Friday, May 28, 2010

Speakez Art Show

New Reason New Renaissance Art Show

The art show was great. It was combined with a spoken word performance, which basically a mixture between poetry, rap, and preaching. I highly recommend going to an event like this - the spoken word crew (the speakez) performs at Mudpie on Monday nights in Chattanooga! Check them out!

There was also a dj and a saxophone player along with lots of art. The art was pretty interesting and there were a few pieces I really enjoyed, especially some graffiti pieces. There was also some cool photography. The vibe was good and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for everyone who came out! Here are some pictures:

me in front of my piece, Hidden Layers
me in front of 2 of my latest pieces
2 of my pieces
saxaphone playa
performing spoken word
the atmosphere
some arrrt.
another atmosphere pic
spoken word on top of a chair

Tim and I
spoken word freestylin' up close
chillin out
my brother & his friend Claire (and baby kelsey)
me and nathan (Tim's good friend)

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Omegachuck said...

Ash you look so very much the eclectic artist in the photos. Multi media performance art events are just the best way to spend a Friday or Saturday evening. Congratulations!