Thursday, February 19, 2009


I love sharing fruit.

Today I was in art class and my classmate was complaining that he was hungry. I gave him one of my perfectly ripe bananas and he was so thankful! Then another guy asked if he could possibly have a banana... and I gladly gave him one without hesitation! I also bought a pear for my friend after school. =)

You see, I fully believe that they needed it more than me. I eat lots of fruit ALL day long... I could live without 2 bananas!!! These people do not eat much fruit. They are constantly eating processed, refined, dead food. There is no energy in the food they eat!!! WHen I share fruit with them, I am sharing HEALTH and I am contributing to their well-being.

When I first went raw, I felt like I would die if i didn't constantly have food around. I felt like I would pass out or not be able to function. I kept imagining myself in a terrible situation where I would be starving and would cave into cooked foods.

Well... now I don't even see cooked or processed food as "food." So there is no problem with "caving in" there. Also, I realized that simply having a good hardy breakfast can keep me going for most of the day! (granted, I still eat quite a large lunch... but giving up 2 bananas really doesn't matter that much in the long run! I can just add another fruit to my evening dinner, you know!?)

Since i realized that I do not have to keep all my fruit to myself to survive, I have felt a compulsive urge to constantly share. It makes me feel so good! Everytime I bring strawberries to school, I always pack extra. Last time I ended up giving probably a 3rd of my whole meal away to people who asked or looked interested. I offer grapes, orange segments, bites of an apple, dates... you name it! I love seeing people smile when they eat a piece of fruit.

Sharing has always been a magical thing to me. And sharing fruit is on a whole new level. Giving the gift of HEALTH is the best gift you can GIVE!!! Share fruit, spread the word!!!!


Sarah said...

You are amazing :) I also love sharing my food. Especially with children who rarely get served fresh fruits. It's so fun to see the unrestrained delight they experience when eating something fresh and juicy.

Keep on spreading the fruity love, Ashley!

Balazs said...

I especially enjoy sharing new fruits with others. They just look and ask,"What is THAT?!" And I: " OH its just a pomelo!, Come on have some, how can someone live without ever tasting a pomelo...,,
There was a tie when I was walking on the streets, eating a banana, and I had many in a bag, it was minus 10 celsius(cold bananas-not so good) And a homless guy asked for a banana :) Usually they need money to buy some alcohol, but this one asked for a banana and I gladly gave him one.

LAst time I gave a big ripe mango to my grandparents cos they havent tried it before... nayy said I, then they tried.
Most things are worthless in this life if you cant share them with others. It is an important thing to understand I think.
Peace and love, and keeep up

Wendy said...

Wonderful, Ash! It's fun to share health with others! I love when my sister comes over 'cause she loves raw fruit & veggies and we get to share it and and have fun together. ;)

audreyrobertson said...

Sharing is fun... I think you need to eat more that bannanas thought... try a pomogranit... of somethig exotic