farm grown! They are highly nutritious, delicious, and RAW. They have high fiber, they are high alkaline and low glycemic. THESE ARE AN AMAZING FOOD!!! =) =) =)

NATIONALS-----------------------> I am leaving for Boulder Colorado in a few hours. I am competing in the qualifiers round on Saturday and hopefully the finals round on Sunday. I will keep you guys posted. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!


Bri said...

YAY for you!!! goooooodddd luckkk...but you don't need it. climb hard, be ruthless, and have a blast.



Paulina said...

Guess what? I've jumped on the 811rv bandwagon! You've inspired me so much!

The other day I called the Date People thinking I could order just 5 lbs. of the barhi dates but they said they only sell them in 15 lbs. I'd be more than willing to pay anything for those dates but I don't know if 15 lbs would be too much for me alone.

calaismarie said...

you're still (and will always be) my hero :)

Omegachuck said...

You WILL be in finals...and place top 3. go get'em Ash, our cumulative raw-site hero!

badash said...

Bri - Thank you so much. =)

Paulina - WOW i'm so happy for you! When you do 811 right it feels so good!!! FULL OF ENERGY!!!

minimum of 15 pounds? really? I ordered 10??? But I order the "seconds" because i think they are just as good (well ive never ordered the firsts... but these are so good that i cant imagine them!! See if you can get the seconds!?

Calais - thank you so much. The funny thing is, you're MY hero! i love you so much! (AND MISS YOU!)

woodchuck - THanks for the positive thinking. =)

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
I'm going to order dates. Very very soon!

Sarah said...

Good Luck at Nationals! I can't wait to hear what happens when you return. You'll definitely be in my thoughts this weekend.

P.S. I'm going to be ordering more dates soon.

Paulina, 15lbs wouldn't be too much. They store well if you put them in quart sized jars with lids in the refrigerator. They'll keep that way for a few weeks at least. You can even freeze them if you need to. The date people will send you detailed storage instructions.

Radu Burtescu said...

Good luck wacky "the secret" person.^-^

REPRESENT! Show them what raw is capable of.:)

HiHoRosie said...

Best of luck to you Ash! I know you'll rock it (pun intended!). and mmm....dates and young coconuts.....

Can't wait to hear how you did. :)

Paulina said...

Now that I've become and raw foodist, my parents have been expressing concern for me namely over my food intake. Today I had three bananas for lunch and then I blended up two bananas for a smoothie that I'll enjoy later today. But according to my parents, 5 bananas couldn't possibly be good for you. They tell me that I'm overdoing it and that I'll probably get sick. Then my dad goes on to tell me about his brother who got really sick one day when he ate too many mangos. I'm new to this whole concept of eating loads of fruits and veggies so I'm a little confused. I feel pretty confident about what I'm doing, but my parents haven't been very supportive. Got any advice?

William said...


If anything i do not think you are eating ENOUGH!!!

My parents used to say the same things.

I think of it this way:

If i was living in nature, and i was HUNGRY, and saw a banana tree, would i eat 1 banana?! NOOO!!! I would eat a whole bunch or two!!!

I eat anythwhere from 10-20 everyday. You pee out all the extra potassium.

We are made to eat fruit. Our bodies are designed for it starting with our teeth, saliva, acids in our stomachs, hands, and even EYES! If you only eat 5 bananas in a day, thats not enough calories. You gotta eat LOOOTS of them for the calories!!!

ALso did his brother eat cooked food in the same day that he ate lots of mangos and got sick? if so this could be the cause of this... the fruit fermenting on top of the cooked food or meat that was eaten earlier in the day.

Im in a rush while typing this, so i hope it makes sense. Ask more questions and I will do my best to help you. Did you read the 80/10/10 diet by dr. douglas graham?

badash said...

Hey Paulina, that was me who just commented... i guess my friend Will was logged in on my computer. MY BAD! =)