Friday, May 14, 2010

done with freshman year - lots of things going on!!

Long time no talk!

First of all, I apologize for not posting sooner. Lots of things happened in my life! I will try not to overwhelm you - here is a basic update with different sections of my life (barefooting, school, climbing, raw veganism, art, and a new apartment... scroll down to what you like and leave the rest.) Hope everyone is doing well!!!

As a continuation from the last post, I would like to add that I have become in love with the barefoot lifestyle. I did the "one day without shoes" sponsored by Toms Shoe company and the obsession with barefooting grew from there. I try to be barefoot as much as possible now.... and a couple family friends bought me some awesome shoes called vibram five fingers! They feel like I am walking barefoot with a slight layer in between the ground and my foot. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to be barefoot all the time but can't due to poor conditions and hazards. Barefoot is the way to go!

A few weeks ago I ended my freshman year of college. I am so glad I made it through! I ended my year on the Dean's list, as I made all As and Bs. I switched my major to art so from now on, i will be studying one of my passions. =)

Since school ended, i have been climbing frequently. I have spending most of my time at Little River Canyon in Alabama. I am definitely getting back in the game! A month or so ago, I sent a really awesome unnamed 12b at the canyon, which was the hardest thing i've done since i got back into climbing after my injury. I was psyched! I'm definitely getting into routes now and my obsession for climbing has returned 100% !!! I am going to the red next weekend with Kasia and I'm psyched!!!!!!!

raw veganism
I know the majority of my readers are fellow raw vegans, so as an update to you guys, i've been really enjoying the mangos lately!!! I'm sure everyone can agree. Also, Gretta and I have had some delicious durian feasts. MMMMmmmm!!!! Oh, and it's finally beginning to be watermelon season! ahhhh yes! Summer is upon us and the juicy fruits are emerging!

eating fruit with my second family, the Helms, on Gretta's 40th b-day!!!!
Hanging out with the only other low fat raw vegan in Chattanooga - Gretta! This is her 40th b-day and she has never felt better in her life!!!

I have made a few new pieces lately and i'm working on some commissions right now. I'm getting inspired lately!

my "grafitti" on a bench at Climb Nashville
The logo I made for my friend Becky's photography: Sparrow Rose Photography
working on a new piece!
my newest piece: a combination of texture, drips, splatters, and swirls. email me if you are interested:

New Apartment!
Tim, Jonathan, and I are now living in a new apartment. These are pics from the 2nd day we lived here, so they are pretty bare... more to come when we start decorating!!!
my room
view from front door
my bathroom
jonathan's bathroom

That's all, folks!


wmpna said...

You are a very busy lady. I am so proud of you for pursuing your passions and living your dreams. And you made the DEAN'S list!

badash said...

Do I know you, wmpna??? I couldnt go to your profile to see who you were!

laurie said...

Wow, Ashley--so good to hear from you! Congrats on a great freshman year! I am going to get some Vibrams soon. I'm sure you will enjoy having your own apt. The logo is really cool--good job (I mean it!).

HiHoRosie said...

yeah, it is good to finally hear from you and catch up a bit. So much going on! Good for you on all counts! Your art is amazing as always. And don't you love the mangoes these days?! Yum!

Windlord said...

Great job w/ your studies, Ash :)

Just got 5fingahs too, and straight up, they're the greatest thing since sliced, um, mangoes!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Dean's list Ash! Love the new apartment. Life is good!

Love & Sunshine!

Greenmama said...

Great to hear from you, Ash. You have a beautiful spirit and a wonderful life!


Courtney Sanders said...

Chicka.. from my hood... you are super talented. You're artwork is rad as shit, and I like you're healthy lifestyle. Hope it spreads in cashville! Ill have to buy a peice from you sometime! chyeaa

Anonymous said...

your roomie looks really hotttttt

Jasmine said...

apt. looks awesome! i cant wait to come see it! looks like yall have fun there...

badash said...

laurie - Thanks so much! Yeah you MUST get some vibrams.... so comfy and they feel so natural! And thanks about the logo. =) I enjoy doing stuff like that.

hihorosie - yesssss please! Mangos all the way!

windlord - yepp! Totally agree. ha! =)

Connie - Yes, life IS GOOD!

Greenmama - thanks, i appreciate it

courtney - ahhhh thank you!!!!! It means a lot!

anonymous - i know, right?! hahaha

jasmine - thaaaanks!!!