Thursday, November 27, 2008


I've been really lazy when it comes to posting.

I am not sure why, seeing that I waste a lot of time on the internet!? Anyways, I owe you guys a post!


Friday - My family came into town last Thursday, and we had a bonfire on Friday. It was a lot of fun (as always)

Saturday - We celebrated Thanksgiving last Saturday. It was a really mellow thanksgiving, but I think that was because we are all growing up! We did get to play a Wii, which got pretty intense and hilarious!!! It was a really fun time! For my thanksgiving feast, I ate 6 small papaya... and then a couple hours later I ate 6 or so bananas. It was delicious! Here are some photos:

[eaten] PAPAYA [peals] !!!


my cousin joseph with his new pup COOKIE

hanging out!!! Richie, Bridget, Hannah, me...

- I hung out with my family at my grandpa's house before they left. I LOVE MY FAMILY! There will be more photos when I find my camera cord... but for now, here is a shot of the girl cousins!!!

later on in the evening, the cousins met up at Hannah's house and we hung out and played the wii.... might I add that I completely suck at every game on that console! haha!!! It's fun though!?

- I got my haircut at my aunt's house (she has a salon in her house!) After hanging out for a while, I left for Chattanooga. We got in kind of late, and after talking for a bit we hit the hay.

Tuesday - We slept in, went to a coffee shop for breakfast (I ate many oranges prior to this - no worries all you raw food friends!), and headed to a climbing area in Georgia called Zhand. Tim and I warmed up on this boulder that we have always wanted to get on. Between the two of us, we DESTROYED the boulder... we climbed every problem on it! I did an FA of this cool problem... probably a v4/5 or something... not sure what to name it!? Tim also did an FA - his was much harder and cooler... but thats because Tim is a badass!!! Later on, I worked on a really cool climb called Razor's Edge - I am really close to sending it!!! I have all the moves down - next time I go it will go DOWN! I did this v5 next to it, it was pretty high and really fun! Tim did an FA of a crazy sit start to it!!! He was also working a ridiculous start to Razors Edge... Tim is a beast! Even though I didn't send much this day, I still had a blast.

It is amazing how humbling rock climbing is! Right when you think you are getting strong, you find a boulder with a climb that you have trouble flowing with... you have to work for it and you might not complete it right away. VERY HUMBLING.

After climbing, we went to the health food store and I picked up some grapefruit, a few raw brazil nuts, and a young coconut. Then we headed back to his place and I hung out in the coffee shop under his apartment while he went to do some work. Later on we picked up our buddy Marcus from the bus service. We went out to eat and I just had a cup of tea.

After that we just watched youtube videos and hung out until bed...

- Tim, Marcus and I went to the health food store for breakfast... I ate around 6 bananas. Then we headed to Rocktown, where some more of the Nashville crew were climbing. It was a really fun day. I got SUUUUUPER close to sending a really cool climb called Nosecandy. I keep getting to the last move, which is a long throw to a jug. I will definitely get it next time!

Thursday....... wait let me make a new post for this, since its Thanksgiving. =)

Sorry that i typed so much.... most of this is really not important... I just got on a big ramble about my week, haha! Sorry to bore you!


Omegachuck said...

Nice long break you had there, sorta like the colleges have! I like the custom tie dye job on your RokTour shirt girl. Haven't seen you in T-D for awhile.

Omegachuck said...

OH,,, speaking of watching videos, etc...I trust you have seen the finally-released Miguels pizza commercial. it's at, plus the 50 Words for Pump video is there too. Enjoy.

Omegachuck said...

Ash, here's the diet fed today to the astronauts onboard the ISS. Cranapple desert, 204 cal; Corn bread, 199; Candied yams, 143; smoked turkey, 86; tea with sugar,47; and green beans with mushrooms, 21. 700 calories? What ? How is that a Thanksgiving meal? I mean I ate at least 5,000 calories in one sitting, counting piles of 'taters and stuffing. I say they got ripped off. Even you Ash' must east more than 700 calories a day..

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Never boring. Nice pics.