Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lower Leeda

Today I went out to Leeda to do a little climbing to start my day.

Tim and I hopped on a really cool 5.12b called Hypomania. We both did one pitch on it to warm up. I did the warm-up pitch with only one hang, which really boosted up my confidence to send it! Tim did another burn on it and sent it, and I got really psyched! I ended up flowing through it with ease, and as soon as i climbed past the crux, it started raining. I had to finish climbing the route as it was pouring rain on me, through easy-but-chossy rock scrambling. I felt like I was adventure climbing in the rain! ha! Needless to say, I was psyched to send it!
im happy!
After I got back in town I headed over to TBA to do a little training. I have been trying to work on my lock-off strength. I didn't stay long but i managed to climb a few warm-ups, do a few sets of off-set pull-ups, and climb a few problems with a 20lb weight vest while locking off each move. I'm slowly but surely getting stronger! PSYCHED!
new shoes came in: my favorites, the Evolv Talon!


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Omegachuck said...

Terriffic Talons on the foot there. Trust you had a Friksn shirt on at the same time. How many free shoes a year do you get? Gotta load up on them before Aus.