Monday, February 16, 2009


If you didn't notice, i went back and uploaded pics to the last couple posts. =)

Here are some pictures from the moutains and hanging out in boulder. ENJOY.

Tim making smoothies and EATING RAW with me!

talking on the phone:

me and my coach, Tim

Tim on the moutain

WIll walking amongst the rocks

Tim likes this photo

testing out the rock

me in the moutains


Omegachuck said...

Ash, you look just splendid,,,at peace with life and all that. Just being in those mountains is such a life energizing experience. Stay as long as you can girl! Rip up some nice V7's

Sarah said...

I love the pictures :) You're absolutely glowing!!!

Omegachuck said...

That's the word I intended Sarah, 'glowing'..just perfect..So glad you are so happy out there! Enjoy.

badash said...

Thanks woodchuck!

thanks sarah!

I really love it out there. I think its too cold for me to live there though... but i will definitely make some extended stays in the future!

I'm back home in nashville. I miss the moutains!

Omegachuck said...

Too cold? I guess you've been in Tennessee to long!( forgot you're NOT an ice climber/;-) Yeah, extended visits(months)on climbing vacations was my way of life for a long time out there too. Easy to love the place, views, clean air and all that good stuff.
Now back to school,,,,uugh..

Balazs said...

Nice pics!

Beautiful mountains :)

keep up!

HiHoRosie said...

Love the pics! And cute coat!

badash said...


thank you!

I actually WON that jacket from a climbing competition. =)