Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Empty yourself and let the Universe fill you.

I am drinking Yogi Tea and this was a quote that it gave me.

Please share your thoughts on this quote. What will the Universe fill you with?

love? gratitude? joy? peace?

hate? anger? sorrow? pity?

thoughts? imagination?


Omegachuck said...

At this moment, I'm trying this new tea by Primula. It comes in a tight little tea-ball, that opens in the hot water to become a lovely flower with tea leaves exposed. Looks beautiful, very peaceful, in a clear glass container. Sipping the tea, gazing at the little flower swaying in the hot water convection currents, well it does encourage deep thought, helps draw from ones imagination. I need something soothing today as I had to cancel my plans to hit the road today and celebrate at the Red, and instead stay here to work on special projects assignment. Grrrrrrr.....more tea please.

Omegachuck said...

Where did everybody go? A quiet week, as they all must be on a mountain top deep in meditation this month. Happy Thanksgiving, non-meat, non-turkey, non-ham day to all. What kind of vege/tofu recipes are you sharing this holiday with your carnivorous family?

Violet said...

I don't know, if you'll ever read this, Ash, but here I go with my answer:

I'm just sitting here in front of my open window, fresh & cold air coming in, holding a cuppa Yogi Tea in my hand (too!!), reading your blog which I totally LOVE... - and I let the universe fill me with gratitude, love and excitement.

I think you are great!I feel blessed for I FOUND YOU. :) Hope I'll read lots of you in the future... However, RIGHT NOW I'm so glad and graceful that I can connect with you.

Sending LOVE
from Vienna, Austria (in middle Europe ^^)